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Rengar Build Guide by nitemair

Assassin Rengar lane build

Assassin Rengar lane build

Updated on September 20, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author nitemair Build Guide By nitemair 3,065 Views 0 Comments
3,065 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author nitemair Rengar Build Guide By nitemair Updated on September 20, 2012
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Ok.this build is entirely for a laning dps rengar.i hear alot of people say that they dont see many good rengars, and i find him to be an amazing high damage champion with great survivability.Please pardon my spelling.i have not written anything in a while.But yes using this guide effectively will enable you to flat out destroy any squishies in under 1.5 seconds.ill jump into it then.
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This is my first build so im not entirely sure how to use the tags and please bear with me and if i could get some help with that i would greatly appreciate it.The first and most important thing i find about Rengar is to be his play style.If u dont use him correctly then he will suck and you will get pounded.ill be going into detail later.Ill be updating this, the rate will depend on how fast i get comments and votes.ty.I strongly reccomend to not play jungler as that will weaken your team early on and get them ganked enabling the team to feed and over power even your early burst.
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here i will discuss runes.i know my runes look a little off.but he has such high burst that for early on the armor and magic resistance makes quite a adds on some extra damage and a decent crit chance until you have infinity edge and phantom dancer.
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As i said im sorry for being new to this and the codes so its not a very pretty guide.i Starting with your dorans blade.if your doing well you can go back and buy your bonetooth necklace and ur boots on the same trip.if you have the 800g i would reccomend the necklace still due to your thrill of the hunt, your ultimate.I would very much reccomend the strength items first in infinity edge then the crit then finishing it.When buying phantom dancer you should focus on the crit items first.Then just focus on getting the two bloodthirsters.however is suited for you.Oh and depending on what type of enemies you are facing sometimes its best to forego the first bloodthirster and use last whisper then finish with a blood thirster.
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This is the most important part of the whole guide.First thing you should know is.never initiate combat without having the 5 ferocity.if you have been following this guide or very want to harras the minions and possibly the champs until you have your 5 ferocity then hide in bush(the enemy will most likely see you enter so dont sit in an obvious place only to get hit by there harass.When an enemy champs comes close enough ( make sure you and your lane partner have decided which target to want to focus the squishiest first.) you use your auto leap from cover(auto attack) then you q/q/e/(by this time they will be running if it went well) then u chase em down and finish with w.But do not chase if your partner is dead from the other lane enemy,you wanna turn and handle him, and if the other enemy comes back i would say run/or if you have exhaust just exhaust the one with more health and finish the weaker then kill the other or run if need be.This strategy is for before thrill of the hunt.Once you have your make sure your partner is ready and let them push then acticate thrill of the hunt.(they will most likely back off.) follow them until you have 5 ferocity then jump and repeat.(always finishing the squishiest enemy first.thats all you really need to safe.dont initiate without 5 ferocity and you can also use thrill of the hunt to escape.but make sure to hit r about 25% or you will die cause it takes a good 1.5seconds to activate.One last thing.(Rengar can take out turrets at incredible speeds,if you use his q/then build his ferocity and q/q)And if you just come out of a fight with champ and your low on health or your just slow can build your 5 ferocity and use your w healing you a decent chunk, disabling the harass of the enemy and giving you great lane sustain.
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Team Work

In the team fights i recommend the same thrill of the hunt strategy focusing on eliminating the squishiest targets.If done correctly you will eliminate one without a problem.I usually focus there strongest AP or AD champ.Then you want to use your e to slow any running/kiting enemies.If you are in a teamfight where you didnt get to initiate with your thrill of the hunt you can bust that out at any time.but i recommend using it for cleanups or escaping in that situation.
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I know this isnt a pretty flashy beautiful build page.but the strategy works and i will be updating and editing vote and comment thanks for reading!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author nitemair
nitemair Rengar Guide
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Rengar lane build

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