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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mechickenz

Proving grounds how to play and who to pick to be successful

Mechickenz Last updated on September 6, 2012
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This is a general guide for a quick overview of what to expect and what works best in The Proving Grounds. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, its a one lane map available in customs. This guide is intended to give people a general idea of what to expect, and things to consider.

A QUICK NOTE: if you are going to downvote please provide a reason why, I'm working on learning bbcode so I can make the guide prettier and easier to read. Also suggestions to improve the guide are much appreciated.

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Before the proving grounds map was made there was a popular game type in customs called an ARAM (all random all mid). It would be played on Summoner's Rift and all the champions on both teams were required to go to the middle lane and not stray anywhere else on the map, or even into the bushes surrounding the middle lane after a player left the base, they were not allowed to return to buy items unless they died. There was another game type, not as popular called an ARAB (all random all bot) Played on The Crystal Scar, similar to ARAMs where all the champions were required to stay on the bottom lane. Together these game types got to be so popular in customs that riot decided to make a map specifically for this game type, thus The proving grounds were born.

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What to Expect

Currently this map is being used for games off all types, all random, blind pick, and draft. They are commonly called ARAMS ABAMS, or BPAMS, and ADAMs respectively. The map is a single lane, with 8 towers, 2 for each team inside the lane, and 2 for each team guarding their bases. Each team has an inhibitor that works exactly the same as inhibitors on summoners rift. The map itself has an aura that gives passive xp, increased mana regeneration, and 20% reduced healing affects. Going back to your base will not heal you and you will not be able to buy items.

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Champions, Who to pick or who to ban

The entire game is a series of poking and retreating out of the other teams range, and 5v5s, so team comp is incredibly important. The best champions here are sustains, long range pokes, aoe champs, and champions with throws or pulls. Because you are not allowed to go back to the base to heal, sustains have more importance here than on any other map. Here is a quick overview of the best champions for this map in my opinion, and what makes them powerful. Keep in mind certain champs work much better than others with different team comps.

A quick note about AD carries. Every team needs them, but none of them are really good here. When your picking one get one with a long range poke and then protect him in team fights otherwise they will build magic resist and your team will get shut down.


He has an aoe sustain, a knockup, and a throw. He is one of the greatest assets to a team lacking in cc sustain or a tank. He can carry many teams by sustaining them and racking up assists by throwing the squishes into his teammates making for an easy kill. The main drawback is he has to run into a group that will usually be 5 people and hope he can survive and get the toss. It is important to decide when and when not to make a move for a toss otherwise he can be poked down and become a problem, rather than an asset.


Her poke range isn't as long as many of the other champions so she isn't the best choice for this map, but her aoe stuns can make or break team fights. She may be worth considering for a team that needs that stun.


He is one of the most useful champs on this map because his claw can rack up tons of kills for a team. He is one of the best picks for this map. His main drawback is later into the game after towers are down and it becomes a team fighting situation rather than a poking one, he isn't able to do much damage or assist in team fights. If he doesn't get those pulls early, he could become a burden to the team.


His main asset is his ult. On The Proving Grounds it can hit most of their team and pick up the kills of the low health champs who have moved out of poking range.


He has cc, poke, self sustain, and an aoe ult. His main drawback is not being able to poke from as far as many of the other champs.


He is a long range poke tank. He can be a great addition to a team who needs a tank, and his ult can make or break team fights.


His poke is very useful early game, and his ult can be used to pull champions to your team and get kills. His drawback is a lack of sustained damage later in the game.


If you want a slow win here's your champ. His turrets prevent the other team from diving in for team fights, his passive gives your team more sustain and can heal your turrets. And he can push the minions into slowly destroying their tower. Plus the rocket poke can do plenty of damage. As long as you have a turret to put down when your team dives in for a team fight there really aren't drawbacks to this champ other than how incredibly slow the match will be if your relying on him.


Long range poke, and a shield. A good champ if your team needs the shield and the ult to sustain them. Low damage and squishy for later game team fights.


Spaming pokes with his q, winning team fights with is passive and cleaning up with his ult. Just make sure you are where you want to be win you die. He dies really easily from pokes, be sure to avoid and make good dives.


Possibly the best AD carry here. The range is a huge help and his ult can be used for pokes and picking off the ones running from a team fight.


Her ults range can pick up quite a few kills, plus her snare can be quite helpful. Her poke isn't too bad either if you know how to use it. Shes not as high sustained damage as some of the other champs. She may or may not be an ideal champ for Proving Grounds.


His shield will let you move in for your poke without too much fear of dieing and his ult can win team fights. Not a bad tank here, but not the best.


Long range poke plus a snare and a great ult for team fights. One of the better tanks here.

Master Yi

AP Yi can absolutely destroy here. But if you don't play him well or there aren't enough opportunities to go on your rampage he can be a real burden to the team.

Miss Fortune

Her ult makes her worth mentioning as a good ad here.


He is a good tank here, the aoe can be really helpful


The pull isn't as strong as the pull from other champs. He may be worth considering, but probably isn't the best.


Her poke is one of the best. Plus she can help sustain if she gets enough mana. She is definitely one of the best champs here.


AP Nunu can be humorous. I recommend giving it a try if your low on AP champs in an ARAM


The auras, sustain, and early game poke damage of her make her a great sustain. I highly recommend her.


Shes got aoe, sustain, and can help your teams mana. If your team needs the mana shes probably the best sustain on The Proving Grounds.


The stun can make him a solid ap here. Definitely worth considering if you need the cc.


His self sustain and escape abilities make him worth mentioning. If your team only has one sustain and the other team is pokey he can be worthwhile.


Dat range. Dat damage.


He has a long range poke, a little bit of cc, and a great ult.


His ult can save your team a lot of deaths, and his bombs make a pretty good poke. His squishyness and lack of sustained damage can be a drawback in team fights. Worth considering for some team comps.

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Runes, Masteries, Items, and Summoner Spells.

Nothing really stands out for ruins, use common sense, stick to the ones you normally use outside of this map, the same goes for masteries.

Aura items have a huge affect here because they will be affecting 4 other players almost the entire game. They are a must get and try to get them into your build, but use common sense. Don't get a Zeke's Harald on Ziggs because your team had an ad carry.

Barrier is a unique summoner spell commonly used on this map. It is great for tanks, middle range champs who will get hit often, and it makes a great combo with flash. Clarity plays more of a role here than on any other map, it will greatly help a team who has many people who need the mana. The map has increased mana regeneration, but it doesn't have that great of an effect, remember you can't go back to base to get more mana. This might be the only map where taking promote is viable. There's only one lane and your goal is to push it. The promoted minion is very powerful and can prove more useful that most people think, but be prepared for people to rage about you taking promote, they underestimate its usefulness.

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Hopefully this can help you play better on The Proving Grounds! Got any tips or ways I could change the guide? Feel free to leave a comment. I hope this wasn't too terrible for my first guide ever made and you don't rage too much about how I wasted your time.


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