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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Robochrist

Robochrist the robosexual...a double puntandra!

Robochrist Last updated on March 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Table of Contents
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early game

this guide is split into 2 builds, the first one is if you end up being main tank, the second is geared towards more of an offtank damage role, if you already have some strong tanks on your team (rammus, shen, cho gath, ect). both should grant you enough hp to take a considerable amount of punishment.

early game the tower is your friend. your looking to grip and pop as close to the tower and your lane mate as much as possible. with players that have good cc (singed, alistar, morgana ect.) next to a tower, theyre gonna be crying. keep in mind the grip comes from the right side as mentioned in other guides, this can make the difference between wasting mana and netting a good kill. item wise you want to go for sheen as early as possible, this helps blitz early game more than any other item i have tried, especially if you concentrate on leveling power fist granting you a double attack damage hit almost as frequently as the item limits you to. boots can be held off until your first or second trip back by taking overdrive earlier, and getting good at rocketgrab. also early game DO NOT PLAY AGGRESSIVLY blitz shines by using defensive strategy. be ready to grab as soon as someone pops their head out from cover for a risky last hit, keep the battle near your tower and someone will give you a good oppurtunity eventually.

Spamming and harassing with static field:
this build is based off of ap and cdr giving your static burst good damage and a quick cooldown. do not be afraid to spam it, mana allowing, its a great tool for making players pay for coming in close to farm, and also netting some good extra money from minion kills from popping it. works great in player like fiddlesticks or katarina who have a common channel ability, youll silence the channel and deal some good quick damage. if your mana regen isnt too great make sure you buy one or two mana pots every trip back until your mana pool gets larger, you can net a blue buff, or until you get nashors tooth if your using the second build.

why nashors tooth?:
now you may be wondering why use nashors tooth for an ap build? well the attack speed may seem unecessary, but it does offer cooldown reduction, 55 ability power, and good mana regen, the attack speed is just a bonus, but actually pretty effective against tower pushes once you go into overdrive and your throwing fists like its nobodys business.

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Mid game

around this time you should have destroyed a tower in your lane and gotten a few kills if laning has gone well, if so continue on as planned. if laning hasnt gone well and team fights have started earlier than you would have liked, again, grab a banshees veil and start build one. If your kicking ***, grabbing alot of kills, and feel like being a badass get a rod of ages and a soulstealer.

if your tanking, grab people off your carries, spam static field, power fist to interrupt channels, and generally be a nuisance. stun, silence, interrupt at the right times and force them to attack you.
if your going with build 2 then grab the weakest person on their team and beat them to a pulp, sometimes if your ap is stacked enough you can grab, pop them up and use your ult for a quick kill, ive had static field do rediculous amounts of damage, sometimes enough to finish squishies at almost half hp.

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end game

end game is completely up to the player. with buld 2 i usually grab a void staff to bypass some magic resist and get an ap boost. build one i usually grab a thornmail or force of nature depending on who the main carry is.