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Wukong Build Guide by Vicolus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vicolus

"Been waiting for this."

Vicolus Last updated on September 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone, my name is Vicolus and I play on the NA server. I play quite a bit of Wukong, mainly at solotop with the role of an offtank initiator (1st build) or a burst assassin (2nd build). Sorry for not having any icons throughout the build as I'm new to build writing, not knowing how to add them in. I am also open to any constructive critisism

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During the chaos of the Rune Wars, an enormous runestone was lost deep within the Plague Jungles. It remained there, untouched for centuries, emanating a potent magic which infused nearby wildlife with sentience and vitality. A group of monkeys who were particularly empowered by it came to worship the stone, and their leader - a wise sage - became convinced that he could harness its power to make the monkeys immortal. He performed an elaborate ritual, but things didn't go as he expected. The runestone was destroyed, and instead of granting immortality, it produced Kong, a monkey who carried in his heart the strength and power it had contained. Kong was driven by an unquenchable desire for greatness. He sought out every beast and monster the Plague Jungles could offer, eager to find a worthy opponent, but none offered the challenge he craved. He asked the sage for advice, and learned about a legend of hairless monkeys to the north who, with wits and might, had bent the world to their will.
Kong left, journeying north, determined to discover if the legend was true. He crossed the Southern Wastes and then the Great Barrier. On his way, he happened upon Master Yi, who was deep in meditation. Kong asked him who the strongest warrior in the north was, and Yi told him about the League of Legends. The tale intoxicated Kong, a place where he could battle the strongest fighters in the world was, to him, paradise. Kong asked Yi to introduce him to this League, and to teach him the ways of humans, so that he could be a fitting champion. In return, he would honor Yi by using Yi's Wuju style to become the greatest warrior Runeterra had ever seen. Admiring his passion, Yi agreed, but under the condition that Kong would one day teach the lessons of Wuju to a pupil of his own. In the spirit of this agreement, he renamed Kong Wukong, and gave him a weapon suited to his unusual nature - an enchanted staff that the young Doran had crafted. The weapon was an unrivalled masterpiece. Guided by Yi, Wukong joined the League of Legends to prove himself as the best, and to show the world the true power of Wuju.

"Only in combat do you learn who you truly are."

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Pros and Cons

- High burst
- Highly mobile
- Escape mechanism
- Great teamfight presence
- Game changing ultimate

- No form of sustain
- No hard cc until level 6
- Easily counter-picked

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I have chosen a standard melee bruiser runepage, as Wukong fulfils this role.

9x Desolation Marks: The reason for these runes is because melee champs generally a high base AD (Wukong having 57), making armour pen a better choice rather than flat AD Marks.

9x Armour Seals: Basically best in slot, helps with trades and provides general early tankiness.

9x Magic Resist per level Glyphs: BiS, mandatory for any bruiser, helps against APs.

3x Flat AD Quintessences: Helps with early game, can be swapped out with Armpen quints.

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I choose a 21/9/0 mastery page as it provides a balance of damage and tankiness.
Another choice could be 9/21/0, which provides extra HP and late game CDR:

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Well, the items I chose in the first build are quite standard for any offtank, but I will explain each of their uses below:

Ninja Tabi: The items in the boots slot can vary, but typically you will verse an AD bruiser at top, making these boots a good choice. They will lower your opponent's AD damage by a chunk. You can sell these for Merc's Treads late game or build Merc's Treads if you're vsing a hybrid or AP top (Such as Jax and Kennen).

Wriggle's Lantern: This is a necessity, as it provides the much needed sustain on Wukong, which lacks natural sustain. This item also gives armour against AD bruisers and a free ward.

Trinity Force: The Trinity Force is the first big item on Wukong, and the best along side the Maw of Malmortus. This item provides everything Wukong needs, Move speed, a slow chance, sheen proc for his Q, HP for beef, mana to spam, critical chance for lucky Q crits and AD. I generally build a Phage then a Sheen and finally the Zeal to build into the Trinity Force.

Warmog's Armour: Perfect for Wukong. Makes him really beefy and synergises with the Atma's Impaler.

Atma's Impaler: Basically to turn your high amount of HP into some damage with some armour and critical chance.

Maw of Malmortius: Godly on Wukong, gives him a spell shield, tons of AD from its passive and a fair amount of Magic Resist. You can also build the Hexdrinker (Item that goes into the Maw) after your Wriggles, considering you're having a hard time from AP champs early game.

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Skill Sequence

R-Q-E-W or R-E-Q-W.
Maxing either Q or E first comes down to personal preference. I personally max Q first so that it hits a ton with a Sheen. Q also has a lower mana cost and cooldown.

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Summoner Spells

Basically Ignite and Flash are the best picks on Wukong. Ignite provides extra burst to Wukong's combo (Q->E), but can be swapped out for Exhaust, mainly personal preference. Flash is a great escape tool, great with Wukong's W. A simple W + Flash can make you escape almost any sticky situation. Flash can always be swapped out for Ghost, again, personal preference.

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Overall, Wukong is a great tanky initiator with this build. although this build is quite basic, I will update it in the near future. Please forgive my wall of text, as I am new to writing builds/coding.