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Rengar Build Guide by infu

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author infu

Rengar the OP Ganker

infu Last updated on September 4, 2012
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I did a video for you guys. Well I missed to record the best moments and messed up skill orders almost every time, which reduces my dmg output.. (Thats what makes rengar hard to play). But, well better then nothing, the bad guys still go down.
Q r (5sec->hit without leap) Q q e w = 3k dmg

Q - empowered Q
q - normal q

"Pray on the weak and you will survive, pray on the strong and you will live"

No rengar isn't a bruiser!

Do you remember when Riven came up and everyone thought she sucks. Well, back then, I was going for armor pen runes + brutalizer and then ghostblade + brutalizer.. getting around 60 armor pen. And it was like Christmass. So much kills and domination..

And then when Nocturne came up, everyone played him like glasscannon. While I went warmog / atma and used him to initiate fights. Few months later, thats how everyone played him.

Not saying that people learn from me, only that I am sometimes ahead of the hype.

Now.. Rengar! Elementz says he is terrible jungler and has no way to gank. While the pros play him AP for fun on their streams and think they are rocking it.

Well.. Rengar is the best ganker right now. He can do the best lvl 2 ganks next to alistar.
Alistar can only do around 200 dmg while Rengar can do 400dmg lvl 2.

How does that work ?
Well you start from wraiths and stack Q then you take red. And take E. Don't waste your stacks. Drink up pots as much as you need. If you team helps you, you shouldnt drink more than one. Then you go gank Bot lane because its the easiest. You can jump from any brush and deal that 400dmg when champs have 500dmg initial. You use your Q with all the stacks which does around 200 dmg, then you use normal Q and then you use E = 400dmg.

If you can't get to Q them melee. Then you can go empowered E for root and then normal E again + Q = 300dmg. And hope for your team to cover the rest.

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You aren't supposed to be farming too much, you can, but its pointless. When you are so good at ganking. I usually just farm when there is nothing to gank or I need to stack.

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Start with boots and 3 pots.
Don't get the throphy too soon. It only makes sense to get it after lvl 6. Then it will give u 22dmg which will be worth the 800g
I start with 1-2 dorans, then the throphy and then brutalizer and CD reduction boots for more ult based ganks.

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Team Work

So far.. I have had no problem at all executing perfect ganks and getting ahead with 3-4 kills early on. The problem is what comes next.. And its really hard to do it right. And it also depends on your team.

First. If your team can handle a fight.. which means - Once the initial bursts from both teams are gone both teams have few people at around 30% health, flashing around and kiting. waiting for their cooldowns so they can hit again. If that is happening, then you are the perfect assasin. Just do your combo as shown bellow and you will take 1-2 kills and escape. If they chase you, your guys should be smart enough to kill the rest. If you have GA you will have better chance of doing that.

Second mode.. If your team can't handle that kind of fight and they will get wiped off instantly and you will be the only survivor.. Well then perhaps you can go bruiser, but the problem is.. You wont do enough damage to kill anything. You can take some hits to save your team, but you leave it in the hands of your team. And.. in most solo Q cases, they are going to pick their nose and not do damage when you are focused.

Third mode: If your team can't handle a teamfight.. They better know how to disengage safely and protect towers. Then you can go split pushing. You are perfect for this gig. With CD reduction your ult will be at 30sec CD. that means 10 sec you are hidden and 20 sec revealed. With that ghost, jump and ranged slow. Most champs can hardly catch you. Most of the times they have oracle and its held by their tankiest player / support. And he can't kill you. So he needs to bring another player to get the job done. Which means your team can go 4v3. And if they don't.. Well rengar is monster in breaking towers. Empowered Q feels like dealing 1/4 of tower health. And you have like 3q's you can hit the tower with for 5 sec. With sheen or trinity. These towers will go down for no more than 10sec.
If they have someone like Shen on their team, your job gets harder. Because he will be there protecting and joining the fight whenever he wants. Thats why, you will have to build up your champ to be able to kill Shen.. knowing that right from the start may win or loose the game. In that case, I would go for lifesteal, infinity, attack speed and crit. - something giving consistent dmg output and some defense to counter his strongest skills.

Assassin combo:

Wait 2-3 sec hidden somewhere so everyone wastes their stuff and Hit the Q and ult at the same time. Move close the top priority champ to kill. Don't leap on him! if you can walk next to him invisible. The leap will reveal you from where you jump and give them half sec to react. Besides their whole team will see you. While walking and melee hitting him with the empowered Q will be instant. Ok this is how it works. You best damage combo -

1. Get full stacks from creep and R and Q after 0.5 sec (Usually when you are 1 screen away from enemy so they cant see you)
2. Walk to the enemy. you have 6 sec before your empowered Q expires. Watch it on the toolbar or you will waste it. During these 6 sec your ult is supposed to regenerate 5 more stacks
3. Hit the enemy melee range without leap for one empowered Q
4. Spam Q.. to trigger another normal and another empoered Q (if you don't have enough stacks because you hit too early, you will have to use W E to stack some more. But make sure you wont use them empowered or you will miss the IMBA dmg empowered Q) Its hard to do sometimes, the target moves and you need to be precise to the second.
5. Target dead
6. Run fast! or take GA

Ok why ? Well your Q's refresh your basic attack and instantly hit for around 1k dmg when you have 300dmg. That dmg is easy to get on Rengar even early game.
So Q r Q q e w will deal around 3000 dmg for 2-3 sec.

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Skill Sequence

Don't max Q, thats a no brainer. Really these guys making guides where Q is maxed.. Thats what makes everyone think Rengar is weak.

The Q scales from damage, not levels. Each level gives around 20-30dmg to it. Whats the point of that when it already does empowered 200 dmg on lvl 1

The attack speed is so pointless. First you are spamming Q's which refresh your hit cooldown.
Second, that attack speed buff is bugged and feels like it gives nothing. Third its only for 3 sec. And last. The enemy will run like hell when you hit them, there is no way you can use that attack speed buff.

The only use will be if you try to duel another jungler and you spam everything and hope to kill - You wont. Caught Rengar without stacks and full combo with ult is so weak. Don't duel any jungler. So yeah if they try to deny you. You should be ganking and taking kills.

Your skill Sequence is this :

Q E (gank) W (heal) (farm) E (stack) (gank) E (gank) R (imba gank) E W W W W Q Q Q Q

So yeah you max Q last and you take it first. All your Q's should be empowered when you gank. And you should take flat dmg as much as possible. Then a Sheen and trinity once you have around 200 dmg.

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Pros / Cons


+ Best and most fun ganks ever
+ No way to ward against his ganks. Even pink wards wont help. He is too damn fast and invisible.
+ Doesn't need much money to do crazy ganks and dmg

- Without stacks anyone can kill you or force you to waste your ult.
- Can't farm the jungle if he wants to gank.. Wasting your stacks on the jungle = no good ganks.