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Nasus Build Guide by toxic cowZ

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author toxic cowZ

REAL nasus top build/guild

toxic cowZ Last updated on October 26, 2012
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what nasus does

what nasus does he does massive ad damage but is still very tanky if built right

i did not copy this build i made it first then saw i wasn't logged in so it didn't go in under my name and i couldn't change it so i remade it

ok so first off let me explain
whats going on with nasus you want have lots of crit chance and damage for your q nasus is all about the q. early game just farm q as much as possible to become a late game monster. and rember to NEVER EVER take e its the worst move in the game and wither is awesome. when bulding the tri the first item you want is the sean it will bost your q so high in damage its a game changer. and y you want to go for crits is because q can crit and do loads of damage. and you need attack speed because he has passive life steal, for seviviblity. and besides that you don't need much to survive if you toke the ruins i recommend he will be very tanky by him self.

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tipz and trickz

tipz and trickz

tricks and tips.
if you are losing top try to bait him under the tower with really low health when he comes in range ult and wither him hit him with ignight and just fight even if you die with the combo he will to.
even if your team gets mad at you for not being there remember its all about the farm if you get q to +200 or +300 it will be gg

another thing at the beginning you q has a long cd so remember that you wont be able to get all the farm with q and if you know you cant just hit it normally to get the gold

remember that with the crazy amount of life steal you have + your ult most of the time you can win or at least come out with a kill in a 2v1 situation
also its i normally keep 2 pots on me in the early game

if an enemy is low and wither is on cd or your to far away a good flash into a q if you get on top of them or wither if your farther away will get the kill for you.

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proz/conz team stuff jungle and counters

proz/conz team stuff jungle and counters
nasus can be a big help in team fights with wither its the best slow in the game.
con are hes AD ONLY so thorns can really destroy him.
pro late game he is a complete monster if you followed this and farmed q as much as possible
con he is to busy farming most of the time to help his team early game.
pro in a team fight his ult can give massive damage.
pro a big help when tower diving using wither to stop them from kiting you and ult to survive.

early game mid game and late game always try to get red your self if you don't mind taking some damage you can get red at about level 4 its very very helpful on nasus

his only real counter (top) is going to be garen if your playing a raked game try to get him banned
thats all for now sorry this might be a little complex but if it does well i might make more =)
nasus is my favorite champion in the game and i know how to play him and i think he is one of the best even tho pros hate on him thanks for looking/reading and i wish you many ggz good night =)
sign toxic cowZ =)))))))