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Bard General Guide by JewishMobster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JewishMobster

Protoss Robo Build Order

JewishMobster Last updated on September 5, 2015
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Bard Build

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You pretty much win. Protoss maxed 3/3/3 is unbeatable. Protoss has an answ

Protoss maxed 3/3/3 is unbeatable. Protoss has an answer for everything, bio terran, mech terran, zerg in general. If you're against another Protoss the game doesn't ever end.

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The build order

9/10 - Pylon (1) [1]
13/18 - Gateway (1)
15/18 - Assimilator
16/18 - Pylon (2)
18/26 - Cybernetics Core
19/26 - Zealot
22/26 - Pylon (3)
23/26 - Stalker
@100% Cybernetics Core - Warpgate Research [2]
25/34 - Assimilator (2)
26/34 - Gateway (2)
27/34 - Sentry
30/34 - Pylon (4)
30/34 - Gateway (3)
31/34 - Robotics Facility

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Press the attack button. Then, proceed to click on the floor.

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Ranked Play

I am a high ranked Master tier player on Korea. This build order has a 100% winrate.

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