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League of Legends Build Guide Author HAPPYChamP

Pure ninja OWNAGE

HAPPYChamP Last updated on December 30, 2010
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Hey fellow summoners,
This build that you can see is for Kennen (The heart of the tempest).
You may ask why Doran's sheild, well because the health regen is just awesome on him and of course he doesnt use mana so you get health pot instead of mana pot, The thing is that i always see noob kennens start out with a amplifying tome, like why? thats what i ask myself every time i see that, the thing is, is that starting out with an amplifying tome you are way to weak, the only thing "kind of good" about getting it is a little bit more ap, but if you can get good with your skillshot like i am then doran's sheild is just perfect.
My next item is mejais. Getting mejais can be very very risky because if you are not very good at not dying then it will not work. Every game i play with kennen i usually get 15-20 stacks easily on my mejais.
My following item is Rylai's crystal scepter. Why you may ask The health is just awesome from the giants belt makes it so when you enter a team battle you can survive alot longer and easily get double and triple kills.
Next item is the Void staff. Pretty much the only reason you get this item is for the extra ap which makes him alot more powerful.
The next item is the Abyssal scepter. The reason this is so good on him is because when you enter a team battle the magic resist is just great makes you alot tougher so you can get many more kills.
The second to last item i get is Zhonya's ring.
The amazing thing that works for kennen is when you have zhonya's ring you can ult and while it it going off you can activate your Zhonya's ring so you are invulnerable while it is going off so nowone can attack you while it is going off.
Oh yes i almost forgot you can sell your dorans sheild whenever you really need the gold it is very helpful with getting your recipes.
My last item for this build is a Guardian angel.
This makes it so when you enter a team battle you can be super aggresive and get easy kills then it will revive you you so can still get away.
So all you fellow Kennan lovers like i am go try this build, trusdt me you will love it!!!!