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Vayne Build Guide by Aveldine

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aveldine

Right click good game

Aveldine Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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-This build was something new I decided to do. It's durable, mana conversant, and is perfect for bursting health. It saved you alot of mana with how much damage your auto attacks will dio. You have plenty of damage, AoE (area of effect), and attack speed. It's good for single-target, but even better for team fights!

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The runes I chose are very liable. Plenty of armor pen, for the damage. Some extra damage. And, some good extra attack speed! I, personally use it for all my ad carries, but it works very well for Vayne. The runes I use, are very useful, so you dont have to necessarily buy pen items

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My mastery build is my typical AD mastery build, so you have some extra defence and you have necessary buffs. The mastery page I use is good for all my ad characters, the life steal, the damage and pen is very useful. I used the 2 dif defense ones so that you dont take as much damage, stuff helps ;)

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First you start out with Doran's blade instead of the health regen pendant, for the life steal, damage and hp. Next you get the madred's because of the fact you do alot of dmg and you can solo dragon. Tiamat is for the AoE damage it lets off, with some bonus regen on hp and mana. Ionic spark is for the fact that it lets of a chain reaction. And the attack speed is PERFECT for farming. Once this build is complete, you will be very OP, I've personally used this builds several times and have carried my team.

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Skill sequence

I always get tumble first so that I can chase, do alot of damage, and get an escape. I get the silver bolts next, because it's most liable, and then condemn third for the stun and to push them back. As you know, haha. But that's just what I get first, some get condemn first, but I don't think that's right

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Summoner Spells

I use Flash on D and ignite on F , but of course, whichever way you are more comfortable with, if you are more comfortable with Flash on F and ignite on D then good, use it!. Flash is good for escape, and chasing. Ignite is good for when they have low hp but you gotta get out, I've gotten First Blood several times from using ignite. With flash you dont need ghost, because she already has Night Hunter

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This is my first build, so I'm sorry if you are confused, I did my best to explain. but I guess I'm supposed to do a short summary here....

Items: Best for the damage and mana efficient. The AoE is GREAT for farming minions.

Runes: the pen and extra attack speed is great for vayne (but like I said just about any of my AD champions)

Masteries: Just my basic AD mastery but works great for Vayne.

Skill sequence: Personally, I think that is the best sequence for Vayne to go for. Myself, after my first three, I just do a random sequence, but I usually follow along those lines.

Summoner spells: I have only used flash and ignite for vayne in a classic, in dominion I do ghost and exghaust, it's my most trusted abilities for her.

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Team work

This build is GREAT for team work. As said, the AoE and etc. is great for team fights. Just hang back and own em!

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This build is excellent for quick farming, and farming huge mobs, because she has no AoE abilities so it's hard for her to clear those, but with this she can wipe them out quickly