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Nunu Build Guide by dG destined

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dG destined

"Swallowed you whole!"

dG destined Last updated on November 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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"My whole camp is gone? WTF?"- the poor junglers with slow clear

Nunu is incredible early game, this skill sequence gives Nunu a lot of insurance to burst the opposing jungler early game. Max frost shot first for the most dmg early game since feast already nukes the main wraith and wolf to zero, and frost shot just makes his clear times that much faster. I max bloodboil second to make counterjungling more effective and make his early game that much stronger. Consume has been nerfed over the years however is still a strong nuke for fast clears and sustain, max this last. Ultimate is priority for teamfights, even if it doesn't do full dmg, the aoe slow is amazing.

"Swallowed you whole!"

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The magic penetration helps give frost shot that much more dmg early game, helps clear camps even faster. Another option could be runes of alacrity, but bloodboil already gives good attack speed and you still won't run out of mana. Flat armor runes and magic resist per lvl runes for obvious reasons, armor helps with sustain early game, and the magic resist helps mid and late game. Movement speed quints for ovbvious reasons,makes your ganks stronger and helps get to your opposing jungler's camp faster for more effectiveness when counter jungling, or u can go the magic penetration route for faster clears but gives nunu less gank ability.

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These masteries make nunu unstoppable late game and help early game for sustain and clear times, the defensive masteries keep nunu healthy and the utility helps extend the duration of your blue buff and red buff, which is extremely important to have more buff duration for ganks and cooldown reduction, which leads to better counterjungling and fast clears.

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My name is dG destined, and I'm a huge fan of junglers that have fast clear times, I understand the art of counter jungling and it is harder than it looks. I'm hoping to pass this amazing art on to you Jungle learner.

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Summoner Spells

Smite for obvious reasons, faster jungle clears on blue and red buff, secures the buff, and gives extra gold with masteries. The second summoner spell is controversial, I personally like flash for escapes and a stronger initiate, however exhaust is also a very great option, mainly becuase it can shut down an ad carry or an ap carry from a fight, however nunu can already shut them down with the amazing amount of cc he has. Ghost is definately not needed, in fact other players might try to focus you early game in your jungle (beware of Lee Sin, Shyvana, or Udyr without flash or exhaust), and can lead to disasters early game, and then you'll go,"Why the **** did I go ghost?" Always have smite, go flash or exhaust.

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Unique Skills

Nunu's ability to shut down any champion from a fight is incredible, he can single handed 1v5 a team after randuin's omen, frozen heart, and force of nature, Nunu has amazing burst early game, and takes forever to kill late game, not to mention he already has like 2k hp at lvls 8-12 with the right build.

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Your 6th item

This is a very tough choice, it depends highly on what their team composition is. If you feel like you dont have enough damage or your team has fallen off, I would consider buying a rabadon's deathcap. If your team is completely fed, and they are putting some damage on you still (somehow), maybe consider warmog's. If you are getting fricken annoyed of all the cc being placed on you, consider quicksilver sash. If you are annoyed of enemys disrupting your ultimate, BUY A BANSHEE'S VEIL, THIS ITEM IS BROKEN. If the enemy team is mostly ap burst, consider a force of nature over warmogs. If you are doing totally fine, just buy a ton of wards all day late game and you'll know the opposing teams every move, I recommend this, unless your support has clairvoince, although wards are still nice to have for map control. Guardian angel is always nice if you are struggling a little and you need good sustain, good passive.

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Pros / Cons

Fast clear time

Strong invades on enemy blue buff (make sure you have other champs with cc still)

Hard to Kill because he has good movement speed

Great snowballer

Can save an ally with bloodboil, or completely buff a fed ad carry (a.k.a.: gg)

Fastest champion in the game

Shurelya's Reverie is a very good item on Nunu, even if your support has it, because it is a strong engager in ganks, and the cooldown reduction is very nice. Definately a force to be reckoned with on Nunu, especially if you decide to play support with him

Usually focused when he uses his ultimate in teamfights (yes, this is a good thing)

Can travel around the map ridiculously fast, so he can clear wards all around the map with oracles with ease (be sure to ward key places while doing this)

Beats most junglers early game with ridiculously fast counter jungle, meaning he can shut down the opposing jungler in a matter of minutes.

"Don't make the yeti angry. You won't like him when he's angry!"


Not necesarily tanky early game

Frost shot's burst falls off late game without some ap late game

Requires to proc the passive to not go mana hungry, an enemy jungler can take advantage of this early game if he feels he can duel you (F.E.: LEE SIN)

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Creeping / Jungling

    Go wolves, on hit k.o. main wolf with consume, fast, easy clear time, and you'll be at the blue buff before it spawns.
    Soft leash on your blue, consume it and then smite for a very fast blue buff clear. (You'll only need your mid to leash it with one simple basic attack, although make sure allies protect blue (bad experience, got backdoored by a pro Lee Sin with 4 other heavy cc champs) , so that your safe when you have a soft leash.
    Go wraiths, again, consume main wraith, one hit k.o. nuke, still have amazing sustain.
    Red buff, consume main creep at red buff, should take off a huge chunk of hp from its health, you probably wont have to use your smite on this buff.
    Consume the weaker golem, then smite the main golem for a fast clear.
    At this point you should be lvl 4 because of good experience from your soft leash from blue buff, and you'll actually be one lvl ahead of the whole competition at this point, and the opposing jungler would probably be at lvl 3, maybe even 2 (with the exception of Shyvana, Lee Sin, Udyr, or Nocturne, maybe even Nautilus) although you can counter jungle any of them at this point, Shyvana may be harder, but troll her by zoning opposing junglers with frost shot and consume her wraiths, you just pissed them off (although watchout for Lee Sin's q, bad experience xp). Be sure to ward enemy wraiths before doing this.

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Ranked Play


Place ward on the intersection of the enemy jungler's wraith, and the midlane, this is key, not only will you have full vision of their wraiths, but your mid will also have a good idea of a mid lane gank since most junglers kill their wraiths before ganking mid, adds lots of map control.

At the 6 minute mark, you should be warding their blue buff, camp around at your wraiths and kill them, and then camp in the blue buff brush, signal your mid and bot lane to come (or top depending on what team you're on, signal top to come if you are on purple team, bot lane if you're blue team). By this time the enemy's may have called their mias but assuming your team is early game composition if Nunu is a jungler, you could probably easily take this blue buff, at this point the first teamfight will probably begin. If you succeed in killing their team with correct positioning, you can now take the dragon, and you now have a pretty decent advantage on the other team. After dragon ward their red, and fight for their red if you won the teamfight at the blue buff, you will probably win this if you signal your mid and top lane, be patient and wait for their jungler, and then bounce on him with your mid and top lanes, their jungler is out of the game at this point, and you and your mid lane can 3v1 their top lane in a very easy gank because at this point you are pretty tanky and fed from the counter jungling. You pretty much won the game at this point because your team is fed as **** from your teamfighting success, ward their jungle all the time, and have an oracles to destroy their map control, they can't do anything about you now and you are free to roam the map at all times. Don't get too cocky though, you don't wanna lose your oracles to fricken stomp king Lee Sin.
If you have your tank core built, your team could pick up an early baron, likely win the fight because of your team's early game success, and shut them down. You get baron, enemy team surrenders or gets destroyed, you can even absorb turret attacks for your team at this point, they will have an inhibitor destroyed and you now have amazing map control, GG.

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When to use Nunu Jungle

If your team has a strong early game composition ( for example renekton, jayce, zilean, graves, or taric), you may wanna consider using Nunu, or Lee Sin if your team is early game poke composition, Use Nunu if your team is filled with bruisers (Diana, Jayce*, Renekton, Graves, Blitzcrank, or Taric), and you could probably put up a nice invade on their blue or/and their red or have a strong protection on your buffs so they can't invade at all or else they risk first blood, which is an important kill to have as it gives much needed extra gold, which is HUGE.

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I hope this guide helped you on your quest to be the best jungler ever, counterjungling also gives you an idea of what a counterjungler (<Nocturne>, Shyvana**, <Maokai>, Nunu**, Udyr**, <Skarner> Trundle***, Cho' Gath***, Lee Sin**, Dr. Mundo**, <Gangplank>) might do if you play against one, and you can even pick one off with good communication, although always be on the lookout for an encounter with a counterjungler.

* Hammer Stance Jayce
*** Could be dangerous
<> Mediocre clear times, not necessarily the best counterjunglers, have caution when counterjungling them.

Be sure to follow my guides, I will be sure to post more in the upcoming future.


Updated masteries on utility tree to movement speed, the mana regen isn't needed.

Will be updating this guide after Nami (going to be an OP solo-laner) patch, I hope to get some reviews and votes