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Fiora Build Guide by Falzarr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Falzarr

"Submit, you have already lost!"

Falzarr Last updated on March 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello there Mobafire. This is my personal Fiora build as well as my first attempt at posting a build here on the site. I know this guide is not perfect as Fiora is new and I have yet to do extensive experimentation with her, but so far, this build has worked just fine for me as long as I remember my limits and dont try to run into a 1v5 thinking Ill live.

I realize that this build is a bit lacking in armor/magic resist, but that hasnt been a very big issue for me so far since I tend to lifesteal my way through the damage, kill whoever is attacking me, or do enough damage in a quick burst to scare the enemy away a bit untill I can get some backup.

Since this is my first ever Mobafire guide, I dont expect to be top Fiora build or anything, but I do hope that someone out there likes my ideas and makes use of them, or even takes my build and modifies it to their liking. Im always open for suggestions, but since Im new here I might not always remember to check for comments regularly.

Also, mobafire may be an awesome site, but they dont seem to have their math right with the build calculating programs. The above window says this build has 292 AD at level 18. This is incorrect. In game, using this exact build, Ive gotten my AD to over 350 with no team buffs. Also, against a non tanky team where I dont always need Madred's bloodrazor, Ive traded it out for a second Bloodthirster and gotten my AD to about 420-440ish.

This guide is still in a rough state and will be edited to look nicer and be a bit more condense when I get the time to do so.

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Pros / Cons


Massive damage output

Not counting enemy resistances, you will be lifestealing for around 100hp per second (170ish with max charges on bloodthirster).

With Ionic spark, you will be dealing the extra 110dmg every 1-2 seconds.

Madred's Bloodrazor + attack speed + attack damage = Very dead enemy tank


Limited resistances and low HP

Magic damage hurts....

You are essentially a glass cannon. You break things really fast, but are extremely fragile.


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My reason for starting with a Doran's blade is because of Fiora's lack of starting HP and resists makes an easy target early game. The extra 100hp and 3% lifesteal really help, plus the extra bit of AD makes you hit a bit harder early on. With the masteries I've listed, Doran's Blade, and getting her Riposte ability at level 1, Fiora has about 86 AD at the start of the game, meaning that anyone who decides to get a bit too close at level 1 is in for a nasty surprise.

The reason for adding Ionic Spark is that it gives you a little extra health and the extra 110 damage it deals happen very often with her Burst of Speed ability and bonus attack speed from Berserker's Greaves, meaning she can farm minion kills extremely fast. The fact that the item already adds a rediculous ammount of attack speed to begin with, just makes it even better.

The reason for leaving both Zeal and Madred's Razors as they are rather than building them right into their final stages is because they are both reasonably good items as they are and rather than building non-stop attack speed for so many items, adding in the armor and damage from the razors helps bump up your survivability and damage output a bit more than if you built right into Phantom Dancer.

Due to the lack of inventory space, feel free to sell Doran's Blade for that last little bit of money to finish an item and clear up some space for the next one. I normally sell it either as Im building Bloodthirster so I can finish it as fast as possible, or right as I start on getting the pieces to finish Phantom Dancer.

As for the Infinity Edge at the end of the build, that always tend to come as a bit of an after thought for me. I tend to do fine without it, and the game rarely last long enough for me to earn the money for it or even need it at all in some cases.

If the enemy team doesnt have any really tanky characters that make Madred's Bloodrazor worth building, (as it is rather expensive) substituting in a Black Cleaver

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I know my rune choices may seem a bit odd to some people, but the entire point of runes is to give you that early game advantage. A lot of guides for Fiora seem to say things like "Play as defensively as possible early game to avoid feeding the enemy team". I honstly got a bit tired of playing defesively and hugging my tower like it was my wife, which is why I decided to do as much as could with runes to buff her defences early on. I still tend to stay by my tower until level 3, but after that, I head back to base and buy a few potions and possibly my basic boots. With the extra resists , the armor pen., and attack speed all from runes, now coupled with potions and lifesteal from dorans blade and my masteries, I can pretty much play as offensively as I want as long as I dont try to tower dive unless I am positive I can get the kill.

Since Fiora is squishy, yet needs to be right there in the middle of a fight to do much damage (and no, standing on the edge of a team fight, igniting, ulting, and then dashing to get a double or triple KS is not "fighting"), I decided to use my runes to increase her early game survivability to help reduce feeding and possibly let me last long enough to get in that last hit without needing to worry about my HP. From what Ive seen so far, Fiora seems to do huge damage early game but is too squishy to reach max potential, average mid game, and amazing late game. By getting rid of the "too squishy to reac max potential" early game, you can get yourself nice and fed early on so you can stay effective mid game, and then annihilate late game without having to worry too much about gold.

Long story short, bonus defense early game helps you get fed, stop the enemy from feeding, and be able to focus on pure damage output from items rather than thinking you absolutly need a warmogs, banshees veil, or guardian angel to be of any use.

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Summoner Spells

Main choices:

Heal - Heal is an early to mid game spell, but in case you havent noticed, this guide is mainly setup for maximizing your early to mid game performance. In the runes section, I mentioned that I dont tower dive unless Im 100% sure I can get the kill. Having heal lets you pull off tower diving much easier, letting you avoid those agonizing "Aww cmon, he had like 20hp left....why didnt I kill him?!?!" moments and get yourself some early game gold. Heal is also very useful for if you need a tiny bit of extra hp to make that dash out of a gank and under your tower or back to base.

Ignite - Ignite will be a massive help early on, and sometimes even super late game as well due to its ability to reduce the targets healing. Since you can use summoner spells while in the middle of your ult, you can throw ignite on someone while hitting them to make sure you get in that last hit or to finish off that last 20hp as they run behind their tower. Using heal and ingite both at the same time during your ult can also be very helpful. Heal lets you survive any AOE that might hit you mid ult and make sure you dont die before you can ignite, or even save a team mates life as you dash past them.

Exhaust - Exhasut is an obvious choice for any AD champs since it lets you catch up to them again for a kill even if they slowed or stunned you and also makes it so the enemy heavy hitter wont be all that scarry for a few seconds while you pound their face in.

Secondary spells:

Ghost - Usisng ghost is a great way to catch up to your team as they start a fight, chase a fleeing enemy to grab a kill, and help you make it out alive with a quick speed boost. If you get some movement items, get all 3 stacks on bust of speed, and then use ghost, you'll have a movement speed even Yi's ult will be jealous of.

Teleport - Teleport is great for getting around fast. If you wound up getting beaten down early game in a gank, you can recall, heal, grab a quick item,and then teleport right back to your lane all in the span of a few seconds. This ensures you dont miss any exp or gold and lets you run right back into a fight before the enemy even knew you were gone. Teleport can also be used to jump into a team fight from anywhere on the map, or even teleport to one of your little minion friends thats hitting the enemy nexus, allowing you to make sure theres no chance of the enemy team making it back to base in time to stop you.