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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kyazr

Recurve TF

kyazr Last updated on October 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Twisted Fate, Attack speed style.

Prenote: I'm currently level 15 so I do not bother with runes yet. I honestly didn't know what to pick for them, so I decided with an attack speed of 2.5/sec it might be useful to have 1/4 of them be crits. Honestly, don't pay too much attention to the runes, fill in whatever you have or think would be better.

Pro's/Con's of this build:
+ ~2.5 attacks per second (max in game)
+ very high damage output (I think it's around 100+ on every attack, not counting wits end/armor pen)
+ pretty great late-game (personal opinion)

- squishy, 1860 max health makes you very easy to kill
- high dps + squishy, makes you a high value target
- VERY costly, farming minions is a must.

General tips:
You'll be the greatest use late-game when you have most/all of the speed-boost items. Don't be afraid to avoid a team-fight to go kill those 30+ minions that have been slowly amassing on top and bottom. I sometimes blow my ulti to get there faster.
DRAGON!!!!! if you madreds first, you should be able to take dragon without help by level 9/10, you'll lose half your life, but you'll get him. If you can convince a teammate to tank it'll go by a lot faster also.
TF is good at pushing turrets when he has some attack speed on him. If your teammates can hold their own, avoid the team fights and instead push a lane another turret or two Destiny to the other lane when the enemy is heading for you and push that one a turret before returning to base.

Skills: (I believe you can read, mouseover the skills above to see the scaling for damage)
Wild Card:
Throws 3 cards, in a \|/ pattern, good for those few times when a champion is on extremely low health but is outrunning you. Also good for harassing early game, but don't use it too much or you'll be oom and won't have your stun ready.

Pick a Card:
3 Cards cycle above TF's head. Yellow = stun, Blue = mana regen, Red = splash+slow. This is your primary skill, get good at picking the cards. They always start at a random card but follow the order Red->Yellow->Blue->Red...etc. I've lost many kills and let down many teammates because I slowed the enemy instead of stunning him.

Stacked Deck:
SUPERPOKE!!!!! In early game, any champion who gets too close give them an attack, when it says 3 on the icon above your skill bar, save your next attack for a champion. If they're not careful you'll very quickly get them below half and make them blow their health pots. It also stacks with Pick a Card, so if you're going for a kill early game, get 2 or 3 on this, queue up yellow card, and stun and attack. With a cooperative teammate and an enemy teammate that can't do much you'll easily get the kill.

Gank-master-supreme. Paranoid that other team is at baron? Destiny! One champion survived a teamfight and is in hot pursuit? Destiny! really need to B to buy the next item but don't want to be late to the upcoming teamfight? Destiny! Squishy enemy that's preferably a couple levels lower than you (happens if you farm instead of team-fighting)? Destiny! Push a minion wave to their inhib turret and afraid the enemies gonna get you? Destiny back to base!
Note: Do not destiny behind a champion unless you are absolutely sure you can kill them. Many times(mostly before I learned this) I have died because I teleported into the enemy and was found or teleported behind them as they were retreating. Destiny into bushes whenever possible.

Note on skill order: I always go for ulti if it's available, then stacked deck. Pick a card and wild cards order don't matter too much to me. I guess if i had to pick one to get first, I'd go wild cards since that damage is more important in the chase situations than the extra damage on the stun.

The only true order in item build is 1 vampiric scepter 2 boots. If you're facing mages/mana hungry champions, go wits end first. If you want the speed first and don't need the special effects, go ahead and buy 2 or 3 recurves at a time. (Normally after team-fights or heavy lane pushes when I have 2100+ gold to spend at once).

Remember to use Sword of the Divine's active for team-fights or against high-dodge champs.

If armor is giving your team problems, get rid of starks fervor or sword of the divine for black clever, you'll make mince-meat of their armor (-60 armor in 2 secs of full attack speed)

Summoner Spells:
The important one here is teleport. I use this to get to friendly minions when Destiny is cooling down so I can push an enemy turret or defend a friendly turret in a pinch.

The second spell I normally take flash to avoid skill-shots when it matters (under 200 health), but Ignite is also good. If you find yourself bad at preserving mana, take clarity. If you don't use any of those other spells, take clarovoyance and use it to help extend the view-time of destiny.

Final Thoughts:
I've very rarely gone negative with this build. I've barely broken even once or twice, but not negative. If the other team has tanks or good turret divers who kill you a couple times, stick with teammates until you can get the gold and levels to hold your own or at least run away. (had a singed and xin-zhao completely ignore the turret and kill me from full health standing under the turret while I could do nothing but sit and watch (levels were even))

Comment, suggest, flame. I'll take anything.