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Nasus Build Guide by JonkoV92

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JonkoV92

Re-start to be the Curator

JonkoV92 Last updated on January 4, 2012
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Hello there I recently re-installed Leugue of Legends. So about a week ago I started again and since I only remembered my old build for Nasus I decided to play him first. So soon I noticed the Mastery Trees was changed and all my runes where not where they where suposed to, also items that didnt really worked out how I hoped they would.

Now I decided to make a completely new build/guideline to follow for my beloved Nasus...

but before I start there are I couple thing I would like from all you readers.
you may notice my english is not my native language so excuse me if it is a bit confusing to read sometimes.
If you might think I have some Idiotic items to buy or anything else that just wont make any sense please tell me so I can improve.

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Curator of the Sands

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Summoner Spells

So to start, I selected my summoner spells first so lets just begin here.

Preffered summoner spells:

Cleanse: I find myzelf quite often shut-down by Slows, Stuns and other crowd control so this might be usefull to me. But if you find yourself in need of other summoner spells you can always swap this and choose to pick Quicksilver sash in your item build.

Teleport: always hated when I had to recall for items or something and then have to walk all the way back so this makes up for my lazyness and ofcourse also you have less traveling time and more farming time.

Other usefull summoner spells:

Ghost: Most of the time when I come across a lone enemie champion they mostly run like chickens from me. ( if they are not feeded ofcourse.)
so Ghost could be the solution to that problem, ofcourse since I pick up a Shurelya's reverie later on this might end being usefull.

Ignite: For that bit of extra damage you need you could pick this. I have to say this small spell gave me lots of kills in the past.

Exhaust: Well this is a bit obvious with this one making it easier to clamp yourself on your prey and just hack&slash him or her to pieces. The only reason not to pick this one is that Nasus already has the single Best 'Single Target' Slow skill in the League.

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For the masteries I go for Offensive and then mostly the armor penetration is nice but also the extra damage and ofcourse the +4 damage to creeps this helps a small bit with last-hits in early game.

Now for the Defense tree I took some standard tanky stuff here, so Armor, magic resist and health. but more important I upgrade my cleanse spell so I get 1 more second to say 'whahaah your crowd control cant touch me!'

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Skill Sequence

These days I completely changed my old tactics when it comes to which skill I max first.
I used to upgrade Spirit Fire first, then Wither and lastly Siphoning Strike. ofcourse with 1 level in Q from start just to build it up.. But

Now I max Siphoning Strike first which seems to work a bit better. since even with only 1 level in Spirit Fire other champions still wont keep standing in it so I can still use that to scare them away.

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Oh! Garen is so glad he can be in the same team

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Skill explanation

Ok I am going to explain what is so good about the skills that Nasus has and how to use those good skills.

Soul Eater:

Siphoning Strike:


Spirit Fire:

Fury of the Sands:

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Items: "Starting with?"

So this is what its all about. atleast most of the time this one is important.

How do I start the game?
I get to choose between two items at the start.

Boots of speed: This one is pretty standard just to run and avoid getting hit a bit easier.

Regrowth Pendant: Lately I found that this also can be very usefull from start since now I stick to my lane just a bit longer.

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Items: "Getting to the Core."

The game has been going for some time now I really want to rush my Philosopher stone as fast as possible so I can get the most out the extra gold it makes me.
Only there is one thing you need to be aware of, if you bought the Regrowth Pendant you NEED to buy the boots of speed on you first visit to base.
I actually forgot to buy boots one time and I just missed out on very much fighting since I just wasnt fast enough.. also died 1 or 2 time because I could not be away fast enough..

After I have the Philosopher stone I also buy Sheen if possible. I think that Sheen doesnt need any explanation its just a +100% attack damage to Siphoning Strike booster.

The Brutalizer: It gives me all the stats that I like. Damage, Cooldown reduction and Armor penetration.

Now with those Item to be my core-build I have a nice damage output and also I have some sustain. now only thing left is upgrading.

Oh and if you haven't already upgraded your boots. this is the time to do it,
I will give more info about what kind of boots you might need later on in the guide.

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Summoners never call 911... they call Nasus...

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Items: "Upgrading."

Because I normally always take the following few items no matter what the other team has, I will just place them here.

Trinity Force: This is just usefull to Nasus with about every stat bonus it gives, and after you get this one you will be much more threating to your prey then you every would be buying any other item at this time of the game.

Youmuus Ghostblade: so obviously the higher damage, cooldown reduction and armor penetration is nice but also it boosts my critical chance which is a real nice thing to have on Nasus. But the best saved for last, on Activate it give me some extra leg power to catch up to those pesky low health fleeing champions, and even better I hit those guys a lot faster. and only 60 second cooldown which I think is quite decent.

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Items "What item is next?"

Upon completing the standard build I can look into items to counter the other team or compliment my own team.
This is all very situation dependant and probebly wont always be the same.

I am gonna look up the viable items per situation.

Case 1: Our team 'Tank' is dead to fast and cant give our team the protection it needs.

Warmogs Armor: with this giving me the best possible health buff I can get. only downside to this one that it is quite expensive and will take a long time to farm that amount of gold.

Shurelyas Reverie: I discovered this item some time ago and I just love it. some sort of "Ghost" so I get to run from and to my team who might be in need of help faster. and health and health/mana regeneration. Also its does not cost very much to upgrade my Philosopher Stone into this one.

Force of Nature: Might be better when other team is heavy on Casters. so if you got the money you could take this one.