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Nautilus Build Guide by Campinchris

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Campinchris

"Left to Die" A Tank Guide

Campinchris Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Intro to Nautilus:

Nautilus is in the category of tanks/support, whose job is to initiate/help for the team. This guide will teach you that Nautilus does not need AP items and will be a terror mid to late game on Summoner's Rift. This guide will also teach you how to feed your carry ( very important ).

As a tank/support you are able to be the initiator from early to late game with utility and durability items. Most of your duties involve taking damage so that others don't have to. With this guide you will be able to tower diving and forcing fights early game. Anyway Lets get on with the show.

This is my first guide, I have played a long time but never wrote a guide before!

Guide Terms:

CC = Crowd Control (slows, stuns, etc)
AP = Ability Power (magic damage)
AD = Attack Damage (physical damage)
AoE = Area of Effect
Leash = Term for your teammates damaging your starting jungle camp(s) to help you take less damage and clear the camp faster.
Carry = Champion capable of dealing large amounts of damage but has trouble absorbing it. Carries can be AD (Physical Damage) or AP (Ability Power: Magic Damage)

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Pro's and Con's

Nautilus is a tank at heart, most people think of him as an AP Champ. The difference of tank Naut and AP Naut is one of night and day. Most people struggle for AP Naut even Jungle Naut. No worries there is a fix for your thirst for blood. This is Bot Lane or Top Lane tank Naut.


Take hits like a BAWS


Feeds Players

Powerful Early - Late Game


Never enough mana

Slow moving

Doesn't get kills often (Early)

Needs to initiate

May Die a few times

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Masteries Explained

The reasoning behind me using these masteries is this:

You need some sort of damage, this allows for 1.5% more damage 5% more AP and 6% more damage for those below 40% health, its pretty good for damage. The points in defense is for a little more sustained. I understand that the AP you get out of the offense tree isnt much but the focus is the 1.5% and 6% extra damage, which is always nice.

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Runes Explained

The Marks: I went with these to allow harder hits at an early level.

The Seals: I prefer these due to the fact most AD at early level hit pretty hard this negates those hard hits if they try to gank or you did not buy
The Glyphs: I chose Magic Resist per lvl, reason being you do not need much magic resist at early level because most AP dont hit hard until mid game after they have purchased a few items.

The Quints: Come on you have to have some sort of AP. >:3

Hope these explanations help you see my rationalization to select these runes.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended and why:
[summoners/exhaust.png] This is a great spell, remember Nautilus has is Dredge Line this will bring the enemy to you and a perfect time to exhaust for more CC.

[summoners/heal.png] is obviously taken because you are support/tank. This helps in team fights and healing your AD/AP carry

Alternate Choices:

You can choose these two or mix and match with recommended.

[summoners/ghost.png] Take ghost if you want mobility. The movement speed will let you run under a tower quicker and make it out before you take too many tower hits.

[summoners/flash.png] is currently one of the best summoner spells and can help you initiate (which is your job in team fights).

Bad Choices and why:

[summoners/clairvoyance.png] Useless if you are trying to feed your carry.

[summoners/cleanse.png] Mercury Treads, nuff said.

[summoners/ignite.png] You aren't trying to kill anyone and your carry should have this spell anyway.

[summoners/smite.png] You aren't jungle for this guide.

[summoners/surge.png] Again you are not trying to have killing power.

[summoners/teleport.png] This is a solo top or mid champs, you are bot not needed.

[summoners/revive.png] Kind of pointless since you shouldn't be dieing once you have the proper resistances.

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Items Buils Explained

Here is the explanation for my items:

WARMOGS - First item, why? Simple, the earlier the faster you will "fill" your stacks on it. This allows maximum health from one warmogs. Everyone says to go Rod of Aeges, this is a good item on Nautilus but it also is kind of a waste since you have to wait 10 min to get full stacks. The RoA is just as expensive as a warmogs but lacks the HP power a warmogs has. Most guides say warmogs is useless because of champions such as [champ/kogmaw.png] or any AD carry with [items/madreds-bloodrazor.png] they are wrong because no matter how much health you have the 4% will not take "more" health because it is a percentage do the math it takes 25 hits for any amount of health. The more health the better even though the 4% is bad it doesn't account for the extra damage that a Tank with lower health cannot with stand.

Everything else is kinda self explanatory since you need resistances. I put a [items/thornmail.png] as core because nothing is better than killing an AD carry with their own hits. If the team is AP heavy this is the only armor you will need.

I will take into account the RoA and run a few games possibly update the guide but I doubt it will over power the warmogs.

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Early Game

As a tank, you must initiate in team fights same goes for in lane. You want to get your partner fed as early as possible, but that doesn't mean get aggressive and die. Only slow/grab/stun when your lane partner is ready ( Full health/mana and has good attack abilities and/or items ). Save your AD/AP Carry by allowing them to get away and taking the hits ( Even die if necessary ).

You want to hangout in the bush preferably and grab every so often when they over extend or are on low health, my method is [Q] then [E] then walk back into the bush ( unless lane partner is feeling froggy then I [W] and stun ). Remember every little bit counts especially when the enemy doesn't have pots or a healer in lane.

Will add video soon...

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Mid Game

By now you should have your boots of choice warmogs-armor, thornmail, and negatron-cloak for your force-of-nature
With these items you can start team fights since you will have most resistances that you wont have to back down until your team gets 2 - 3 kills. Speaking of team fights if you get into one initiate with your [Q] followed by your [W] and [E] after that use [R] on the person in the back usually the squishy, stun the kill target and those around him. If your team is skilled or at least have half a brain you will get at least 2 kills for the team. Save your Allies by allowing them to get away and taking the hits ( Even die if necessary ).

Once you kill 1 - 2 enemies in a team fight go for baron to take down towers, make sure you can kill baron and take down at least 1 to 2 towers. Do Not Waste Baron Buff!

Video coming soon...

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Late Game

Late game is where Nautilus will be a nightmare for the enemy team if all has gone according to plan. You will have enough HP, Armor, and MR that you can take a ton of damage, along with this it means way more CC for your team allowing them to get kills. You may even get kills when focusing on a squishy since your [E] does pretty good damage.

Always initiate in a team fight with at least 3 of your allies there ( Your AD/AP carry must be there for maximum damage ). Save your Allies by allowing them to get away and taking the hits ( Even die if necessary ).

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Final Comments & Change Log

Thank you for reading my guide, Like and Comment if this guide has helped you! Or leave a comment for constructive criticism as there is always room for improvement! Remember this is my first guide!

03/05/12 - Added more to guide. Changed Title. Changed Runes.
02/26/12 - Guide Created and Submitted.