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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author carbon14c

real akali things

carbon14c Last updated on June 10, 2011
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if you can't dominate with akali using this build.. you're doing it wrong

basic kit: scepter/lich bane

everything else is mostly situational minus the deathcap. runes are a must, at LEAST the AD ones. masteries are necessary for both passives as well. AP runes add massively to your early burst which is better overall as far as akali games go

this guide is for friends, i did not make it for the public to critique. if you run across it and find it useful, great.

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i never say i have a "main", but most of my friends know i play akali the most and do the best when i play her. so i guess she could be considered my main. i don't consider myself on westrice's level as far as proficiency, but i have a few hundred games under my belt

i have tried a few different builds/playstyles, this guide outlines the best one in my opinion. being successful on akali has alot to do with positioning early game, and the rest is 100% teamwork when you reach late game. she can NOT handle fighting 5 at once, even with her shroud.. she just isn't built for that. if you have no capable tank/carry... you will not make it through late game. period. unless the other team mindlessly fed you 20+ kills and has no organization whatsoever

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her runes are fairly straightforward, i use marks to achieve 6.6 AD and 24 AP at level 1. theoretically, that will give you both passives if you throw in the mastery bonuses. i will cover those in the next section

you don't have to do it like this, but it makes the game alot easier if you can jump right into starting your first item instead of getting a dorans/long sword PLUS an amplifying tome. as far as AD on akali goes.. you don't need more than 9.5. she is not an autoattacker, therefore anything more than 9.5 is wasted imo. stacking AP is much more beneficial

i take armor yellow to help with early game harass in lane. ashe/cait can be annoying in solo top lanes..

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if you follow this offence tree up to havoc, you can have both passives at level 1 with extra AP to spare before you even get into items. WITH a starting amplifying tome and this mastery set, here is what you should have at level 1

ap runes - 24
ap ignite bonus - 10
ap amplifying tome - 20

ad runes - 6.6
ad masteries - 3

total ap - 54 @ level 1
total ad - 9.6 @ level 1

magic/armor pen is an obvious choice, you can take the 9 or 10 points leftover and put them wherever. i found the exp bonus is the most beneficial

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start with amp tome and 1 red

first b, try to get your giant belt and level 1 boots..if you didnt get fb or are underfarmed, grab level 1 boots and some red. get the belt ASAP.

from here, you can grab a sheen and then full boots.. or grab the full scepter and boots. mostly situational. finish lichbane, see what the other team is doing..

i found that crystal scepter, lich bane, and deathcap will give you enough to kill a carry extremely quickly. you can add anything else in; GA, gunblade, abyssal scepter, hourglass etc etc.

boots can really go any way, magic pen.. merc treads.. swiftness.. all up to preference. i like being able to run in and out easily, so i take swiftness unless every champion is packing hard cc

do not build a rageblade.

do not build a phage.

do not build a trinity force.

do not buy boots of mobility.

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Summoner Spells


flash lets you juke

ignite gives you 10 ap and counters swain/tryn/mundo/nasus/whoever else beautifully.

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akali is a great early-mid carry. try not to suck up all of the kills/farm, your carry will be doing alot of work late game.

don't get cocky just because you have 10+ kills, she cannot kill the entire team by herself. if the other team has 2 or more decent players, you will be shut down easily..

play smart, use teamwork, and get rid of the damage early in team fights to succeed.