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League of Legends Build Guide Author Infectious Lepar

ReviewHub: Your ultimate review source

Infectious Lepar Last updated on April 9, 2012
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Welcome to The Hub

ReviewHub is your resource hub for guide reviewers. Here you will be able to have contact with some of the best guide reviewers on MobaFire.

First you need to understand the way reviewers will review you. Some reviewers will excel in reviewing guide composition, others will be better at reviewing the build that the guide is based on, and still others will be masters of reader appeal. The benefit of ReviewHub is that you can have access to some of the best reviewers on this site.

Guide Top

What to expect: Guide Creator

So, you want a review? First off we (the reviewers) need to know some things other then the link to your guide.

Here is a format for requesting a guide review. IF YOU DO NOT USE THIS FORMAT YOU WILL NOT BE REVIEWED!

summoner Name:
Champion of Guide: (unless it a general guide)
How long have you been playing that champion:
Who would you prefer a review from: (this does not mean you will get who you ask for)
Why you want the guide reviewed: (tell the truth...)
Link to your guide:

Rules for requesting:
1) Only post one review request per guide
- If you have been reviewed already but have made major changes to a guide, you may ask for another review.
2) You must review the grammar and spelling of your guide
- If your guide is not easily read, reviewers may choose not to review it.

Upon recieving a +1 from a reviewer, please +Rep them for their hard work.
If the reviewer asks for a "payment," please follow through with their request. (it's only fair)
Please +1 this guide if you have been reviewed!

Guide Top

What to Expect: Reviewer

As a reviewer you will have a few perks for doing something that you probably do already. You can continue reading if this sounds like a good deal. However, if you want to be a part of ReviewHub you will need to use its review format.

Do to the rather inconstant nature of review format on MobaFire this is the format for reviewers to use, this way guide creators wont see some strange review style and not know what it means.

[color=#00ff00]Positives: + Positive example + Positive example + Positive example[/color] [color=#ff8000]Possible Changes: ~ Change idea ~ Change idea ~ Change idea[/color] [color=#ff0000]Negatives: - Change necessary for +1 - Change necessary for +1 - Change necessary for +1[/color]
.......... Equals = ............... Positives:
+ Positive example
+ Positive example
+ Positive example

Possible Changes:
~ Change idea
~ Change idea
~ Change idea

- Change necessary for +1
- Change necessary for +1
- Change necessary for +1

If you would like to give them an accumulative score, do it in the form of a percentage. For example:

"I give your guide a final score of 80%"

Color coordination for percentages should be:
0-50% = Red [#ff0000]
51-74% = Orange [#ff8000]
75-100% = Green [#00ff00]

If you would like a "payment" for your efforts, Please select 1 of the following and use it in the pre-formed request:
- review [insert guide url]
- comment on [insert blog url]
- include me in your "credits" section

"For reviewing your guide please [insert payment from list], it would be greatly appreciated."

I say pick only 1 because we are not trying to hold a ransom for our reviews. In the end we are here to help the guide reviewers.

So, to wrap it up, here is a review example:
+ Very viable cheat sheet
+ Great use of text color, images, and video
+ Very in-depth item selection

Possible Changes:
~ Add more columns and indenting to your guide
~ You might want to consider using more coding in your guide
~ Consider swapping Magai's Soulstealer for a more stable item

- You need to have at least 6 items in your champion guide
- Remove the random music video from your guide, it does nothing to help your guide
- Remove all the bold text in your guide, it loses its effect after a while.

Overall I think that your guide deserves a final score of 65%

For reviewing your guide please review This guide, it would be greatly appreciated!

PM me when you have left a comment or made some changes, leave a link to your guide as well.

After your review is taken into account/ responded to, expect a PM from the guide creator saying something like:

"Changes have been made, please return to my guide for a final vote"

After that has been done, please re-read the guide for any changes and give your final +1 or -1 depending on whether or not they have made positive improvements.

After you give them a +1, guide creators may give you a +Rep. However, this is not required.


Guide Top

Frequently asked Questions

"How many reviewers can I expect?"

The expected number of reviewers is based on who is willing to review you. We can't guarantee that everyone will have 10 reviewers since the reviewer's are very busy.

"How long will it take to get reviews?"
This is hard to tell, since reviews are busy people it may take a day or two. don't worry though, we will try our hardest to get your reviews done quickly.

"What do I do if the reviewer game me a bad review?"
If you believe that a reviewer gave you a bad review, ask for a second opinion! Chances are that if your guide is good, a second review is all you need. If you get multiple bad reviews... Maybe it's you?

"I want to be a reviewer, can I join the ReviewHub reviewers list?"
Yes, but there are a few restrictions/ requirements:
- You must be summoner level 30
- You must be active on MobaFire, easily noticeable if you have a post count above 100
- You must give an example of your reviewing abilities (Pm me to review one of your reviews)
- You get the "OK" from me.
After that your name will be added to the reviewers list and you will be called upon regularly to review guides.

"I gave a review and the guide creator didn't like it, now he is troll voting all my guides! What do I do?"
Obviously not everyone is going to agree with your opinion, just try your best to get your message across peacefully. If they start trolling your guides there is not much you can do. Just try and resolve the issue and get those vote removed while you help them improve their guide.

Guide Top

Reviewers: Specialties and Availability

Below is a list of ReviewHub endorsed reviewers. These reviewers have agreed to follow the formats listed by this guide.


............... Specialty

Guide Composition
............... Status


Guide Top

Guide Assignments

Here reviewers can find regularily updated review requests posted directly from comments, This will make it easier for reviewrs to see what guides they have been asked to check out.



Summoner level:30
Champion of Guide: Anivia
How long have you been playing that champion: 2 months
Who would you prefer a review from: InfectiousLepar
Why you want the guide reviewed: I would like to get more +1's to get rid of trolls
Link to your guide:

When you have reviewed the guide, leave a comments saying "Guide complete" and the link to the guide. This way I can remove review requests from your queue.

Reviewers, please pay attention to this section regularly to keep up-to-date on your review requests. I will try to keep this updated as often as possible. If you notice that I haven't been on in a while, feel free to check the comments to see if you have any requests waiting. After filling those requests leave a comment so I know they are done.
If I will not be online for a few days I will try and give you a heads-up.


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