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Kayle Build Guide by RdZaNoN

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RdZaNoN

RdZaNoN's - Kayle - Lightning Flames (AS) [UPDATED]

RdZaNoN Last updated on October 18, 2012
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Hybrid AS

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guide Top

Kayle - The Lightning Flames Carry!

This is the Kayle's "LOLWTFBBQNERFPLZSOOP" Build made by me to SHUT UP the mouths of those poopheads that says: "Kayle Sux sooooo much"

if YOU think that "Kayle Sux sooooo much" then ur a poop and i ask what in the 7 Hells you are doing Here... this is the place for Enlightened people... HEAVEN'S PEOPLE....get out. (Lol thats a joke....but ur still a poophead).


This buff made Kayle even more powerfull! Now Hybrid AP Items scales MUCH BETTER, and because of this i changed ALL THE BUILDS in the guide!

Just want to say 2 things before i continue this guide:

The Build 1! -> Its the op anyone killer! / Build 2! -> Singed Pulverizer! (plus anyone who is in the path lol, Madreds its expensive, but its sooo OP)
BUILD 3 = DOMINION EXCLUSIVE PWNESSSS!!! (You will be impressed, as you see that Kayle is on of the best Dominion Champions that there is!

2º: I made this Guide cause im tired of seeing sucky Kayle Builds, since shes such a realy OP Carry with Suport tired of hearing "Oh , not Kayle plz" just before i pwn faces...NO MORE NOOB KAYLES! Im doing this Guide in the hope of someday ppl can say "****, they picked Kayle".

Thats it.. Hope you guys Like it!

Guide Top

BASICS HINTS (Skill order/summoner Skills/Items/Everything else)

Well, before explaining the details about the Build, lets go with the BASIC 10 HEAVENLY THINGS you must know when playing Kayle WITH THIS BUILD (if you read this CAREFULLY you can even ignore the rest of the guide):

1º: Why DIVINE BLESSING > RECKONING? Well, think about it: Kayle's main Damage output resides in RIGHTEOUS FURY. If you upgrade RECKONING you wont recieve any more chasing power....but IF you priorize DIVINE BLESSING you will have a great speed buff for chasing/escaping, and also some good sustain even in early game!
So yes...its totaly worth to trade some damage in Reckoning for more Chase/Escape/Sustain power (since u need to reach the enemy to Auto Hit with E) 1 POINT AT LVL 4 ON (Q) IS A MUST THO!

2°:Then how i use this build to actualy KILL people? it takes some skills to manage the hits, but in general, the strategy is:
A:Put yourself in a good position
B: Get close before casting RECKONING (Q) for Slow
C: Use RIGHTEOUS FURY (E) to do tons of damage while the target is Slowed
D: Use DIVINE's BLESSING to chase and ensure the kill on the target

PS: Kayle is a good damage dealer even in early game..but shes also VULNERABLE... pick a good moment to attack in the right moment (alone or with friends) ... and dont DIVE TO DEATH!, you have many escape alternatives, Kayles a very evasive champ!

TALKING ABOUT DIVE: Kayle's an exelent turret diver, since she can ult herself, finish off a wounded opponent in turret and speed off, but dont dive in against a full health champ...just do it if you want to Finish a wounded opponent!

3º: Use ur Ult WISELY, and FOR PREVENTION! Wait for the right time to cast (R) on the aimed champion of your team and: BAM! Its like a 2/3 sec CC, since they will be crazy to finish off ur wounded partner!

4º: Why Ghost AND Exaust? Easy answer..: Uber Chasing/ Reaching / Escaping one gets away from your Lighing Flame Fury! BUT DONT USE BOTH AT SAME TIME!; Use them separately for a sure catch...preferencialy Exaust then Ghost if Possible (but right use comes from right situations) Also...this with your own speed Bonus and ult makes you Uncachable!

5º: RUSH MADREDS INSTEAD OF GUINSOO'S if the enemy team is tanky!
its even stronger, altho it is such an expensive item... (its described in the second build how to Madreds)

6º: Why SO MUCH M.Pen. on RUNES ?! Since Kayle's Main Source of Damage is RIGHEOUS FURY (E) + All AS Magic damage Items (Malady/Wits/Madreds/others) M.PEN = Increase in all sources of Damage! YES! ICLUDING ITEM DAMAGE! So its the ideal Runes

7º: Why is the build built like this? Well, in this case: MONEY TALKS! The build was made so you can return to base each 900/1k Gold that you receieve, so you can aways have that ammount in mind before returning to base and upgrading your build, nor being UP while waiting for HUGE AMMOUNTS OF GOLD, and being sightly STRONGER when returning to lane after buy.

8º: Why NOT Nashor's Tooth? Its some ****ing Baron's Teeth Man! (lol)
Well , basicaly i dont use Nashor's because: Blue can easly make ur (E) Perm.. Even without blue you can hit hard for 10 seconds before retreating for 4, its just a matter of skills instead of Berserking. Apart from Cd Reduction, Any other item is better at AP/AS Ratio and other Bonuses/ Gold Cost =). And Timing is (FOR ME) one of Kayle'sinteresting fight mechanics. I ASSURE YOU THAT YOU CAN KILL PPL AND FINISH AN ENTIRE TEAMFIGHT IN THOSE 10 SECONS, and even if it worns off, just wait 4 secs before GOING FOR THE KILL AGAIN (Altho this build makes you hit hard even without [E] , but i dont advise it anywyas, just to ensure kills)

9º: No defensive/ Suport Items Man? WTF?! Well, this is not a Suport Guide....get Lost (lol). About Defensive itens...yes, you can do that. But Since Kayle has soo many Escape/Sustain Ways, i do prefer to do a Full DPS on Her... Her 3 Secs Ult + Heals makes her Deceptively Tought... even tho ur not suposed to initiate TF... (since u can win 1v1 easly Tanks and Carriers Alike) [YES, EVEN JAXES!]

10º: AND LASTLY - To those "NASHTOR`S HATERS" "WTF NASHTORS YOU NOOB!" may not understand the power for Nashtor`s, maybe because ur close minded, maybe cuz ur a poop head, or maybe because ur just dumb. Well, leme explain it, its simple!
COMBINE Nashtor`s AP Damage + "CD recuction" + Atk Speed + Kayle's (E) +Kayle's Passive (+ Magic Pen) + = DMG PWNAGE! and trust me when i say this: NASHTOR`S IS A MUST HAVE! Its so cheap and DO SO MUCH, thats a MUST HAVE for FIRST ITEM!

Guide Top


So... like i said before... since this build is based on Magic Damage that comes from RIGHTEOUS FURY (E) , AD/AP Rune Build will increase the damage output not just from your E, but also from your Nuke/Heal.

The AD Marks/Quintessence are mainly for Last Hitting/ Power Increase. Since your Q also scales on AD, it basicaly increases all your DPS output.

The AP Glyphs/Quintessences are here for DPS output, since it scales Q and E, and also for sustain Increase, mainly in the early game. And be prepared for uber sustain, because you will be dealing tons of damage, but you will be healing very well too ;)
Greater Seal of Resilience -> (1.41 Armor) x9 = 12.69 Armor.

This is supposed to add you some protection against AD Champions, since Seal Runes doesnt have the Mpen. attribute.

Guide Top

Masteries - 27/3/0 - Time to deal HEAVY (Heavenly?) DAMAGE!

Kayle's Masteries were chosen to give her E Maximum damage output.

Since Kayle IS an Magic Damage hitter, every DAMAGE ON HIT mastery (except for critical ones, that doesnt fit on the build) should be put, INCLUDING the10% M.pen ANDthe 10% Armor Pen one!

it will give you Attack Speed, Magic Pen, AP, Armor pen, AD, and in the end 6% MORE DAMAGE!

The 3 pts in Armor are meant to take some dmg in top, since most of Tops deal some kind of AD dmg.

Guide Top

Itemization - What to buy? When to buy? Why to Buy?

So... the most important part: Kayle's itemization progress.

Like i said before, i made her item progression so that until Late MID/ LATE game you can return to base with an equivalent of 1k gold (or some ammount close to it), wich I belive its an overal fast and good ammount of gold to achieve while in lane.
In this topic i will show when and how you should buy her items (of course that sometimes its easier/harder to get gold....use this only as a "base line"

Start with the Boots and 3/1 (hp/mana) potions, for mobility and Resilience. I rly sugest all of you guys to wait close to the spawn point to buy the forth rly makes a big difference when heavly hitted.
After 920 gold, return to get your Greaves, it will increase your Farm/Damage/Harass power significantly. IF you are close to hit 1340 gold, wait for it and buy 1 Dagger plus when in the Base.
Lane until 1100 Gold and Return to buy the Stinger. it will increase your speed by 40% + 10% CD (you will feel the difference!)
After some good Damage...time for more slow! Phage will give you a passive "Reckoning" to ensure Kills, Cc, etc., while also adding more Damage (AD)! [/color]Since you attack fast, you wont need to upgrade it until later in the game (for plus Slow chance). As aways, you can go back to town with 1k Gold to rush his components, so you can come later with another 1k and finish it.
1,3+k Gold after Phage? TIME FOR NASHTOR`S! it will boost your Blessing/Reckoning/Fury skills and also will give you some MIGHTY CD REDUCTION for you to lock your [E] on!(and also some very useful Atk. Speed AND Magic damage per hit)!
Pwning with Nashtors Already? reached 1k gold again? Go back and buy a Pickaxe. it will boost your DPS Considerably! It will prepare you for your GUINSOO`S RUNEBLADE while boosting your Damage output!
Another 1,5k Gold... go back to base when possible, finish your GUINSOO and be ready to rly start melting people's HP from now on. TIME FOR OP CHEAPNESS! With an ATK Speed already built, THIS ITEM IS ONE OF THE OPEST CHEAPEST THINGS (i dont mean the OPEST ITEM, i mean the OP CHEAPEST item the BUILD) that you can find! It just boosts your Damage up SO FAST that you will pulverize HPs! AP + Atk speed PER HIT x8 = LIGHTNING FLAMES! And thats what im talking about!
What about the OP Trinity Force? .TF its Godly (and expensive)...! With this you will start: Uber DMGing + Dmg per Spell/ Uber Slowing/Uber EVERYTHING ELSE! The great thing about Trinity is that it makes you NEVER lose a target once you start hitting it (Speed + slow). This PLUS Some great damage potential = OP. (PS: if u came into this, its cuz ur fed, or the game is taking too long)

Well...what to say? 4% Max Health in Magic Damage per Hit + Uber Magic Pen + uber Speed = GG. ur GODS ARCHANGEL Right now... you may take lives at will... Tanks or Carriers Alike... they are just mortals...
A good and Divine Guardian Angel will boost your resistences, and give you a second life. You will be Twice as OP......Angels are Immortal beings after all!

Guide Top

Skill Sequence and Combo - The Righteous Fury!

Now we have almost every information about building Kayle as a God Judger, except for one: Skill Priority and Ways to use it.
[Holy Fervor]: Gives you 15% Mpen. & Apen. after the 5th hit! (30% Penetration for us, since we hit with both!) Very good Passive for you and your friends.
[Reckoning] -> Kayle's Nuke Ability. Altho it has a great AP ratio, its not our Focus, so its better used for slowing enemies. 1 Point at lvl 2 Should do the Job (since slow doesn t scale)
[Divine Blessing] -> Kayle's Speed Buff/Sustaining Heal ability. This Skill will make you Stay in the lane for longer, and will also make you Chase/Escape with bonus speed. Its Speed Scales with Skill lvl, so focus this Skill After [E] and [R]
[Righteous Fury] -> Kayle's Main skill. It will deal tons of Damage and give you some good Range against your enemies. Sometimes the best way to use it is to aproach the enemy before Using you can hit the target more times before he exists your Range. First Priority Skill.
[Intervention] -> Kayle's Life Saver. It does have so many ways to use. You can use it Offensively, to Turret Dive, To run, to Protect a Friend, to prevent dmg on a Carry, etc., etc., etc.. this is what makes you win ANY CARRY in a fight. when well played, slows and ult can make a Tryndamere bow before your might!
When in a 1v1 Fight...the best way to use it is to wait for yoour health to be on the Half (to taunt the enemy into trying to kill you) so you can surprise him with your ult. Then...when he sees hat theres no way he can kill you, its just too late to escape...


Lets Imagine that you already have Bilgewaater, so i can give you all the possibilities of Combo:

You close your distance of your target with [E], use [1] Bilgewater to Slow your Target (BILGEWATER GENERALY FIRST CUZ ITS RANGE ITS SHORTER), start Hitting the enemy with [E], when hes almost out of Reach use [Q] for More slow, FINISH YOUR TARGET.

If you dont have Bilgewater, just use Exaust Instead, and if Bilgewater was not suficient, use EXAUST/GHOST to guarantee the kill. Understand that, with this build, no one can escape you, not even in the Turrets ( can kill champs in the turret...if ur not a moron!).

If theres a Teamfight going on... its better to stay from a distance, and pick the weaker targets from Afar...just chasing when the kill is guaranteed. Since your [E] gives you AOE dmg... you can deal heavy area damage by hitting the enemy group in a Teamfight.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells - You Shaw Not....Escape!

Lets take a Little Look at the Summoners Spells..:
[Exaust]Enemies wont Escape You.... Just Exaust, then Hit the enemy before you slow him again with [Reckoning]. If hes still alive (i rly doubt that) you can use Bilgewater/Ghost to ensure the kill (but again....I DOUBT IT). Exaust is also great against ppl that are trying to kill you, use it right after the ULT to reduce the enemy Damage and ensure your victory!
[Ghost] A perfect spell for Kayle. You reach, you run, you chase (and hit), you do Everything... a MUST HAVE FOR ME.

PS: This is HOW MY BUILD WORKS...every aspect of it is thought before the use. I dont know its effects with other Summoner Spells...but feel free to try...but i must say that iw wont be the same will lose Chase and CC power necessary to carry.

Guide Top

Dominion Kayle Build! (And her Mid/Late Uber Dominance)

Well, since the guide itself its big enought, i wont make here another giant explanation about Kayle.
But i assure you that you CAN and WILL melt faces with this build in Dominion, its just a matter of buying Nashtors/Guinsoo. By this time, you should start to get impossible to be defeated in 1v1, thanks to Kayle's Combo (already spoken of).

NOTE THAT MADREDS ISNT BUILDABLE IN DOMINION! Build instead KITAE`S BLOODRAZOR. I put it there because of a bug on Mobafire that autolock my build guide in DOMINION if i put Kitae`s on the Build.

The modifications are based on items that doesn t Exist on Dominion (like Madred's), and on Money aquisition/Power (Trinity Force).
Dont forget that ur an Angel, Not a God. You may even 2v1 lategame with this build (since its sooo OP), but dont try to be THE TANK OF THE ********, it doens t work (lol)

Have Fun!

Guide Top

My Scores (Just an example of the Build's Power!)

I took 1 screenshot from my Matchhistory with my last games yesterday... and i will post this as an example of the Power of Kayle!

Well... i must confess i was in a good Streak! hahah! But everyone knows that LoL has good and bad days.... that was one of my good days...

Guide Top

The end - I guess....

Well... i dont remember any other iteresting things to put in this guide I GUESS THATS IT!

Hope you guys like it, and plzzzzz if you like it vote +1 and help the build reach high standarts!
Also...feel free to ask/recommend anything!

Also, feel free to -1 if you rly dont like it, but plz explain me why =)

Thx guys, and Cya next time!