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Rengar Build Guide by NoobHunterJack

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoobHunterJack

Rengar, how he has to be played!

NoobHunterJack Last updated on August 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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-Published the guide

-Minor changes in summoner spells
-Replaced wriggles lantern with last whisper in item build

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Hey guys,

This is NoobHunterJack and welcome to my very first Mobafire champion guide.
In this guide I want to introduce you to the newest champion of the league:
Rengar, the pridestalker.

Rengar is a melee fighter with an awesome ultimate.It makes you invisible and an insane anti carry.
I'm not going to play Rengar as a sustainable offtank with a slight of AD.
I'm playing him as a bit tanky anti carry.

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Pros / Cons


-Insane damage output with Q
-Good healing with his W
-Great slow/stun
-Ultimate can be used to initiate/flee away
-No mana
-Takes out carries very fast


-Kinda squishy in early game
-Ganking is hard when enemies are not near to bushes/if you have no ultimate ready

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Summoner Spells

As you jungle with Rengar you don't have many choices for your summoner spells.
I always choose flash+smite.

Why flash?

Flash is a great spell to gank or flee away from enemies.
As you can jump on your enemies, you can use your flash wisely to get in to a bush and jump on them.

Why not exhaust?

Exhaust is a great laning skill but I don't think it's worth it to take it to the jungle.
Enemies can still flash and if you cant reach them with your exhaust or at least your E skill, you won't get them without your ultimate or a bush.

Why not ghost?

You can take the ghost (Thanks to Phame for correcting me).

Phame wrote:

Running fast and invisible to chase the squishy enemy.. best


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My runes are on AD and some armor.

You can combine your armor penetration with your bonetooth necklace.
As you get 10 armor penetration with 3 kills, you'll have a nice damage output in the early-mid game.

Magic ressist and armor will explain automatically.

My quints are for some extra attack damage to give your jungling a little boost and your ganks more effectivity.

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The masteries are offensie.

Simple 21/9/0.

Giving your ganks even more power and you'll pick up the kills in the early game like creeps, fast and easy.

You don't need to sustain any damage because your allies will deal enough damage and this combined with your insane burst damage won't give the enemies any chances to get you down.

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Now we are getting to the most confusing part of my guide.

Because most of the people out there are playing Rengar as a sustainable champ this will confuse them alot.

Why am I playing this champ on AD?

It's simple:

You'll win EVERY teamfight.
Mercury's Treads
Your mercurys will give you a bit sustain against stuns (If it comes to it)
Wriggles Lantern

No need to explain.Standard jungling item.
Bonetooth Necklace

Must have item as Rengar.Great bonuses but only if you make some kills!
Frozen Mallet

This is the "bit of tanky"-ness you will need to survive the teamfights and stop the opponents from running away.

Giving you AD and lifesteal to recharge after a succesfull gank.
Infinity Edge

Awesome passive, great AD bonus and some chance for criticals.
This will be the item which will make you the worst nightmare for their carries.

Last Whisper

I had a suggestion to change the wriggles with a last whisper.
With this item you can deal some serious damage to their tanks.
With your runes,masteries and the passive of your bonetooth necklace you'll almost deal true damage to your victims.
Sell your wriggles later for your last whisper.

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Red -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> Blue -> Golems

Starting with boots will give you some extra movement for the camps.

Because you have no mana, you'll start with the red buff.
Use one health potion and put a skillpoint on your W.
Don't forget to spam your Q to get 5 ferocity.
With 5 ferocity and like 2/3 of your HP rush to the wraiths, use your battle roar and keep spamming with your Q.
Use your W as much as you can but only with 5 ferocity to use the bonus.
After wraiths run to the wolves and clear them.I'm sure you'll clear them with 1 potion and your W fast enough.
Get the blue buff or give it to your AP carry.I usually take the first blue buff because of the EXP you get.Otherwise your lanes will need to wait a bit more for effective ganks.Use 1 potion for the blue and keep spamming Q and your W (With full ferocity).
Golems will be your last camp.Otherwise you can't do the blue buff because you have not enough health.

With Lv. 4 you can start ganking.

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As early as you got your wriggles or at least madred's razors you can start ganking effective.

Top lane:

Ganking the top lane is very easy.Be sure to let your victim push up the lane a bit.
Run in the bush and tell your ally to start a fight.
Rush in from behind and take out your enemy by using your Q and W.
You can use your E to stop the victim from running.Don't use it to start a fight!
A gank at top should be a sure kill.

Mid lane:

Yea..The mid lane..The worst place to gank.
The mid lane is rarely pushed by anyone of the teams.
I suggest to stay away of the mid lane till Lv. 6 because you can't get a kill when the enemy uses his flash or escape skill.

Using your Q with 5 ferocity should get your victim down very fast.

Bot lane:

Bot lane is not easy and it's not hard to gank.
You'll need a bit of luck to catch up the enemies because they usually rush into the bushes when you get on the lane.
But this will be their fault.
They will try to flash out of the bush but you can use your ultimate or passive when the victims are getting too fast away.
Your passive is all you need for ganking.

It makes it so much easier to gank your enemies.

In general:

Always try to gank with 5 ferocity and use your Q on the enemies for insane burst damage!
Use your E for running enemies but don't use it with 5 ferocity.

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This is your main goal:


In teamfights it is so easy to win it with Rengar on your side.



If nobody starts a fight, you'll have to do it.
Toggle your ultimate, wait for the 5 ferocity and jump on the AD carry.
This will take him out so fast that he won't have any chances to get away.
The AD/AP carry is your only and main goal in a teamfight.

Don't be afraid of dying as long as you got their carries out of the fight.
This will break their team and they'll have no damage to put out.

With my items the AD carry should get like 2/3 of his life with only 1 Q+5 ferocity.

Always get your own focus on the AD/AP carries.Don't be afraid of dying because you can still flash away if you need to.The rest of their team should be very easy to take out.

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Results and last words

Here are some results of some games I recently played with Rengar:

Yes it is german.
Still got my game on german..Need to change it.

This guide works and brings alot of fun.

I love Rengar and I played like 5 games with him.

He is awesome and I think he is only useful when played as jungler.

You can send me your results with this guide if you want to.

Thanks for reading my guide,

have fun playing!