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Rengar Build Guide by emphodf

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League of Legends Build Guide Author emphodf

Rengar, Teaching warriors to fear.

emphodf Last updated on September 6, 2012
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Hey guys just wanted to say I dont even own rengar. But I played him during his free week and fell in love. This is my second guide my first was for master yi, it was good nobody ever looked at it and that this point, its over expired. But thats besides the point, your here to see how I recommend/play Rengar. Rengar has some pretty weak early game but late game is a monster! So lets get right to it. BEFORE I FORGET I must say that i have only played rengar in 3v3 Twisted Treeline this guide may not apply to EVERY case in 5v5 Summoners Rift Sorry if it does not help you Leave comments below if this guide helped you, or how it didn't i'd love to get some feedback, also don't forget to rate. Lasty, im not like youtubers who are all about getting you to subscribe, like, comment, share, ect.

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Why pick rengar?

Rengar Can dominate if farms well or is above in kills. Rengar is fun to play, he is the only champion that has ferocity he can jump around when entering bushes/ going into stealth. Imagine him as a happy kitty jumping around all free, with the added satisfaction of eliminating his foes.

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    Easy to play
    Fun to play
    Dominates late game
    Lovely dance

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    Easily shut down if focused early
    Focused early somewhat often
    Thornmail can get you to kill yourself if not enough life steal is built

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For runes i use,
9 Greater Marks of Strength
9 Greater Seals of Resilience
9 Greater Glyphs of Warding
3 Greater Quintessences of Desolation

Now originaly these were my basic ad based champion runes. I figured ad marks armor pen quints and some extra defense from seals and glyphs. The extra ad gives a slightly better early game atleast until your fed up enough to really dominate. The slight extra defense gives a better chance of not dying to much while your bonetooth necklace Once this is fully stacked or even in its second to last level of trophies your more than set and probably already dominating the battlefield. The armor pen is self explanitory get through some more armor allowing you to do more damage.

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Doran's blade great for early game, if you can get boots off the early gank (a twisted treeline thing not sure if it apply's on Summoners Rift) then your more than set get your bezerkers greaves. Trinity Force is one of the only items i will say you must buy on rengar. With the sheen ability anfter you q it will deal even more bonus damage with enough AD built i have my q deal about 800 damage without the ferocity bonus. I go for tooth necklace because it also really helps rengar. Bloodthirster and warmogs, lots of hp for some tankiness and lifesteal. I left the last item up to you sell your dorans blade for another item. I say i might build an infinity edge for that extra chance to deal bonus damage. Or more life steal possibly a support item or watever flowts your boat.

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Summoner Spells

I highly recommend flash/ignite, flash will get you in or out of situation, or cloes enough to jump towards your target with a basic attack. Ignite allows me to pick up kills better earlier or close in close fights. Other good choices would be exaust/ghost for obvious reasons, better escapes/engages or smite if jungling.

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Skill Sequence

Im not overly sure if i marked them wrong at the top but max your q first whenever its open besides level 3. After taking your q, w, and e max your q fast then your w last your e as always take your ult(R) whenever you have a chance.

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Team Work

This is important, as i said i play mainly on 3v3 Twisted Treeline a not so much rely on your team map so in 5v5 im not sure how effective rengar may be in team fights but in 3v3 a good support if he take bot or someone to tak the focus off him when emerging into a team fight are very good match ups for him.

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Now i know this guide is shorter than most but i was playing and really wanted to make a new guide but could never play a champion well enough to really take my time to check all my builds find the best or really find some tricks to champions. I know there are not too many pictures or anything so its not too visually pleasing, but i had a hard time with the coding so forgive me. My best games (3v3 Twisted Treeline) 13/0/0 11/7/5 9/3/8.
I play i'd say average i died alot but make up for it in kills/assists. My by far best game ever i'd say would be that 13/0/0 rengar game, just because i always die atleast 4-7 times in a quick match but other than that if it gets dragged out to about 35-50min then atleast 8-13 deaths i know 0_0 right? But i do get some matches like 7/13/26 but the not dying really made me feel good. So I hope this guide helped if so thats great if not im sorry try out some different builds or a new champion.