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Tryndamere Build Guide by wtfallnamestaken

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wtfallnamestaken

Rethink Tryndamere: Atmogs

wtfallnamestaken Last updated on December 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, I just looked at my build after publishing, and it puts Tryn's HP at 3850 or so, However at the end of the game I have 4500, I'm not sure why it says that.

I've never made a build before. I wanted to share this one because I've been having so much success with it, and it differs from other Tryndamere builds I see. I've only been playing him for a couple days, but I feel that I've had enough success with the build to warrant posting it. My last four games with him were (9/1/12 - 16/6/12 - 5/2/9 - 7/5/9). The streak was alot longer, but I never play the same toon two games in a row, and can't see that far back. This build may not be as in depth as others. I'm gearing it more toward people who already are familiar with him. Also, I'm not here to explain last hitting, farming etc...Just take this build and apply it to your own knowledge of the game. Here goes...

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Pros / Cons

Pros - Great damage output, Tanky. Unlike other Tryndamere builds, you are not as easily harassed, and are even better in early game. You can kill straight dps Tryndamere's 1v1.... lol

Cons - Your damage output is not nearly as high as an IE straight dps Tryn. If someone else on your team is the one being focused in teamfights, then your tankiness is less useful in fights for bursting down your enemies.

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Ok, so I basically decided to play him with my standard wukong/riven/renekton build after feeling so squishy with normal tryn builds. I'm going for a blend of damage and tankiness, so I feel my runes are pretty standard. Armor pen marks, flat damage quints, flat armor seals, and flat MR glyphs. I want to be able to take some damage yet punish opponents who get too close.

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I was building 9/21/0, however, once again I followed some good advice from the posters and made some changes I thought would help bring the damage up. I think Tryn is tanky enough as it is with his items that I can take the last 5 points into the defensive tree and put them into crit chance and crit damage in the offensive tree.

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1. Lifesteal scepter- lane sustainability, synergizes well with Bloodlust.

2. Boots of speed- chasing, retreating

3. Wriggles- damage, armor, lifesteal, minion dmg proc, very good in lane, free ward, good tanky item (I 3/0 1v1 top lane vs another trynd my second time playing with this build).

4. Mercury Treads- MR, Tenacity, tanky, helps you chase, helps you flee, and helps because no other MR items in the build.

5. Zeal- Move speed, crit, AS. Synergizes well with bloodlust. At this point because of your tankiness you need to add to your damage output and mobility to contribute to the team.

6. Giant's belt- great early/mid game tanky item. It helps alot and sets you up for your next item.

7. Atma's Impaler- Armor/Crit/Damage- At this point you are at about 2400 hp, so it gives you about 48 damage. Synergizes well with your Bloodlust and passive.

8. Warmog's Armor- I choose warmog's first instead of frozen mallet because I like to teamfight with him more, not roam around and 1v1 people who are farming. It gives a nice boost to your damage and survivability. You are VERY tanky at this point, and hard to kill in a fight even without your ult. Your opponents will stop forcing you low to your ult as much which means you can just stay in the fight alot longer and save it.

9. Phantom Dancer- It's time to increase your damage output... AS,CRIT, movespeed,. Helps chasing, helps fleeing.

10. Phage- Damage, health, and the proc. This really helps you start chasing down people more. As if it's not easy enough to do as Trynd already, especially with exhaust and ghost.

11. Frozen mallet- They can't get away from you. Huge HP boost again. 20 damage from item, and 14 damage more from Atma's Impaler.

12. Bloodthirster I took some good advice and have decided to sell the wriggles and get a Bloodthirster later. The extra lifesteal and damage definitely makes up for the defensive stats lost on wriggles.

I've not had the need to build more MR yet, even with fed mages, however if you'd like you can maybe sub the frozen mallet for a Banshee's Veil or Force of Nature, because Tryndamere is already good at chasing down enemies.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is a copy of the skill sequence on the build on this website entitled "Your Tryndamere Resource". I followed that while I was trying to learn him.

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Summoner Spells

Used to be Exhaust and Ghost and now is Cleanse and Ghost. I tried it out, taking the advice of one of the posters, and it is so much better. Cleanse allows you to run through multiple disables both chasing or fleeing. I can't tell you how many times I exhausted someone and they did me as well, and it made the spell useless. So yes, I think cleanse works much better.

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I just love the build because of how long you can stay in teamfights without ulting. People want to focus you because of your damage output, they don't because of how tanky you are, they don't because they know you will just ult, but they do because they need you to ult and get out. I'm LoLing because of the confusion and hesitation it engenders in my opponents. Anyway, I know it's a pretty ****py guide and I don't have images or anything. I dont' really know how to insert them, but I hope that you try this out and have some great success! Feel free to let me know what you think, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm still new to him and I know that you Tryndamere pros out there would probably own me, but I feel this is a very viable different way to play him. Good luck!