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Kayle Build Guide by Belgarius

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Belgarius

Punish or Forgive by Belgarius

Belgarius Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my second Guide on Mobafire guys.
This time I present u Kayle. Another Build of mine.
So lots of People think Kayle is kinda useless. That there is no Damage of her and so on, but NO! No way.
With this Build I'm going to prove you guys which Power this skinny Woman got :)

Have you ever heard of an AD Carry combined with Ranged and Melee Attacks? Now you do!
Kayle is a great champ. Her Maindamage comes from her E-Spell. This Spell is going to switch u instantly into a ranged Carry. How? This Spell combined with ur Q-Spell which also slows your enemy and granting you extra Damage... is totally hardcore. I can tell you one thing. U're nearly unstoppable in lategame. And if u do it right the way I do, u will also get ur Farm and kills in early, which makes it much easier to finish this game fast and safe.

So less talking in the Introduction and let's start.

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Pros / Cons

Pros of Kayle
-Insane Dmg from Early to hard Late
-A healspell with speedbuff included
-Ranged and Melee Carry combined in one
-Don't trust other guides!^^
-Can protect herself and the other teammates from getting killed
-Evil Passive :D

Cons of Kayle
-Kinda Squishy the whole game long without any survivability
-Needs some practicing
-Always wears a helmet!!!! -_-
-Can't really escape when Flash is on Cooldown

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-For Runes I take Flat AD runes for the Red ones. This boosts ur early Damage on your lane very hard.
-The Yellow ones are Manaregeneration. Unfortunatly Kayle is kinda manaintensive but later on it's no problem anymore.
-The Blue ones are also like the Red ones.. Flat AD. Keep on bursting mates :)
-Quints are Flat AD too... I know it sounds a bit strange but u'll see it soon

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Masteries are kinda usual for an Hybrid AD carry :P
21/0/9 :)
Not much to say. Just have a look for it on the top.

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I start with a Dorans Blade on the Solo Top lane. This boosts your Damage, Health and also gives a very small amount of Lifesteal. When the Creeps start to come to your lane try to keep farming and also harassing ur solo top Enemy. U can actually even firstblood the Enemy :) You will be suprised of this Insane early Game Damage which makes u to the Dominater of Top.
Nevermind.. Now keep farming and when u got enough gold buy the Berserker Graves for boosting your Movement and AttackSpeed.
After This go buy a Malady and next to it a PD = Phantom Dancer.
Now rush for the Infinity Edge u will feel this hardcore dmg. Whenever u want to can be a ranged Damage Dealer :) thats so great. It all works on ur E-Spell. Madreds, Redbuff-Slow and so on.
Dont forget to sell your Malady soon to have more money to buy a second Phantom Dancer, Madreds Bloodrazor and at least Bloodthirster.
NOW: it's kinda gg cause it will be your Lategamephase where u should be unstoppable. For sure u can go for other survivability Items. Just what u need at your situation :) But this is the Way I actually build up Kayle

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Skill Sequence

Easiest thing of Kayle is: Q-Spell first then E-Spell cause it boosts each other and combine your Healspell with them so ur fast as hell, though it's for a few seconds. There is no escape for the enemy :P

Dont Forget ur Ultimate Guys.

For example ur chasing behind a Malzahar and it's kinda 1 on 1 situation. Expect that he will ignite, DoT and Ultimate on you. With the right timing u will not even get a bit of dmg when you use ur ultimate in the right time.
When you think he will ultimate and spam on you with his Spell. DO IT AND USE UR ULTIMATE :)
and after that 3-Hit him :)

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Summoner Spells

The Summoner Spells are Pretty usual for Kayle. Unfortunatly she aint got a Escape-Spell like some other champions but this could save u in some situations or give u even the chance to lasthit an Enemy.

Exhaust is also needed but u can take ignite to, if u're not sure of my Build ^^
Slow ur Enemy, attack him and if needed exhaust to finish him off maybe even with Flash.

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Ranked Play

In Ranked Games people will often Flame, cause they've never seen a solo Top Kayle or don't really like Kayle without a reason.
So first practice in normal games and trust me u will own.
Try to talk with your Jungler to have good ganks and especially often :)
Earlyganks will be to 90% a firstblood for you or your jungler. Why? Don't forget your insane damage. When your jungler does an early gank with lvl 2 you will be lvl 2 , too. So u can slow and even burst more damage combined with Q- and E-Spell.

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Farm, Farm, Farm.. never forget to farm. This is what kayle makes so strong. She can burst down a creep Wave in a few Seconds while harassing the Enemy when he's next to the creeps.
Well a overfed and overfarmed Kayle is always GG :)

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So I really hope you guys enjoyed this Guide though it's again just reading and reading but i'll promise you. You wont regret playing Kayle with this Guide.
Pls comment and Rate. I would really appreciate it :)
So far..

Hope u guys do well.

Bye bye, Belgarius. :)