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Rengar Build Guide by hunterandry

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hunterandry

Rengar-Enemies? nice for feeding

hunterandry Last updated on August 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my second guide, English isn't my own language so please forgot my errors.
I always played this type of champions (Bruiser) as a Tank that can do a huge amount of damage, such as Darius or Yorick and others.
I think that the best way to be good with Rengar is to be focused and deal a lot of damage. Cause of this build you will be focused hard , for your kills, for your damage and for the fear of a new champion

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Why using this runes? cause they are the best choice in every case for a jungler and for a bruiser. with the magic resist runes you will be immortal late game and with the armor in the early game you can jungle well and gank with almost full life

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Why this masteries?
You are a bruiser you need to do damage so you need the 21 in offense but you are also a jungler that with flash can gank better so improving defense for the bonus on smite.

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I watched a lot of guides but no one is good in my opinion i played Rengar and win almost all my games with him and all the others Rengar that I see follow the others build su ck hard ..
They are my feeding champions
following this items order you will deal a lot of damage cause your sheen, you also have passively a lot of damage thanks your bonetooth necklace, so you dont need to buy damage items but you can focus on a good defense with a good offense such as my guide ..
When you can you must changewith

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Skill Sequence

why i must take E after W when I'm jungling isn't better upgrading my Q?
this is usually what a Rengar jungler ask, but now only a question ... how can you gank after???
also you E gives you a stack of ferocity good enough for healing faster with your W or killing faster with your Q.(Your Q refresh the auto attack)
Your E is your unique CC skill useful enough for ganking or escaping , played well you can escape a Darius R with Flash ..
Now your skill Sequence .. you usually must start a fight with 4 stack of ferocity that gives you a lot of opportunity. let's make an example
You are in the brushes you jump over your enemy or on the minion nearest to him, you want to use yourbut he flashed first that you can use it so just use your he is slowed oh but you have Ferocity at full stacks your abilities are all refreshed so reuse but this time you root him so you can start your killing skill sequences first your >>>auto attacks>Q>W>Q(with Ferocity bonus)>E>finish him with auto attacks

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Summoner Spells

I dont need to esplain nothing on this spell, he gives you the opportunity to steal epic monster , buff and gives you 10 gold every time you use it.
I chose this one cause is almost the best spell ever made by Riot, it gives you the opportunity to chase your foes and escape

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Pros / Cons

+a lot of AS with
+low CD on your ultimate
+ultimate with stealth and reveal enemies in a large area
+slow and snare CC
+Bonetooth necklace is a must have with a lot of bonuses
+allows him to catch enemies with a leap from brushes or stealth
+Early game is easy killed
+You can be seen while using ultimate with Oracles or skill that gives revealing of the target
+Cant win early game in 1vs1 with pg as WW

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Creeping / Jungling

My favorite Jungling Route with Rengar is this:
Wraiths>Lizard>Golem>Wraiths>Wolves>Blue buff
After this you must gank where your team is stronger, as an example..
In Bottom Lane enemies are pushing a lot and your team mates are full life or near and can cast skills, so enter in the brushes and jump on the enemies slow or snear them and get a double kill, remember that entering in a brushes gives you a free jump for reaching the escaping ones.

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A wild Rengar appear

Oh no another Rengar attack you from the brushes when you are only going to kill all his team.
ok he start to do all the damage he can so he will probabily waste his ferocity on his Q so you must use your slow on him dont enter in the brushes or you will foooked hard, (you are not escaping but only stacking you ferocity with your ranged ability E) when you reache 3 or 4 stack enter in a brush and the leap on him W , Q and then Q again if he is low life or if you are W for healing , then reuse your E and escape a little , he will probably waste and abilty and then leap on him again, he will be surely foooked hard and after this tell him that he have an orrible build, after that he will be useless cause he will try to follow your build but its too late and continue to kill him for feeding.
The other Rengar is the best way to feed yourself

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only use auto attacks and for last hits use your W if there are a lot of minions or your Q if you need to refresh your auto attack

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Dont believe me?

If you dont believe my build and his power check my match history im killerandry

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In the end remember that you are tanky but you will be focused hard dont try to jump alone in a 3vs1 you can at the last 2vs1 without problem , rember the power of your bonetooth necklace and try to stack it asap with also assist. The best tactis for being good is :
attack>brushes>attack>brushes get the enemies crazy for your leap and your laugh at every kill in the all chat, so they will lose cause they get angry.
thx for reading leave a vote and a comment this guide will be upgraded if I have a good votes, dont judge me if not try this first. My object is to get immortal and kill them all .. GL and HF