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Morgana Build Guide by Psychopath76



Updated on October 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Psychopath76 Build Guide By Psychopath76 3,542 Views 0 Comments
3,542 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Psychopath76 Morgana Build Guide By Psychopath76 Updated on October 25, 2011
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Pros / Cons

-Great farmer
-A lot of fun to play with those skill shots
-Gives team many kills and saves by shield
-Ulti perfect for team fights
-Easy to win ranked as morga if no one will ban her ofc
-Good ganker from mid
-Un killable(about 4k hp)
-Ulti works great with zhonya and flash

-If u cant play her well its hard to kill some1, moar assists
-Not so easy to play, skill shots requires some skill :s
-Shes bad girl! or angel, who cares :P
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Ap Pene runes - ofc u know why
Mana Regen- always ask for blue but if u dont have it use ur runes
Ap per Lv- U dont need so many ap at start, farm much and earn ap with levels
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Masteries are ofc 0/9/21 for mreg farm and spell recharge and some tanky, u can try 0/21/9 for being more un killable.
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Well i choosed those items for being tanky, u can go in by flash into the middle of team fight use ur ulti + zhonya and it can be ace :) With this build i dont think so someone will focus u cos it will be about 4k hp + ur shield makes u freakin' unkillable so u can easly initate team fights and chase someone..
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Skill Sequence

U have to max W ( NO Q!!!), why? Morgana need to be well farmed u dont need to harras so much in first 10-20 mins or if u are greedy for kill do it when u can, but w let u farm very easly and if u farm by W u are pushing ur lane and u are easy 2 gank, but YES! u have black shield.. ( If some lane is not warded and u have ur ulti to spend go there !)
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Summoner Spells

FLASH - Ofc its needed
IGNITE-i always use it cos it can be nice finish after ur combo which dont need to kill
TELEPORT- if u solo

Exhasut- dont needed, leave it to ad carries!
Ghost- u dont need it ..
Cleanse- NOOO..
Rally- imba but no.. :p
Other ones u dont need too
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Ranked Play

Ranked morgana is preasure for team.Ur job is bring ur team many kills and stun as many as u can in team fights and ofc. helping with ur unique shield.. With this build dont be afraid to initate teamfights. Often try to skill shot one of those squishies, if u will cathc him i think ur team will run for him.If u see none warded lane go there if u have ur ulti on, if u will make gank good its 90% dat ur target will die.When u see someone's ganking u instantly put ur shield on and skill shot dat ganker or mid champ..And remeber! Morgana is often banned to remeber to say in queue dat u want to take her and dont let team captain ban her!
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Not much to say, put W between front and back minions , last hit those who didnt die in that AoE, care about ganks when u are pushing ur lane with W, its very risky..
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If u want to see how i play morgana,cassio,kart,orianna,gragas,swain and many other mid champs u can watch my live stream and check it gameplay and maybe learn something! :)

Thanks for reading this guide i think it can help u in those matches, Actually i have 45wins/21 L as morgana with this advices and build ofc.. so i think its usefull, enjoy playing with dat beutyfull champion and good luck!:)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Psychopath76
Psychopath76 Morgana Guide
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