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Tryndamere Build Guide by Thypari

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thypari

Pure Solo Top *Tryn tha unbeatable*

Thypari Last updated on January 13, 2012
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Pure Solo Top *Tryn tha unbeatable*

Hahu testing :D... ok lets start!

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There it is my first guide on Mobafire ^^. This one will be just a very short guide introducing my way to play Tryndamere solo top. No pictures no large texts. Just important things to know with this built.

There are a lot of Tryn guides out there but I've never seen a guide featuring my play-style. Before you criticise this built please try it! It plays so well and much better than any other top-rated built I've tested before.

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Greater Mark of Desolation 9
Greater Seal of Resilience 3
Greater Seal of Alacrity 6
Greater Glyph of Warding 9
Greater Quintessence of Swiftness 3

Trynda's weakness is to stay alive early game duo to his squishiness. With these runes you can go solo top without any problems. Magic Resist against AP some more attackspeed to get all the last hits. Armor isn't needed that much (see skill description). The extra movement speed to catch up enemies and get into melee range. And the armor penetration for early game harass! "What? Harass with trynda? I am always the one beeing harassed?!" not with this built!

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Summoner Spells


Exhaust: utility to catch up or slow down enemies that are trying to chase / gank you. As well as a nice damage reduction on the enemy on 1on1s (e.g. on solo top ;) )

Ghost: Well exact the same than Exhaust: Used defensive and offensive.
You need to stay on target to get hits. It is better than flash because with flash you get near your enemy and hit him and than he's gone one more time. With ghost you can hit him for some more hits.

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This is a low cost Item built. With ~6k Gold you've a better stats and sustainability than in all other trynda builts. With 10k Gold you have your main built already finished while others only have like 3-4 items. You should be able to end the game by now. Any game I played with this built and a good team (a team able to push towers when the enemies are dead...) I ended the game right after I had bought my 6th item the zeal.

The Bilgewater Cutlass is so strong all time of the game. You can slow an enemy one more time after Mocking Shout and/or exhaust to make him unable to retreat at all!
Or if you get ganked solo top you slow the first one with exhaust, the second one with Bilgewater Cutlass, turn on ghost and spinning slash . Nobody ever got me killed with this combo.

Cloak and Dagger not only gives you all the stats needed for Trynda it also provides you with tenacity. Thanks to that cloak I almost always were able to retreat while on 1hp with my Ultimate. There is no need for cleanse... or in other words I've never needed cleanse. If you get away with your ultimate and use your heal be sure to select a path were creeps are nearby to heal away an ignite with some auto attacks . Once you are familiar with this you will automatically select the right paths and attack some creeps while escaping or when needed.

All other Items don't need a description I think. If you want to know more about them read other Trynda Guides as this on is only a short guide.

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Skill Sequence & PlayStyle

The most interesting part of this built :D
Why do I take Mocking Shout over Bloodlust, do you ask. BECAUSE I AM ABLE TO DO IT!

If you are against one melee champion top you can deny him nearly every creep last hit with mocking shout and on top of that harass him out of the game.

There are only some possible enemies (categorized by their main damage source (AD/AP) and attackrange (melee/ranged):

AD Melee
Best that can happen. Get your last hits, fill up your fury bar. Always have a look at the enemy champion and your creeps. If one of your creeps has low HP and the enemy champion is about to lasthit the creep get near that creep, use MockingShout, and attack the enemy champion one or two times. He instead will hit the creep and won't be able to kill it. When you are lucky you land a crit on him. 4-5 times and he must use potions and/or can be killed by exhaust and Spinning Slash.

AD Range
Get your last hits. Whenever possible use Spinning Slash & MockingBird to harass the enemy. No ranged champion I've seen will stay in place when you use Spinning Slash and attack him.
With lucky crits you also will be able to force him back to heal or even be able to kill him with Ghost and Exhaust.

AP Range
Same strategy as above. Early game you'll have good Magic Resist duo to your runes. But be careful with enemy champions that are able to cc you. Than you'd better stand back until level 6, try to get last hits and than rape him.

AP Melee

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Maybe I will add some more colors and pictures in the future...maybe not!

Actually I just wanted to share my tryndamere built I've had so much fun with by now.
Please try it.

And please don't rate the guide and my english and the formating... rate the tryndamere built!