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Fiora Build Guide by 123453456y34

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 123453456y34

Ranked Fiora Guide

123453456y34 Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've never actually played Fiora. My brother started this guide, but now he needs 5000 words for it to count as an actual guide so I'm going to write 5000 words.

From my limited experience she looks pretty OP. When I'm in the mood I like to do the math on damage calculations, but since I'm not overly motivated to make much of a legit guide I'm just going to use my intuitive league experience to write it.

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- Has free dmg
- Has tons of free attack speed
- Lane sustain from passive
- Two gap closers with her lunge
- Untargetable ult that can life steal
- OP as f*%&


- No escape
- ...

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Champter 1 - Summoner Spells

- Flash is an amazing spell. It can get you out of tight situations and be used offensively to get those last hits in with lunge. It's also useful for tower diving and flashing out of tower range or flashing over the wall when getting caught at dragon or baron.

- Ignite is best because Fiora is such an aggressive laner. It also halves healing and life steal effects which is useful against champs such as sion, ww, or nasus.

- Exaughst is also very useful for aggressive laning as it decreases the dmg output of your opponent and slows movement speed. Can sometimes be used to escape ganks as well. Exaughst is useful when performing jungle ganks with Fiora since she gets no natural CC

- Teleport is an excellent solo top spell for sustain. However, since Fiora is an aggressive champ with no range harass it isn't as useful as more aggressive summoner spells.

- Ghost can replace flash, but Fiora already gets free movement speed from burst of speed and lunge. Lunge is also a great gap closer. Ghost isn't as good as flash for escaping tough situations when burst champs are involved.

- Smite is a must when jungling

- Heal (lol, sometimes works)

The rest aren't worth mentioning

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Chapter 2 - Runes

Pretty basic rune set up. There aren't really any good ad seals or glyphs so armor seals and magic resist per level glyphs are best for surviability. Just because Fiora is boss doesn't mean she can't be killed. Armor pen quints and marks scale best since they essentially give you a 12.5% physical damage increase. Squishies start the game with only 15 armor so the inital 25 armor pen, (plus 6 armor pen from masteries) is wasted to an extent. Most squishies though start with some armor seals. But since you're probably solo top you're going to likely be against a tanky dps or a melee champ and they start with more armor so you're likely going to get close to your full value in armor pen against a level 1 opponent. If you're worried about over shooting the armor then just use flat AD quints. It might give you that level 1-4 advantage to score first blood.

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Chapter 3 - Masteries

Your a melee ad champ with no cc so you're going to want ad offensive masteries. 9 in the defensive tree is useful for that bit of extra tankiness since Fiora is required to be in the thick of things. Helps in solo fights as well. After all, she is a duelists.

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Chapter 4 - Items

Ad melee champs all benefit from movement speed early on. Since Fiora can't exactly harass and avoid counter harassmentment, (with a dash back or something) and has no range harassment she's probably going to need the health pots to be able to sustain the damage returned to her.

Wriggles is a great item because melee champs need the life steal for sustain. It also grants a bit more tankiness, (about 12% physical dmg reduction) and a free ward which is very useful for avoiding jungle ganks when laning or pushing a lane.

Beserker greaves are a good item, but Fiora gets tons of free attack speed and like any melee champ CC is her bane so merc treads, though expensive, really are worth the price. They also increase your magic resist to give you some rounded out tankiness.

Fiora gets a bunch of free attack speed so you'll get the most bang for your buck with attack damage. IE is an expensive, but incredibly powerful item on champions that don't need attack speed first. 80 dmg, (unlike a BT you don't have to stack that dmg), 25% crit chance and increases crit dmg by 50%.

Frozen mallet gives you that tankiness you need to take a bit of punishment and still come out of the fight alive. It will ensure that no one escapes and that you'll never be kited without CC. It also gives a fair amount of damage especially once you build the atmas. However, the slow proc is useless if no one feels the need to run from you so if you aren't fed, (wow, how'd you manage that?) or you're just getting fcoused a lot then warmogs is a good item to replace the frozen mallet.

Trinity force is icing on the cake. By this point you'll have well over 300 dmg and fiora uses plenty of abilities when fighting so you'll really get your money's worth out of the sheen proc. The movement speed, crit and attack speed from the zeal is useful as well as the additional damage and tankiness from the phage.

Atmas will give you around 60-65 dmg, more tankiness and that needed crit chance. An excellent and inexpensive item.

At this point in the game just sell your wriggles for a blood thirster and depending on how the game is going to might want to sell your merc treads for a phantom dancer, (assuming your damage is lacking and crowd control isn't your biggest concern).

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Chapter 5 - Skill Sequence

Burst of speed is hands down Fiora's best ability. Fully maxed it gives her 120% attack speed. To give you an idea how how much attack speed that is, Master Yi's ultimate gives him 80% attack speed which is the equilent of a phantom dancer and a zeal. Fiora's attack speed is the equivelent of two phantom dancers and a dagger. That's some insane attack speed. This is why it's better to build damage on her rather than attack speed. By careful how and when you use it, since it does only last for 3 seconds. However, it does have a relatively low cool down so you don't have to worry about being kited and losing your attack speed for too long.

It's personal preference whether or not you max lunge or parrey next. Parrey's passive gives you that nice bonus AD, but leveling up lunge significantly increases it's attack damage and reduces the cool down on it which is useful considering it's Fiora's main gap closer.

Parrey is a pretty amazing ability. It can block abilities such as nasus's and talon's Q. I also saw my friend block teemo's blind dart the other day. I've yet to see how many uses it has, but when timed right it's obviously an amazing ability. Just imagine blocking a GP parley crit? trololololol. The free attack damage isn't an amazing qaunity. Certainly better than trynd's, but not as good as sion's or master Yi's.

Obviously you're going to want to level up Fiora's ultimate whenever you can. It's eseentially Master Yi's alpha strike except it deals massive dmg, scales off of AD and can be life stealed off of. Obviously it's good to use it when people are trying to escape, but it's also very useful when being focused in a team fight. For a couple seconds you'll no longer be targetable and when you return to the fight you'll have more health than before because of the life steal. Just be wary of the fact that like Master Yi's alpha strike you'll land next to the first champion you targetted. Some players will use this to their advantage to pull you under their tower.

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Chapter 6 - Jungling

Fiora is a strong jungler because of her attack speed and passive. Start with a vamp. If you want to gank at lvl 2 then start red, but if you want to gank at lvl 4 then start blue > wolves > wraiths > golems > red buff > wraiths. Other than that, the build is the same. Focus on top and mid if bot lane has a support since it'll almost always be warded. Only counter jungle if you know where the enemy jungler, (with knowledge of buff timers and jungle routes for various champs). If you start at Blue buff then be aware that'll respawn every 5 minutes so it'll respawn around 7:20min the first time around and red buff will spawn around 9:40min.

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Closing Statements

Fiora is a very powerful champ at the moment and can be fed very easily due to her over powered attack speed conbined with a double gap closer and an ultimate that follows her targetted champ and makes her untargettable. She'll probably get nerfed next patch, but I suspect that she'll still be quite potent.

I hope this helped players new to the champ or the game. If you don't like the build, feel free to leave a comment and I'm sure my highly intellectual brother will attend to any trolls with ruthless ridicule.

Vote this guide to the top... I will send free cookies to your house if you do. :)