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Vayne General Guide by Reufio

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reufio

Reufio's Custom as **** Vayne Build

Reufio Last updated on December 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi I'm Reufio! I've played WoW since TBC, and a year ago become absolutely addicted to League of Legends. I like to play every roll (except top, top sucks) but ADC is my favorite. One of the most challenging AD carries to master is Vayne, and i would like to share a build that i came across. It's pretty troll, but reeeeeeeaally fun to play. (pls no copy pasterino)

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Ok, here's where things get weird.

First of all, i like Doran's Sheild because as Vayne, your attack range is comparatively small, and to farm you will take harass. With Doran's shield, you are surprisingly tanky, allowing you to trade with silver bullets.

During lane phase, getting BOtRK give life steal and attack speed. This is where you can stop playing like a ***** and maybe go for a kill. The active along with Vayne's passive makes you very fast, so you can chase down an enemy and kill them, as well as escape from ganks. The damage per auto works well with silver bullets gives a surprising amount of DPS. All in all, Blade is basically the perfect item for Vayne.

Now is when we go ham. When Vayne is behind, she does nothing until 50 minutes later in the game. When ahead, she's a monster. Sword of the Occult allows her to snowball incredibly hard. Full stacks, you are unstoppable. There is a certain risk to this, of course, because if you aren't gaining stacks then the item becomes useless.

Zephyr is definitely an underrated item. Movements speed and attack speed is huge on Vayne, and the tenacity it provides allows you not to get locked up in mid game fights.

Last Whisper is an OG ADC item. With this, you shred tanks like crazy with Blade and silver bolts.

Trinity force is on of my favorite items (tonz of damage)
It's rarely seen on Vayne, but as you can see, this build has a reoccurring theme: MOVEMENT SPEED
Tri force gives a ****-ton of movement speed.

Grab boots of swiftness + furor makes you incredulously fast.

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Pros / Cons

High risk, high reward

Pros- Extremely fast, Like really really fast. Lots of armor shred. Lots of chase. Extreme dueling potential

Cons- Requires a great deal of skill to micro autos (due to near max attack speed). Not for beginners. No absolute defensive items, like GA or QSS.

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Laning Phase

Before you get your Blade, all you're gonna really be able to do is farm. Especially against ADCs who out range you, trading is difficult. You'll want to linger on the outside of their AA range, aa them, tumble, aa. This is especially good once you hit level 2, and will chunk their ADC.

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"Dashes" you a short distance. Once you cast tumble, it gives you a buff that gives your aa more damage. You have to use this buff (so aa) for tumble to go on cool down, so more aa's mean more tumbles. As previously mentioned, when trading, aa first then tumble back into your aa range and aa again, with the bonus damage. If you tumble first, the aa them, they will simply run out of your range, and you will be sad.

Silver Bolts-
When attacking a target, every auto will put a stack of Silver Bolts, and at 3, it will explode and do true damage, therefore, more attack speed means more silver bolts, which means more true damage, which hurts.

Condemn knocks a target backwards, and if your target hits a solid plane (a turret or a wall) it will stun them and do damage. A well angled condemn will set up a kill.

Final Hour-
Increases the movement speed Vayne gets on her passive, and her tumble makes her invisible until her next auto, and gives her more AD.

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Vayne is one of the shorter ranged ADCs, so she is poked a lot when farming. Taking 3 life steal quints will provide a good amount of sustain to survive heavy poke lanes.

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Standard ADC runes.
Specifically, Butcher and Feast are taken to provide extra sustain while CSing.

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Skill Sequence

Maxing tumble will reduce the cool down. We want that.
After that, silver bolts does damage so we'll max that next.
Condemn is last because we wont be using it as much as the other 2.

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With no Statik Shiv, wave clearing is a bit difficult. While clearing a lane solo, don't be afraid to use tumble on cooldown. Condemn can be used if you're just about to loose a creep after an auto. In early game, especially with Doran's sheild, you'll need to be cautious when CSing under turret. You'll need to auto ranged creeps once, because after a turret shot you wont kill it with one auto. Again, condemn can be used to get a creep with a sliver of health left.

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Unique Skills

During your ult, tumbling will make you invisible for a little while. With no defensive items, this is your best defense combined with your movement speed. When your ult is active and you tumble, instantly aaing will instantly take you out of invisibility. Tumble and dont auto, and just run. The boost on her passive will make you incredibly fast, along with you other items, so your movement in team fights is incredible.

In the earlier stages of the game, tumble is a really good auto attack cancler, as seen by Gosu below.

While chasing down a target, a trick i like to use with last hitting champions is using condemn (even when they're not near a wall) How does this work?
When they are low, you have enough attack speed so that when you condemn, you can auto before the condemn "bolt" hits your target, allowing the last bit of damage to finish your target.

You can tumble out of a j4 ult, and condemn him inside the walls (vayne op)

I use attack move click, not attack move. What is attack moves? When i attack move click, it auto attacks the first enemy in my auto attack range. Attack move click is better (in my opinion) then attack move because it instantly attacks, while the later requires a left click. I find that if i have it bound to R (doesn't matter) it allows me to move with my right click and attack with just the R button. Especially with high attack speed, its hard to simply right click and run to attack things. With this, i right click to run in the direction i want to, and hit R when i want to auto attack.
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