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Build Guide by Quazuk

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quazuk

Quazuk Fiddlestick's Build (Updated for v1.0.0.108 patch)

Quazuk Last updated on January 15, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

"Those who say 'you have nothing to fear but fear itself' have not yet felt the crows..."

Elore is bocsanat az angol tudasomert, sajnos nem a legjobb^^. De a lenyeget erteni fogjatok.
Ahead excuse me my English knowledge, it's not a best ^^.But you will take the essence according to me =).

Fiddlesticks is my main character.Fiddlestickset it is not considered a strong character,burster or op.Now I feel that I have finally made the perfect build to put fear in your enemies.Fiddlesticks underestimated character, but while he lives till then very big damage causes his enemy.I will explain everything in this build.

Summoner Spells

  • Flash
  • Ignite

    Why Flash and Ignite?

    Flas is needed because of that because while you are not with a lvl 6 you can escape easily and to follow the enemy, dared because of that after the lvl 6, you can attack very from behind and you can escape.

    Ignite is needed because of that because, the healt cuts it in half, and on a little level you can easily kill your enemy.

    Why not Ghost or Exhaust etc..?

    Ghost is not need because you can't flash through the wall's and can't make good ulti's. Passivan is needed until a lvl 6 otherwise to play. But I explain this later.

    Exhaust is not need because you play passive gameplay and you have flash, fear and silence(QQMORECC). If 3 people to attack you can survive,because you have fear(1 character cc), silence, and the flash. It fact, that gives -magic resistance but is not worth so much than Ignite.

    Rune Choices:

    Why this Rune's?

    Because the red Runes give 8.55 Spell Penetration
    yellow Runes give 5.31 Ability Power
    blue Runes give 5.13 Spell Penetration
    Greater Quintessence Runes give 14.85

    +20 Ability Power and +14 Magic Penetration. This is wery good for low level's and fights.

    Mastery Tree:

    The 9 points in the offense tree will offer you more:

    0.6% Ability power per level
    0.66% Critical boost
    3% cooldown reduction
    15% Spell penetration

    The other 21 points will help you maintain:

    4% Health and mana regeneration
    3.33% Reduces the time spent dead
    5% Experienced gained
    5% Mana increase
    1 gold/10 sec
    3% Speed increase
    15 Flash CD Reduct
    6% Cooldown reduction
    15% Summoner spell reduction

    Why this items?:

    Noh, this items give lots of AP (Ability Power) and Spell Penetration. This combo is wery good for Fiddlesticks's passive skill. And give a small magic resistace.

    Early game: Levels 1 - 6

    1 - 2

    Thanks for the part: Simple Logic

    -Dark Wind:Try to use this on the enemy champion or the closet minion near your targeted champion if you think it is sketchy to go straight for the target. This will harm them and silence them, ensuring that they will back up slowly or, they will do the opposite and come straight for you. In which case you would.

    -Dark Wind --> Fear --> Auto Attack --> Dark Wind --> (Flash or Ignite,if it need)-Repeat

    Early game: Levels 2 - 5

    -Dark Wind --> Fear --> Ignite --> Drain --> Dark Wind

    This is the basic rotation for killing someone and or pushing them far back into their lane early game.

    Turret Kill?
    A fun way to kill a bold enemy champion is as they are tower diving to kill you.. Do this combo.

    Dark Wind (to silence their next move) - Fear (this will make them either run towards the turret or away) - Drain (while the turret is shooting them you use your drain to tick them down to 0 as they should be) If this doesn't ensure a kill, if you ping on the map with (G) then I'm sure one of your teammates will take note and clean up the enemy trash in the rift and they are sprinting for their life.

    Level 6 - End Game

    You can ask any Fiddlesticks player that no matter what happens your ultimate is 1 of the best in the game. Especially combining it with your other spell. Here is the ensured way of killing an enemy champion at level 6 and throughout the remaining match.

    Crowstorm --> Fear (to make them unable to run out of your ultimate) -->Dark Wind (silence,and dps the enemy)--> Drain (focus target)

    Or if think this doesn't suit, you can start with the Terrify first.

    Welcome to the jungle...

    Upon from also gaining kills and assists to give you an extra buff you must enter the jungle to retrieve the buffs along the Summoners Rift to benefit yourself and your teammates greatly.

    Ancient Golem: Grants "Crest of the Ancient Golem,' which gives you 1.5% Mana regeneration and reduces ability cool-downs by up to 25%.

    Lizard Elder: Grants "Blessings of the Lizard Elder", which gives additional attack damage which increases as you level up, and a slowing effect to your basic attack.

    Both of these buffs will help you with your success throughout the match. Gaining these 2 buffs are an actual universal.

    (initiate with this to kill the creeps near the Golem and Lizard)Drain - Drain - Drain - - Ignite/Clarity - Drain = Buff gained.

    Early game:

    Right at the start of the game you are going to want to buy a Amplifying tome and purchase 1 mana potions.

    TIP: After buying these 2 items switch them in your inventory so that the is on the 1 button on your keyboard. That way before you enter into a early game fight with a enemy champion or, running away from them you will be able to heal yourself and stay alive this is needed because Fiddlesticks is very easy to kill at the start, so you have to play smart.

    The next important item that you need to purchase and is apart of your core build is Sorcerer's Shoes. These will give you more speed as Fiddlesticks which you need to escape or catch up to an enemy. The second part to this item is the magical penetration from the boots, the more magical penetration the better you will be throughout the game. Once you get these you will be on your way to Mid game.

    Mid Game:

    It is a passive style and much gank against an enemy character.But, After you get this(Banshee's veil)you will be able to run in to team fights and other confrontations with ease. This is a NEEDED item

    Zhonya's Hourglass - TIP: Just like your health potions your are going to want to put this at your 1 key on your keyboard so that you can quickly use it in a team fight or a sticky situation to save your yet again.

    Thank to this part: Simple Logic
    After I created a fiddlestick movie for this guide.

    Special Thanks

    For the Early Game's part ^^<3: Fiddlesticks - Nothing to fear, but fear itself. By Simple Logic

    Check out his channel:

    By. Good night^^

    Quazuk - EU lol - Hungary^^