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Rengar Build Guide by bionicchimp

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bionicchimp

Rengar: the ultimate predator (Solo Top)

bionicchimp Last updated on September 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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rengar is the ultimate predator (I mean come on he has a predator skin!) he is an extremely fun champ and I would recommend him to anyone I've gone to this site for a few months now to find builds for all my favorite champs and I've finally decided to write one. So I came up with this build by playing other people's builds and then tweaking them to better fit my play style. This build is designed to supplement areas where the fearsome predator is lacking.

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1)He deals massive damage and is vicious in 1v1 encounters
2)His passive destroys people who listen to their first instinct of running to the bush
3)He has pretty good sustainability with his W and ferocity built up

1)He has almost 0 escape options (excluding his ult but it sucks to use your ult to run)
2)He's pretty squishy and if you aren't careful you can be harassed to death
3)He has very little range making him tough to use against ranged champs out of bush

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9 marks of strength: So these runes are great for Rengar because they build off his best ability his ad making him that much more deadly.

9 seals of vitality: These runes are useful because they help make Rengar a little less squishy allowing him to stay in fights long enough to grab that kill.

9 glyphs of focus: With the glyphs of focus Rengar's abilities will come off cool down that much quicker allowing him to stack ferocity at an alarming rate.

3 quints of vampirism: These quints will allow Rengar to stay in fights longer since it allows him to heal off his foes.

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Q:His q is your super weapon get it charged with ferocity and it can destroy most teams ad or ap carry's in a couple of hits (this move got a buff recently so I can't stress enough this is your bread and butter no matter what guide you use this should max 1st).
W:Many guides understate the value of this but the bonus magic resist and armor this give can save you in a pinch plus the 15% heal has saved me dozens of times and allows me stay in lane longer
E:Rengar's E is his one true gap closer excluding his passives and is great for finishing kills just out of reach if your ignite is down or you just need a little more damage for ignite to kill
R:My personal favorite ult in LOL makes you invisible and shows you enemy champs heat signatures (just like predator) it is fantastic for hunting down that pesky ranged carry who sits in back during team fights also it's your only escape option if your flash is down.

Order:I normally like to get my Q first then E then W then max Q of course pausing to improve ult when available then E gets maxed with W coming in last but early game if you find yourself being harassed by a pesky ranged champ grab your W second to avoid having to port back and to prevent death by harassment.

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Summoner spells

Flash: This allows you to hop over walls and out of danger quickly a great ability for Rengar as it provides him with an escape tool.

Ignite: This a great move for finishing those pesky champs who get away with almost no hp.

Ghost: This is a decent replacement for flash as it is another good escape tool although flash's ability to jump over walls trumps this for me but this is a decent option.

Exhaust: An alternative to ignite allowing you to close the gap to finish the kill yourself can also be used in an escape so a pretty decent tool overall.

Heal: If you are having trouble staying alive as Rengar grab this summoner spell replace ignite with this as you still need an escape method from either flash or ghost.

Teleport: If you find that while soloing top you need to back often you may consider this to replace ignite as it can save your turret in a pinch (wouldn't recommend as Rengar's empowered W gives you pretty good sustain and you shouldn't have to back much).

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So I typically start with boots and pots then don't go back until I can buy my bonetooth I like to get it early to maximize it's effect so that I don't miss out on my early kills. Then I get Berserker's Greaves because I find the added attack speed helps me get in the extra hits needed to grab that kill. I like to grab Phage or if I don't quite have the cash while I'm back or I just need a little more survivability and I can't wait for Phage a Ruby Crystal (make sure you build Phage after the ad is useful) this item is great because it builds on Rengar's strengths (his damage) and his weaknesses (his low hp). After I finish up Phage I grab a Vampiric Scepter for some extra lifesteal then later build this into a Bloodthirster for the bonuses that brings (kill lots of minions after you get it to get your stacks up). Then I grab a zeal for some faster movement so they can't run away and for the extra attack speed to land some more hits. After that I grab a giant's belt to keep me alive late game and then use that and Phage to make a Frozen Mallet which with the slow per hit effect coupled with the attack speed in this build means they are stuck and have to fight or die. I then upgrade that zeal to Phantom Dancer to make your speed complete. Then we have some situational items for our last slot I find that if I'm on a roll and I'm having little to no trouble with death and they aren't tanky I grab an Infinity Edge which is one of the best ad items available. If I'm fighting a team of tanky bruisers or even full on tanks I reach for my trusty Black Cleaver since it's a great ad item and has some armor pen to poke holes in their thornmail. If I find I'm against a team of hard hitting ad champs yet they lack armor pen I go for Thornmail. Finally if I find late game I'm really feelin the hurt I grab Guardians Angel pop your ult just as you revive and you can stealth away robbing them of their kill.

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Use your abilities to farm by doing this you build ferocity for when you need it fighting champs plus it can be used to heal with your W. All your abilities are good feeding tools (excluding your ult) use your bola (E) when playing defensively so that way you aren't stuck while trying to melee a minion. Your W is great for clearing a crowd of minions. Your Q makes you do alot of damage plus the attack speed boost is useful for clearing a group of the little buggers. Also use your passive to hop from bush to last hit minions while staying out of harms way while they are at full health. Follow these tips on farming to make sure you get the gold needed for your build.

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Early/Mid/Late game

Early: So early game is vital as Rengar as I've found it sets the tone for the whole match. This doesn't mean you need to go 5/1 early game it simply means that you should try to stay at least even early on in the match. Whether that means 0/0 or 3/3 it doesn't matter so much so long as you don't find yourself too far negative. Generally I score my early game kills by hiding in the brush closest to my turret and waiting for them to push past me then thanks to my passive I pounce on them for the easy kill as they have nowhere to run (NOTE: Target the enemy champ while in bush even if hes just out of range your passive is active about a half of a second after leaving brush so use to your advantage). Also try to get champs to follow you into the brush or herd them towards it since as they try to run in brush you can constantly just jump on their heads using bola strike to slow and a q to destroy their health. This strategy doesn't always work against those pesky ranged champs especially if they are aggressive if this is the case fall back to your turret and harass with your bola while using your w to keep you breathing. Once you have your ult up you can start to destroy the enemy by building ferocity and coming out of nowhere while they are about to hit your turret.

Mid: So I usually start playing mid game play when I've forced my lane on the defensive or I've taken their turret. I like to call Rengar's mid-game the ganking phase every time my ult is up I go searching for a lane that is backed up to their turret (even if it's mine) then I pop my ult make sure ferocity is built up then attack from the river typically using my ferocity on q then throw a bola to slow and then my q again. I also help other lanes push their turrets in this phase. This phase is where the majority of my kills come from.

Late: I usually start playing like this phase when either team fights start. During this phase I typically use my ult to sneak to the back of their team and take out those pesky carries. I also hunt backdoor champs in this phase so if a yi is pushing up top or bot while there is a team fight going on make sure you introduce him to your blade.

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Know your role in the team

This is where many Rengars fail they try to lead in on a fight and act like a bruiser when ultimately your job is to hunt those squishy ad and ap carries with your ult. Don't lead the charge into battle instead while your tanks and the rest of your team fight sneak in back with your ult and destroy those squishy carries with your empowered Q followed by a bola to slow them then go to town. After the carries are dead you and your team can easily destroy those tanks an bruisers.

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With this guide you can master Rengar the ultimate predator and destroy all your foes. Always remember stick to the brush and don't be caught in the open or you will be the prey. Leave your comments and suggestions to improve this guide so give it a shot and enjoy Rengar and don't forget to vote.

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8/27/2012:Initial release

8/29/2012:Early/Mid/Late game added

8/30/2012:Added:rune guide - summoner spells - farming - know your role in the team