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League of Legends Build Guide Author Intoccabil3

Rammus? No, thanks!

Intoccabil3 Last updated on February 6, 2012
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Hi all! This week Rammus is free to play, so let's see who is Rammus:
-one of the best tanks in the game
-the terror of dps champs, expecially if he buys thornmail, see why:
rammus defensive ball curl gives him a free thornmail effect, due to a thornmail will make u unable to kill him if u are a dps(i use Rammus and sometimes i only pop that ability and afk and i get a kill if the enemy is a dpsO.O), so let's see how counter him as a dps

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All the damage he replies to you is magic damage, but he even has crazy armor, this means you need aror penetration & magic resist, see which items you should take:
you start with boots + pots, to turn them into merc threads, then you buy force of nature cuz the passive is so op, then a last whisper to an ad boost, then a brutalizer 4 armor penetration, and we end with an hexdrinker.
If it is dominion i take mercury, vampiric scepter, odyn's veil, then the build it's the same. If you still have money go for a bloodthister in normal games or an ininity edge in dominion. If you wanna have more damage and less magic resist at the start of the game you may go: doran's blade, mercury threads, vampiric scepter, hexdrinker, last whisper, yomuu's ghostblade.

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Happy end

I hope you will find this build helpful. It won't make u deal crazy damage, but a nice amount of it and you won't have problems with that damn Rammus! Please leave a comment and enjoy, bye all!


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