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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Xhilerate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xhilerate

PT Jungle J4

Xhilerate Last updated on March 16, 2013
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Hello community, I'm going to be showing you kids how to play Jungle J4! Jarvan is a great Jungler and off-tank. His AOE destroys and contributes a lot in team fights.

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Runes should just be basic jungler runes, Flat damage marks and quints, flat armor, and flat MR, although Scaling MR could be better. I would use it myself but Runes are expensive LOL. Ain't nobody got time for that.

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Masteries should be 9/21/0 Because j4 is mostly an off tank and needs as much resistance so you won't die as easily :)

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For starting items, Machete pots is the way to go since you're jungling. I think going aegis of legion and locket of the iron solari are really complimentary with jarvan's E, You will provide more armor to your team mates, which will help a ton in team fights. Late game You should Build Warmogs or a Sunfire cape, as they both provide more resistance.

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Skill Sequence

I personally max out my e first simply because of the passive it gives your team as it can be the difference between getting the kill or getting killed.

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Okay all of your spells are fairly easy to use, but you have to be vigilant of when to use them because you can get killed if you use your ultimate and your teammates can't get in to do damage, or you jump into more than you can handle and get killed. For ganking, your E-Q Combo will be your best friend as it knocks the enemy up, then use your w for a slow, and then your ult. Most of the time, you will burn their flash, or get a kill. His abilities have short cooldowns and if you did not get a kill the first time you ganked, you will probably get it the next time since their flash is down.

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J4 can start at either red or blue buff, and the path should be the regular, Wolves, Smiteless blue, Smited Red. If you're starting red buff you'll have to do Wraiths, Smiteless red, Smited blue. And of course your teammates have to understand that you wanted smiteless so give them a heads up. This is basic jungling path and you will be available for ganks at level 3 with your 3 abilities

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Team Work

Your job as j4 in laning phase is to gank as much possible without losing exp. In team fights, it depends what the opposing team's composition is. If you have an akali destroying your ezreal, your job as j4 is to E-Q-W akali and shut her down before she kills every living thing. If they don't have anyone shutting down your ezreal, you try to get as many people in your ult so your teammates can kill them before they flee. Oh, and don't use your ult on kassadin or champions who can easily get out of your ult, the CD isn't worth it -_- Good Luck!