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League of Legends Build Guide Author HurrDeHurrDurr

Realistic Rammus Guide

HurrDeHurrDurr Last updated on August 22, 2015
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Rammus is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends and is therefore, one of the most experienced at fighting. As a result this is what you should do in game, keep fighting, not matter the odds, your deaths or how often you are reported.
By reading this guide you have begun your journey to become not only a Rammus main, but also a PROFESSIONAL League of Legends player.

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Ranked Play

Do not play this champion in ranked.

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Rammus does not need a mastery page because League of Legends should not enforce a meta-game.

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Rammus does not need a rune page because League of Legends should not enforce a meta-game.

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Building homeguard boots first item is a great way to gank more lanes simultaneously. Similarly, building items that grant health and armor is important so that you can dive towers, alot.

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Team Work

Teamwork is central to playing Rammus, no matter the odds ganking is vital to exerting map pressure. Similarly, if an opportunity to tower-dive presents itself you should feel obliged to do this

Interesting fact: Building armor defends you from champions, monsters, towers and the foul comments of your teammates as you mercilessly feed the enemy laner.

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Skill Sequence

I don't know how to use these properly, to be honest. But this is largely because DOTA is a better game and not because I am unskilled as ****.

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DOTA is a heaps better game than League of Legends, everyone knows it. Last hitting is so different, I mean you can't even deny creep and for some reason I can't win games even though I it's pretty clear to me that DOTA is a better game. God i love DOTA.

But if you ever need to play a game of League of Legends so that you can talk about how much you love DOTA and how DOTA is a much better game than League of Legends, objectively true.


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