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Warwick Build Guide by Blinded Blitz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blinded Blitz

Rengar Solo Top Guide & Build (Note: rengar is not on mo

Blinded Blitz Last updated on August 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is just how I prefer to build Rengar. I took him into a game without even watching the summoner spotlight and just winged it. After a few fail games I came up with a final good build. This build is more of a tanky sustain build but still some hardcore damage in the end game where most Rengar's flat line.

In order to completely get the full effect from this build I recommend you play Rengar and know how to correctly utilize his ferocity. His ferocity is the main reason he is such a great pick. I will show how to utilize your ferocity in a section on this guide. (Ferocity Utilization)

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Warwick to Rengar Translation

Before we even start looking at Rengar I would like to point out the following; Rengar and bonetooth necklace is not on mobafire yet. Here is a brief translation between the great hunter WW and the great hunter Rengar. :P

Savagery = Hungering Strike
Battle Roar = Hunter's Call
Bola Strike = Blood Scent
Thrill of the Hunt = Infinite Duress

Bonetooth Necklace =Nashor's Tooth

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Why Tanky Solo Top?

Why So Tanky?
When rengar is built as more of a glass cannon, he can definately burst down an enemies ranged ad carry or support in a few seconds but I prefer this build purely for the sustain and the mid game to late game tankyness.

Why Not Jungle?
Rengar in the jungle is probably the scariest **** in the world besides maby a garen, shaco boxes, and teemo shrooms all sitting in one bush. But, in my ranked team, I am the solo top role, so I would like to play this great character in my own way.

Rengar is a **** solo top?
Not true, Rengars passive and savagery allows him to have nonstop poking all game plus his Battle Roar's 5 ferocity heal, makes him a great sustain.

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The Build Explanation

Boots x3 Health Potions - Purely for the nonstop passive + savagery poking in lane while the ability to pop health potions if **** gets cray.

Randuins Omen/Heart of Gold - Probably the first "what the ****" moment for a lot of people reading my build. The gold per 10 seconds effect is really nice for a solotop especially if you are unable to farm and randuins omen will basically make you a huge benefit to the team and also solo vs any attack damage champion.

Nashor's Tooth - WTF RENGAR ISNT EVEN AP? No ****, you obviously can't read and notice that bonetooth necklace is not an official item on mobafire yet.

Frozen Mallete/Phage - This is just really effective on Rengar because his passive is a great close gapper and with a frozen mallet and phage, nonstop kills.

BloodThirster/Vamp Scepter - Every single attack damage melee character in the game should have some lifesteal in there, and bloodthirster's late game damage is sexy. Plus with bonetooth already, you shouldn't be going balls deep getting yourself killed anyway so losing half your bloodthirsters effects shouldn't be an issue. If you honestly disagree with this, you're a derp.

Trinity Force/Sheen - Sheen is just a big damage increaser and this will makeup for some of the late game flat-lining you might experience if you continue to go tanky. This item is still replaceable as you can still do good damage without it. Just depends on the situation.

If you disagree with my build, please just give it a chance and try it out for yourself. Don't blame me if you fail with Rengar though and point finger's at this build.

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HOW TO PLAY RENGAR (Ferocity Utilization)

The most consistent thing I see when facing off against other Rengar's is for one thing, their build, but mainly the way they play Rengar. This section will guide you through using your spells and Rengar's main source of damage. (Ferocity)

Using Your Passive - To correctly use your passive you have to be in a bush, starting team fights within a bush is probably the best thing for teamates to do with you. Communicate with your team and try to get this happening but keep in mind, with the tankyness in this build, you can sustain a non bush fight.

Using Your Savagery - The largest source of damage for Rengar is this ablity. Try before every team fight to have 4 Ferocity.

WOH STOP! SUPER IMPORTANT!!! WHY 4 FEROCITY? This allows you to use an ability and still utilize your ferocity for a heal/snare/damage incase your team fight is failing and you have to snare someone to get away, or heal yourself in the midst of a fight, or snare someone running away. This is purely because burning your 5 ferocity at the beginning of a team fight is ****loads of burst but you're limited in the end if your team is losing the fight or not and you have to make a quick dash.

Using your Battle Roar - Basicly self explanatory, keep using your savagery and bola strikes along with battle roar to get 5 ferocity and heal yourself up in lane, you can use this as a great lure when you have 5 ferocity and battle roar off cooldown. The armor and magic resist is also a great source of tankyness in team fights.

Using your Bola Strike - Constantly throwout your bola strike for last hitting minions and of course gaining ferocity. If you're getting Zoned hard in top lane, then you should be able to throwout bola strikes to gain ferocity and harass a little bit while gaining ferocity to scare the enemy top lane ****less when you savagery the **** out of them.

Using your Ultimate - To correctly utilize your ultimate, I honestly wouldn't open up with it unless they are half HP or are not tanky. If you are topping against a renekton or other tanky solo top. Open up with a passive leap and q (with 5 ferocity) and continue to fight him down, then if you are losing the fight, ult and run to safety or ult and finish the guy.

People who counter Rengar:
Amumu - Stun you even if you're stealthed if he just guesses where you are.
Lee Sin - The god of 1v1's
Rammus - Super anti armor, no attack damage champ should ever **** with rammus really.
Skarner - He has eternal slows along with you and his ultimate can actually grab you as you stealth and 4 seconds of your stealth are ****ed and everyone know's where you are. (at the end of his tail)

Notable mentions
Traps and shrooms are a *****, nuff said.


Non-targeted cc's are a ***** to rengar because it makes it harder to use your ultimate and scary to leap into that.