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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author oAzureSkyo

Rocket Jump Tristana - Jumping and Blasting to Victory

oAzureSkyo Last updated on January 2, 2011
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Rocket Jump Tristana - Your Guide to DPS Tristana

This is my first LoL guide. This guide is written in order to help fellow Tristana players out there. This guide is by no means the best guide, this is just my preferences when I play Tristana.


At first, Tristana seems to be one of those right click heroes that need no skill to play. Well, only part of it was correct. The key of playing Tristana succesfully lies in positioning yourself out of imminent danger, taking pot-shot at enemy heroes. This requires skills, ignorant Tristana that relies only on right-click-and-kill will often fall first in team battle, as Tristana is often focused first.

Remember that Tristana's role is to dish out damage in team battle, the longer you stay in battle, more damage to the enemy.

This build's pros and cons

- Strong early game
- Able to kill tanks after getting Madred
- Utilize rocket jump to full potential
- Can carry the team
- Great team player

- Need skills to aim rocket jumps and hit
- Requires last-hitting minions to farm fast especially early game
- You will be focused first in team battle
- Requires "tactical" use of mana early game or you will run out of it very fast.
- Hard to 1 v 1 pure damage carry

Early Game

Buy a Doran's Shield and a health pot, proceed to go to middle lane. Your Tristana should have around 710 HP from the quints and shield bonus HP. The objective of Tristana early game is to farm greaves ASAP and start to work on recurve bow.

Tristana can dominate mid lane against low hp carries, such as Ashe, TF, Corki, etc at early levels, provided you make use of your cleanse and ignite in an offensive manner.

Rocket Jump Gunner combo usually goes like this
At level 3/4 - Rocket Jump + Explosive Shot and ignite, and hit while enemy hero retreats.

This usually will bring the low hp carries to half hp, and they will play defensively. Keep last hitting the minions, so that you can maintain EXP Zoning on the enemy.

Beware of a jungler backstabbing you as you do this though, as low hp carries often call for backup. If somebody try to gank you, don't panic, remember to rocket jump away to safety.

By level 6/7 the ignite will finish the cooldown, and you can do another Rocket Jump Gunner Combo, but this time use buster shot finisher.

at level 6/7 - Rocket Jump + Explosive Shot +Ignite, Hits + Buster Shot finisher.

Repeat this process on the mid opponent. Ideally before mid game (around 15 Minutes) you will have around 2 kills or more.

Mid Game

Your goal for mid game is to farm a recurve bow, help ganks, and farm whenever an opportunity arrive. Whenever you see large minion waves, go there, and farm with rocket jump, and Explosive Shot explosion. You ideally want to get Madred's Bloodrazor before mid game ends. The order of purchase of pickaxe and madred's razor is up to your preferences.

Remember to jump on enemies when ganking, but only when you can kill it quick, or have your team member to support you. This will refresh the cooldown on your jump, and you can use it again.

After you get your Mardred, you can start to own tanks as well. At this point, start building Stark, your team will love you, and you get more Attack Speed for dishing out damage. Stark's build order can be switched with Sword of Divine if the enemy is heavy on dodging and no one got thornmail in the enemy team. If no one got thornmail, and no one is giving you a hard time with dodge, you can delay stark to build Last Whisper or simply replace SoD with Last Whisper.

Save your cleanse for that game breaking moment (stunned by Ashe arrow, withered by Nasus, etc).

Always try to engage in teamfight only when you have your cleanse. Stay behind your tank or CC, and preferably aim for the squishies first, don't forget to use divine's active and rapid fire.

Late Game

By late game, you should have finished your Madred, Stark, and SoD. It is time to get black cleaver. Black Cleaver will help during team fights and give you the extra damage to finish up turrets fast. If enemies got no non-mana and dodge heroes, I go for wits end instead of Sword of Divine or Black Cleaver, it will kill enemies really fast. Black Cleaver can be subtituted for Blood Thirster if you find yourself in need of more AD and life leech.

If you haven't won the game by this point, sell Doran's Shield to get either Triforce or Phantom Dancer.

Tricks of the Trade

These are the summary of the tips that might just save your life during the game or simply piss-off the other team.

Tip #1

Buster Shot anyone suppressing your friend. Your ultimate might save your teammates life, and they can participate in battle instead of waiting for re-spawn timer.

Tip #2
Slow chasing enemies that chase your teammates with rocket jump or buster shot them away from them.

Tip #3
Rocket Jump then buster shot enemy to your team.

Tip #4
Jump over walls to escape or to gank enemies.

Tip #5
Use Rapid Fire when you need extra firepower

Tip #6
Remember to use your activable on SoD, or save it for the "Artful Dodger" i.e Jax.

Tip #7
Lizard buff is your friend. Tristana with red buff makes enemies cry.

Tip #8
Use cleanse to escape to safety in team battle, and dish out damage

Tip #9
Get the squishy first in team battle

Tip #10
Watch the inventories, see who got Thornmail and get him last. (unless he's a squishy priority target).


Tristana is a very fun ranged DPS carry to play. In the right hands, she is deadly and able to dish out high damage.

Lastly, please try and rate my Tristana build and comment on anything you think can be improved on. I welcome any constructive criticism. Feel free to ask questions on this build and I will do my best to answer you. Please try this build, vote and comment if you have tried and like it.