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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author webbut

Quick & Dirty Swain Starter's Guide

webbut Last updated on October 28, 2010
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Swain Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This guide is meant as a jumping point for anyone who is trying out Swain. Its the bare basics for you to at least look like you kind of know what your doing. It's not meant as a guide you go off into a Ranked match with, xD it doesn't even have runes. It is also not meant for you to take a solo lane. It works best with you and a tank in a lane.

Decrepify(Q) - Raven Stands in place shooting a laser out its face to the target. It slows and it puts a dot on them, both of which they can walk out of. Its really nice. You can use it by it's self to harass or to slow someone away from an ally or to start a combo or keep someone in a combo.

Nevermove(W) - It's an A.O.E 2 second root. Thats what it always is so there is no real point in leveling it. You can Q to make placing this easier or you can start with this then Q at the end of this so they get out of the root into a slow, thats my favorite. You can also use it to save the lives of you teammates. Casting it so the center is a little ways in front of a teammate when a melee hero is about to pounce usually means the other team is about to lose a melee hero. Also its nice to farm creeps with!

Torment(E) - This is your combo button. E + any key that isn't flash will do damage + a percentage of damage. Q-E-W is nice, W-Q-E is also nice, anyway you do it once you do you should start throwing damage on them. It's a good time to ignite or deathfire grasp or Ult or even all 3.

Ravenous Flock(R) - This move is amazing and will kills creeps and give you health for free if you use it right. You will use this ult one of 3 ways.

1)Farm creeps. You or someone else gets a creep waves health low. Then you toggle the ult so the the ravens go out and last hit the minions. Turning on you're passive boosting you're mp regain so the ult is pretty much free. Since the raven's don't ever disappear until after they come back with you're health you can turn off the Ult as soon as they leave to kill the last few minions and they still come back and heal you. You do it right and the Ult should only be on for a few seconds but you gain gold, exp, and health and the mana cost is very minimal almost ignorable. Rinse repeat as often as you like.

2)Kills. Turn it on with your E on someone and now the raven's are doing extra damage, i don't know if that extra damage comes back to you as heal but we are going to say it does for the sake of sounding awesome. You kill some poor innocent hero and come out healthier for it

3)GTFO/Baiting. You can turn this on when you are low and need the extra health to escape and it can give u the extra health to survive. It can mean the differnce between life and death. Running away, you get away from the team but not the Lux or Ez ult, just before the ult hit you your crows come back with some HP and u watch your team burn to death as u get away with 8hp. Pretty COOL when it happens. You can also just use it to bait stupid people into attacking you when you're low then healing as you and your team peck their eyes out.

Early Game:
Grab a ruby crystal and a tank. Go to your lane harass with Q, burst with E-Q, kill with W-E-Q. Make sure to last hit a creep when ever you use a series of spells so you can gain some mana back. W is great for farming as long as you can last hit ever minion snared in it. Your first trip home should get you spirit visage and level 1 boots. Once you hit 6 using W and ult becomes a better way to farm.

Mid Game:
In team fights hang back, root someone, explode on their face, move on to the next person or run away. Swain is good at pushing lanes but not so good at getting away from large mobs by himself so he probably shouldn't be off on his own pushing a lane by himself. He's much better being in team fights or killing people off on their own. Also if both teams are doing that pre team fight dance and there are creeps around feel free to ult. Its on a pretty short cool down it costs almost nothing and heals you. Turn it on for a few seconds let it hurt some creeps or some heroes turn it off go back to what you were doing. You main goal here is to stack up Mejai's and get all your items.

End Game:
You have stacks on mejai's you have your items and you only need your team to absorb damage for you because you can now kill people on your own. You should be able to burst on one person with all your skills and ignite, wait for your skills to be up burst another person with skills and deathfire. Then allow you team to kill everyone else as you /d on the graves.