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Rengar Build Guide by Holyc0w

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Holyc0w

RenGrrrrrrr! (refined)

Holyc0w Last updated on October 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I have toyed around and decided to change a few things to the build
- Exchanged trifroce for infinity edge
- Removed alacrity seals for flat armour
- Changed move speed quints to armour pen
- Re did masteries to grab the move speed from the utility tree

These more defensive runes give rengar the option to spec into more damage via quints and give the added move speed in the utility tree instead.

The major change is the removal of triforce and the skill changes triforce is still very viable and works well with bola strike but the battle roar and infinity edge build gives you a lot more damage on tankier targets.

I decided to swap frozen mallet for the last wisper but either is good to use the mallet is more for squishy teams while the last wisper will help with malphite ect.

The goal is still the same try to max for cooldowns to spam abilities one before your empower you should save it and use bola strike the use Q twice to cause major damage. the Battle roar just helps loads in team fights if you need to retreat so bola strike is no longer needed unless you plan on using triforce.

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If you would like me to explain this build just ask, currently this guide is a work in progress and will be added to in future. For now I have added my own game replays using this build and a few of the guides sections which will probably get edited a lot over the next few weeks. Remember to up vote if you found this useful and let me know what you think I could do to improve it thanks.

A bit of information about myself I have played lol for around 2 years and have racked up around 1300 games of dominion since release I have a managed to obtain an elo of around 1800/2000 in dominion I quite often end up in games with players of 2000/2300 elo
I know quite a few champions very well and this champ is fairly easy to show you how to play just follow the build and hit that 40% cdr with rank 3 ulti you have a 30 second cool down on thrill of the hunt which basically mean you will have it up almost all the time end game, If it's not you can afford to wait for 8-15 seconds to use it. Basically just play your own strengths and look for opportunities and remember being patient is a virtue!

The items are self explanatory vamp scepter upgraded to sanguine gives you sustain, the triforce is the last item because cool down reductions and the bone tooth neck-less is the priority. The last item is completely situational I choose the frozen mallet to replace the health lost when I sell the prospectors blade but you could easily switch it for a Frozen heart or thorn mail, infinity edge, or some MR items ECT.,

Here I a screen shot of my recent games, in the section below I have linked to lol replays my uploads of some of these games to help give you some material to watch if you find it easier to understand a build/play style a bit easier.

Game 1
outcome = 18/4/9
Game 2
outcome - 13/6/12

Info - The enemy team in this game was really strong I remember someone saying the enemy blitz was from the 2500 elo range. There is a gank I did bot I was proud of against jayce but overall they had to strong a composition and team play.
Game - 3
outcome - 12/4/16

Info - The game stated with a afk on our team and non of our team wanted to bot, our team play was bad but we just overpowered them without the need for a dedicated bot.

Game - 4
outcome - 18/7/10
Info - my whole team has a negative kill death ratio and there there was lots of bad team play going on, I just focused and knew I could make the difference if I ignored them and played my own game. This just shows how hard Rengar can carry a potential losing team.

not an easy game to carry by any means! XD

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9 marks of desolation is pretty much the standard for most AD champions and Rengar is no different these suit him quite well. Alternatives are flat damage which would make the Triforce procs a bit stronger, so it's up to you which ones you prefer.

9 seals of alacrity These can be replaced by either scaling MR or flat Armour seals if you prefer the added survival. I would say Scaling MR is actually probably better because Rengar has problems with Champions who can do burst Magic damage, people like Kassadin, Le Blanc and Fizz can nuke you so fast it's highly worth considering taking these instead.

9 glyphs of focus with the 5.85% CDR from these runes, the 15% from boots, the 15% from yomuus and the 5% from the bone tooth necklace gives Rengar a nice 40.85% CDR limited to 40% cap. This is his bread and butter he can spam abilities like crazy, getting relentless Triforce procs, 30 second rank 3 ulitmate is huge! The little bit of CDR overflow I tends to not mind because you will spend 50% of the games under the CDR cap is it's beneficial early which is where Rengar needs to snowball.

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These are very cookie cutter masteries everything serves a purpose for the build, the improved revive and improved exhaust to deal more damage, all the offensive points are taken for an AD champion with the left giving you a bit of MR and some extra health. there's no other talents which I would suggest but if you have to then 21/1/8 could work but I just wouldn't see the need.

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Skill Sequence

This ones easy Max Q, Max E then W always take a point in your ultimate.

Q is what makes Rengar so strong he really needs to spam the hell out of this thing! And to make sure that he for the most part use your empowered Q! It hurts! a lot!

W Nice thing to have to heal on mobs and not only this but it helps Rengar in tagging enemy champions for assists, 1 point is all you need.

E Bola strike is an impressive move actuality and worth consider using this with you empower if the gank is with 2 or more people. Also useful to escape and chase ect.