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League of Legends Build Guide Author HurrDeHurrDurr

Realistic Pantheon Guide

HurrDeHurrDurr Last updated on August 22, 2015
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----T H E ----
----P A N T H E O N----

Pantheon is a fantastic champion to pick up for the League of Legends beginner. His kit is largely binary and easy to master, resulting in some pretty exciting (and mechanically demanding) outplay opportunities.

Despite this, I have realized that very few guides offer current and realistic information/strategy to the budding Pantheon player. Therefore, this guide will accurately identify, demonstrate and promote ELITE level Pantheon tactics to transform you into a devastating Pantheon master.

Please enjoy, comment and upvote.

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Ranked Play

Do not play this champion in ranked.

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I like to take flat attack damage quints, marks and seals to maximize Pantheon's AD scaling abilities. Similarly, a little known trick is to take flat ability power glyphs for that extra punch on his w (it scales off AP, making Pantheon a hybrid champion).
Pantheon is an aggressive champion. It is important to keep this in mind when designing rune and mastery pages pre-game so that champion/summoner continuity is established.

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It is important to approach mastery page creation similarly to that of the rune page (above).

As you can see, i like to run a standard 30-0-0 mastery page on Pantheon, remembering to take points into "double-edged sword" and "frenzy" to increase your DPS significantly. Playing Pantheon in this way can be rewarding and risky, maximizing fun.

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You should build items that give Attack Damage on Pantheon. However, starting with a flask and building straight into a tear of the goddess can be a great way to minimize your lane pressure, prolonging your power-spike considerably to give your unskilled (and let's face it, probably hacking) lane opponents a chance as you feed dramatically.

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Team Work

A common misconception is that Pantheon thrives in teamfights, contesting objectives and ganking. However an experienced Pantheon main is aware that these things are foolish, rather, using your global pressure to return to lane minimizing creep score loss is more essential.

In my experience, I usually die so many times in lane that teleporting/ulting into teamfights can be a huge waste of time (death time that is). Using your global pressure to return to lane to miss some valuable CS is likely the highest percentage play you can make here.

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Skill Sequence

I usually don't know what to max in lane, is it his Q or E? This problem usually overwhelms me during laning phase, resulting in massive CS loss and possibly some hard feeding.

To avoid this, maxing W is advised.

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In my experience, playing Pantheon is a great way to challenge both yourself and your teammates. Rarely have I won lane, pressured the map or killed all 6 minions in a wave, but it is this formative experience that makes Pantheon a rewarding champion to master, through repetitive use of his binary abilities.
Although success is largely limited, I was able to win some games through inverse global pressure and extensive mind games (see Teamwork section).
I would recommend Pantheon to anyone who is:
sick of winning
playing with undesirable people
bad at lane pressure and needs 2 teleports to maintain semi-relevance.

Hopefully you have learnt some valuable Pantheon tips and tricks that can help you succeed on the fields of justice. Please leave any comments below. Criticism is welcome, but i might mute myself and become unresponsive on Teamspeak.


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