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Skarner Build Guide by profet

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author profet

Ranked Skarner - FEEL MY PAIN

profet Last updated on January 12, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Skarner is a powerfull and a gapclosing offtank. Don't underestimate Skarner with the Damage of his Crystal slash and his powerfull shield he's a ALMOST unkillable champion and an huge damagedealer.
The Guide is specialized to be a OFFtank - Tank Jungling/solo top skarner.

Solo Top Skarner

Skarner Counter These Champions
Lee Sin

50/50 Win

Countering Champions

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Creeping / Jungling

Skarner the first items of the skarner junglebuild is always Cloth armor and 5x Health potions. Head to the wolves, and with the help of your teammates kill them using Q your Crystal slash, don't use any health potion here unless you really have to. Make sure your teammates doesn't steal any of your exp. Wolves spawn at 1:40- you got 15 seconds to kill them. at 1:55- your Blue-buff spawns and you will need help of your Mid Champion to pull it. Also if you can get top to help you damage the Blue-buff golem. Use your Q once again to get the lizards and the golem damaged. Make sure your teammates doesnt steal exp here to. When the blue-buff is at low HP aroun 475~ use smite to 'steal' it. If you got a succesfull start you should still have 5x health potions, also you should be level 2, and for your second spell choose your Shield 'W'. Now head to wraiths, target the big wraith and spam Q to get the smaller ones killed. Use your Shield to gain Attack speed, movement speed, and shielding armor. Use one or two health potions and move down to Golems. Do NOT waste your smite at these golems, save it for Red-Buff. As your level 3 Spell selection you should go for your Crystal Slash to gain more Damage. Move to Red-Buff and attack the golem and keep spamming 'Q' and last hit it with your smite once again. you should now hit lvl 4~ and select your shield again. Go wraiths as the end of your Early-game jungle. If you did this fast and good you should be the same level as the Mid champions. Now you got TWO opportunities of ganking, if enemy is pushing mid go gank there, else go bottom lane. If both of them is ungankable return to your base buying boots & Health / Health Regen, and from there gank lane after lane.

If you're planing to counter your jungling enemy buy 2 wards and place them at their red buff and blue buff. And if solo top for your own safety ward Water and Bushes (if playing bot section).

The spawn rates of the Monsters in the Jungle
Small creep camp (Golem/Wolf packs) - 1:40
Lizard Buff - 5:00
Golem Buff - 5:00
Dragon - 6:00
Baron - 7:00
Wraith - 1:40

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Jungle Route

start at Wolves Spawns at 1:40
after wolves kill Blue Buff Spawns at 1:55
move down to Wraiths Spawns at 1:40
Then go Golems Spawns at 1:40
Then move Red Buff Spawns at 1:55
Then go Wraiths Spawns after 1:40 after spawn was cleared
Now Go Gank Lanes

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Solo Top

Buy Regrowth pendant

for Healthregen and and one healthpotion.
If you're getting ganked use your Shield 'W' to gain movement speed to escape.
Focus getting boots to catch enemies and getting able to escape them.
When Heart of gold, Philosophers stone, mercurys threads, and sheen has been bought you can be able to strike back Double opponents top alone, you will make massive damage without dying.
The fifth item after sheen should be to counter your enemy at top or an fed enemy. Thats why 5 items has been shown in the item setup. I recommend you to build armor or some movementspeed because the most solotop champions are AD champions, movementspeed can be bought for a function of escaping, or catching your enemies.

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Choose Armor and armor penetration runes to kill minions in the jungle easier and also to avoid getting damaged alot. The Magic Resistance is for late game. With these runes you should be able to clear the jungle without problems and lategame will be OK with the extra armor, and extra Magic resistance.
9x Greater Mark Of Desolation - 1.66Armor pen.

3x Greater Quintessence Of Desolation - 3.33Armor Pen.

9x Greater Seal Of Resilience - 1.41Armor

9x Greater Glyph Of Shielding - 0.15Magic Resistance 2.7 at lvl 18

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The Masteries has been selected to form skarner into a tank / offtank Champion. With the masteries you will able to resist more damage and the jungle will have no chance against your armor and your damage with Crystal Slash.

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Start with Cloth Armor and 5x Healh potions. Cloth armor will give you armor to decrease the damage taken by the Monsters in the jungle, and Health potions to regain your Health.
Your first recall should give you health pendant and boots- this is to make your ganks better.
Once you get your second chance to buy additional items upgrade your health pendant to Heart of gold, and if you got money get your self regrowth pendant or Philophers' stone. Mercury's treads to gain Magic resistance and movement speed. Sheen is the key to the damage of skarner. Once you buy sheen you gain alot of damage spamming Q your crystal slash and Hitting your opponent. Buy Giant's belt to get more Health to be able to survive for longer in the battles. Buy yourself an Phage to gain more health and slow. Now its time to upgrade your Giant's belt to Sunfire cape to gain armor and 30 aoe dmg. When you got these items upgrade your Phage and Sheen to Trinityforce to gain attackspeed, movement speed, and additional damage. Now upgrade your Heart of gold to Randuins omen to gain Reduced cooldown, and chance to get enemies attackspeed slowed. If you dont got enough cash sell your Philosophers stone cause its not important anymore. Now build Wits End, Now you probably think 'WHY?' You gain alot of attackspeed and magic resistance, the attackspeed gives you cooldown reduction, Why? Skarners passive is to remove 0.5sec / 1sec cooldown of his spells attacking other minions / champions, with the passive of the trinityforce this will give you an huge amount of damage dealt. Your last item is different from game to game, depending on the opponents champion picks. But I Choose to buy Hextech gunblade to gain lifesteal, spellvamp, Abilitypower, and damage. This could be changed into Thornmail - Warmogs - Atmas.

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Skill Sequence

Your first spell is ALWAYS Crystal Slash to get that AOE damage around yourself and as often as you can pick that spell to deal more damage to monsters and champions. As your second spell selection go for your shield 'W' to be able to handle incomming damage and also gaining movement speed. The movement speed is nice to have combined with your Crystal slash, since crystal slash slows your opponent and will therefore not be able to escape unless a good flash saves him. once you hit level 6 pick your ultimate and make AWESOME ganks, this will grip your enemy and make him not being able to move when your teammate kills him. Once your Q and W is maxed start selecting E, I dont find fracture so important, it makes some damage and upon your next hit on a 'infected' Minion / Champion you'll gain some Health back.

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Summoner Spells

Choose Smite to make your jungling Easier and for Baron / Dragon Smiting.
Flash is not a must for Skarner, but I advice you to use it for Flash + Ultimate killing people, for an example, pushing an lane and flashing into their turret ultimating their Squishy champions as their AP / AD - carries and drag them out.

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Pros / Cons

Pros Cons
+Massive Damage
+Able to survive multiply Champions
+Nice Aoe Slow
+Gripping Ulti
+Best Jungler
+Lots of CC
+Strong mid-Late gameCons
-Weak at lvl 3 and below.
-Low Damage without sheen.

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Team Work

Front with Skarner using your shield and crystal slash slowing your enemies and Ultimating Their AD / AP carry to get an freekill for the team.
When ganking use Crystal Slash to slow your opponent and Shield to gain movementspeed to catch your opponent.

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The BEST way to farm is using Crystal Slash when surrounded by minions to damage them and also attacking them. NOTE don't over use Crystal Slash to avoid pushing lane if laning, also use Crystal Slash as an last hitting option etc. you hit the monster and doesn't last hit it, then Crystal Slash as the killing the blow.