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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mothra911

Roaming EVE The Ranked Way

Mothra911 Last updated on May 8, 2011
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Introduction/ Pros/ Cons

This guide I wrote will hopefully inform you about how roaming damage/dps eve is far superior to ap eve, and jungling eve. Also, I will talk about how what roaming is how it should be done, the basic combos of eve and how you should play her. Lastly, this buide will provide two options on how to play Eve: Tanky and Damage.Okay let's get to it.

Great ganker
Amazing damage output
Outstanding burst damage
Good for killing wards
Gives great map dominance
Solid dps
Good clean up crew

Gets killed easily
Can get shutdown quickly

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Roaming/Ranked Play

Ok so roaming is basically when you wander around the map setting up ganks for your teammates or denying expierience of another player. You want to lane until your lvl 2 or 3 either work. One thing to note is that you will be under leveled, but if done successfully the amount of kills/assists will balance it out.

Make sure to have map awareness so you can see an opening for a gank. Learn the boundaries of the turret because they will reveal you when your cloaked. Make sure when your not ganking you're either killing wards or farming a lane/pushing tower. Eve excels at taking out towers so when the other team is scrimmaging with your team or something else not close to the lane your in, to push the tower.

IMPORTANT(PLZ READ): Make sure to grab an oracle so you can kill off wards and gain map dominance.

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Skill Sequence

I chose to get shadow walk first because it's basically impossible to pull of a lvl 1 gank without shadow walk. I like to upgrade it twice because the duration shadow walk last for is sufficient to last you the whole game while you max out all your other skills.

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Marks-Give armor pen. for late game. I think these work better than say health quints because if you're playing smart you won't need to compensate for your lack of health, and it give you a huge advantage late game.

Seals-For your survivability purposes it's because eve is squishy so I think it's worth it, but they can be replaced with seals of celerity if you're having mana troubles.

Glyphs-Allows you to have early game survivability so when you gank you won't get killed in the process as easily. These can be replaced with glyphs of aclarity so you can gank faster, but you should have enough attack speed already. Also you can trade the glyphs for glyohs of shielding if you feel like you're dying too fast late game and a banshees isn't enough.
Quints.-Late game purposes give you that extra armor pen. that will get you doing true damage and destroying any off guard champion alone on the map.

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Build 1:

Boots of Mobility- It's necessary because you need to be able to move around the map quickly, and works well with your ult.

Trinity Force- This is what is gonna be your main damage source for most of the game and synergizes with all your abilities which is why it's so good for eve.

Phantom Dancer- Gives you attack speed, crits, and movement speed what more could eve ask for. You will notice once you get this that enemies won't escape easily because you'll be moving faster and that you'll be doing true damage to squishies while criting.

Youmuu's Ghostblade- Armor pen., more crits, move speed, and shred through your target in no time.

Black Cleaver- Once you get this coupled with youmuus most squishes won't have armor and you'll be doing true damage.

Banshee's Veil- Give you enough survivability for the late game. It's a great item for eve because it provides mana and a cc shield which in the late game will be crucial to surviving, but you most likely won't get to the late game or unless you're super fed which would be great because you followed my build.

Build 2:

Boot of Mobility-same as build 1

Tri-force-Same as build 1

Sunfire Cape-This is a great survivability item and make you somewhat tanky so that you won't get demolished a ad carry right away.

Hexdrinker-Good magic resist and the shield will save your life against a ryze who is nuking your face off.

Atma's Impaler-bring the build together by giving you a good amount of armor, plus damage from the health from sunfires cape and runes.

Guardian's Angel- This is your situational item I just get it because in team fight the other team always focuses me, and I die too fast.

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1) Your standard combo will be, while you're cloaked you will use your E(ravage) then hate spike them if your just harassing the other champion.

2) If you think that it's an easy kill then while your cloaked activate your R(malice and spite), then use E(ravage) then Q(hate spike) them to death.

3) For farming minion its easy while your auto attack is in motion hate spike the minion(its a nice farming combo to get down. (try not to spam it because you will run out of mana quickly.)

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I hope that you have learned something from this guide an that my build has improved you're play as eve in some way. Please give some feedback and tell me if you think it needs improvement and your scores with my build.