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Tryndamere Build Guide by SkLoped

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkLoped

Ranked Tryndamere: Spin to Win

SkLoped Last updated on January 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone to my build for Tryndamere, I seriously do not want to type 5000 characters to make this a fricking full build, but whatever. I will just type all 5000 characters in one single paragraph.

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All About Tryndamere In One Paragraph!

Lol and yes this is one paragrah, so read up! Tryndamere is such a good champion and I do not understand why people think he is overpowered, he is not even closed to overpowered. Yes, he may have an ultimate that makes him invincible for five seconds, just five... just one spell, you do not have to hate. Anyways about him, his Q spell heals him depending on how much fury he has, a fury is what he gains for attacking or killing anything. Depending on how much fury he has, he gains critical chances, which is the reason why I put in critical chance runes. The glyphs critical chance is super weak like .28% so I put in some attack speed runes, which is a good trade. When it comes to you, a Tryndamere, against anyone, you should wait until you are level six, so that you have your ultimate to keep you alive and get away with ghost or spin or whatever. Am I 5000 yet? The three builds I have there are for different purposes. The first one is jungling, of course, you can tell, because of smite. By the way, smite is mandatory for jungling. The first build and the reasons behind the items are simple: They are the six most overpowered items for Tryndamere against noobs of course. The guardian angel is there, because Tryndamere's Q heal spell was nerfed, so after he uses his ultimate and the heal fails, the guardian angel backs him up. Infinity edge is a must have for Tryndamere, gives damage and critical chance, and extra critical damage. Bloodthirster, pretty obvious, damage and lifesteal. Phantom dancer is the same, attack speed, critical chance and movement speed to chase those bastards. I am guessing that no one is going to read this. Black cleaver is great for damage and killing tanks, because if the opponent does not have armor, the extra armor removed gives multiplied damage for extra power, the best critical damage I have seen using this is over a thousand. And I already mentioned guardian angel to save your ***. But if you do not need it you can replace it with frozen mallet for extra health or with Madred's Bloodrazors to FRICKING KILL EVERYTHING. But in fact, you can replace the sixth item with anything, does not really matter. OMFG, even with all this load of **** I am not even close to that fricking 5000 mark. Okay, the reason I have small camps before the Red or Blue is because the small camps gives fury that Tryndamere needs to demolish the Red bastard and the Blue rock. I do not know why I am going through all this trouble to get this a full build... oh well it is good for my vocabulary and paragraph structure practice, never mind I failed already lmao. Hopefully spaces count too. Tryndamere is good for farming as well, his critical chance is unbelievable and gives massive damage. This champion also the best champion when it comes to versing ones. If you are Tryndamere and you see a champion by it self with no crowd control, just go attack and kill it. But if it does have crowd control, kill it anyways. When it comes to a team battle though, make sure you go in second after the tank, because you are the tank as well for five seconds of course. Always use your ultimate when you are at [l----------------------------]. Or you can use your ultimate to gain extra critical chance, which is unnecessary and for idiots. I am really tired of writing this paragraph, but I do not know when to stop, because I am this boooored. But if you do stay with me through all this, add me on League of Legends, username is SkLoped and we can play together, but please do not. Woot, I am pretty close to my 5000 mark, I checked on Google Documents, at 4212, just need 788 more and I am done! But if you did actually enjoy this build and the actual build and my paragraph :D, please rate, comment and vote, make suggestions to where I need improvements and ask questions if you are befiddled, or twitching like cray, having seizures, I will call the doctors for you. Also, if people say Tryndamere is overpowered, tell them, one spell is not enough, are you that of an idiot to think that a champion is overpowered for five seconds? That is sad to know that bro. Why the hell did mobafire put the mark at 5000? It is so ******* long and far away... by the way, if you noticed how I wrote my paragraph without any abbreviations :D. Of course, that is what smart people would do. Thank you! Also do not take flash as your summmoner spell, Tryndamere already has spin to go through walls. Through walls?! Yes. Amazing! OH MY GOD, I HAVE MADE IT TO THE 5000 MARK, CHEERS!

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Blue Route - Wolves, Blue (Smite), Wraiths, Wolves, Red (Smite), Golems, Wraiths [Level 4]
Red Route - Wraiths, Red (Smite), Golems, Wraiths, Wolves, Blue, Wraiths [Level 4]
Clean Route - Golems, Red (Smite), Wraiths, Wolves, Blue [Level 3]
Invasion - Golems (Enemy), Blue (Friend), Wolves, Wraiths, Red, Golems [Level 4]

Mini camps gives Fury in order to kill Red/Blue fast
Fury = Critical Chance + Runes = Domination
Do not forget to press Q if you are one hit away from death from Red/Blue (60hp-)