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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lintho

Refined, killing machine.

Lintho Last updated on July 26, 2010
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Now, we all know that DEWO has the "best" WW build out there. His build works very very well, I used it for a long time, and then changed some things around. This is a jungle build, clearly, I have smite. If you want a guide on WHERE/HOW to jungle look at his build, it has pictures and shows what to do perfectly.

Both his and this build are for the type of player who understands how to come out of the jungle AT THE RIGHT TIME and gank. And using your ULT properly. In this build I'm going to explain why this setup works significantly better than any other setup I have ever run, including magewick :D


SMITE- You don't NEEEED smite to jungle, but you really should have it, it just makes jungling faster, more efficient, and you can steal blue/red/dragon from the enemy. Thats it. Late game, it helps you clear a creep wave 1 second faster...nothing special here.

Cleanse - Because I primarily play ranked games I can see if they're team will have CC. If they have 2 or more players that have abilities with a CC effect I will get cleanse and MERCURY TREADS!!!

OPTIONAL - Exhaust - If I'm not running cleanse, ill use this because you can use it defensively when u need to get Tryn off you for 3 sec, or if you want someone to sit still while you plow they're face.

OPTIONAL - Flash - The only reason I would get this is for an escape mechanism or if I need to close the distance on someone quickly to jump them with my ult...very very very rare that I'd ever get this

DONT GET - Ghost - DEWO proved that ghost is not usefull once blood scent is maxed. If you need to use it consistently to get away from ppl, well then, maybe you shouldn't play warwick. If you want to make the argument, I'm using ghost to engage, well your failing shouldn't be in the lane, let the team fight start...blood scent will come up, come out of the jungle and start hunting with your free ghost.

MASTERY/RUNES - MAX THAT ARMOR PEN AND SHRED EVERYTHING K! after your ghostblade you'll have 55 static armor pen, have fun killing EVERYTHING including rammus and shen.
The seals (dodge) is nice, to have for the anti 1v1 with yi or another melee, however these can be switched out for attack speed if u like...either will work
The glyphs (Cooldown reduction) with blue rune up (1 point in utility mastery is enough) your ult should be up almost every minute...

ITEMS - We all know madreds is key for WW, on hit items are awesome for him because they stack with his ultimate. Now, we know boots are situational, if they have 2 or more CC on their team, get mercs and cleanse, will keep you outta CC all game. Use it wisely. Getting the ghostblade is a huge awsomeness for WW, you can pop it right before your going to ult someone to get a little speed inc to catch them, and your ult will actually keep the buff going, and everyone loves more arp (armor pen) AS and move speed. (at this point u have 55 arp, any mage class will die so fast its rediculous) NEXT! More arp!! UNLESS!!! You're playing a heavy caster team and you are sick of being nuked at range everytime u show your face...get a Wits END!!!! AS, 42 DMG per hit + Drain + MR!! WEEEEE!!! this point you'll have enough MR to last you most of the game, if you REALLY REALLY NEED MORE Get your GA right after that, and then your fine. At this point, get a cleaver, if you want more life steal get a bloodthirster, it doesn't matter. At this point your MR is high enough to take anyone in the game, and you can focus on your damage.

EARLY GAME - Jungle efficiently, dont waste time run'n around being stupid. as soon as you can get your 1000g madred GET DRAGON! .. DONT GET GANKED .. rely on your team and map to know where the enemy is. Try to keep red/blue up at all times, after dragon, get a gank in mid or bot lane. DONT DIE

MID GAME - You really should be focusing on ganking from the bushes, COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAM...and dont be foolish about blood scent, if you see them with half hp, they'll know your comming and turtle...try to get there before they are low enough for blood scent, so as soon as it turn on, you have the advantage of speed right out of the bush. The key here is communication with your team. (DONT FORGET TO KEEP YOUR BLUE/RED UP AND GET DRAGON every 6min)

LATE GAME - Kill everything. Gank smart. Team fights dont mean you have to stick your face out right away, call for the engage.. and then come in and DONT GO FOR THE SAME GUY YOUR TEAM IS FOCUSING...WW Has one of the best disables in the game.

EXAMPE OF TEAM FIGHT MID - Lets say they have a YI (or other melee carry u want to kill first) and a soraka (or other support unit that can really mess your team up) Call for the engage, tank goes in, dps starts etc...the enemy team either A) knows your around but doesnt know where B) thinks ur jungling somewhere and your team is dumb for going 4v5 C)Is expecting you ... as soon as blood scent is on, jump that soraka...disable her ability to heal that YI, and stick on her...1 of 2 things will happen, 1 their team will switch to get you off her (YI WILL DIE) you draw the attention OFF your team (they can hit everyone else hard) and you canback off a bit to clear the heat, then re-engage or 2 soraka will die, and then yi will die, and you can clean up. GG

This build, and technique has lead to me not loosing one game as WW in ranked Q's. I have won every game...ask Heat...he felt the wrath of this build already :D

DEWO, your build rocks, and was the inspiration for this build. So thanks for destroying my previoius WW build, and teaching me something about my favorite champion. I hope you guys enjoy this, and if you have feedback plz, feel free to add.