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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BakedNOwning

ROFLCOPTER69 - Wtf Just Happend To My Team???

BakedNOwning Last updated on September 17, 2010
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Build is quite simple. Its a crit cannon build that rapes face on alot of heroes, should the oposing team leave you unfocused in team fights they will deffinatly wish they had.

The Runes;
Marks: Because every AD hero should have this, more damage more ROFLCOPTER69
Seals: Personal choice, I like to crit every other hit for 600+ on my enemies
Glyphs: Because this allows you to spam your skills with little mana issues.
Quints: Like Marks they help making your enemies respawn at base.

The Summonder Abilites;
Flash: I like the ability to get away, MF is no good if you get caught so more escapability
Ghoast: Same as above sometimes Flash is on CD so I have ghost for GTFO moments or vice versa.

Other Summoner Abilites that work;
Ignite: Sure if you feel you like to harass then go in for the kill with ignite
Rally: Sure if your killing dragon or Baron earlie or big team fights more damage is good
Clairvoyance: Excellent for ganking or before getting ganked on I swap this for flash somtimes
Heal: Good survivability earlie on and easy heal, sure good for baiting too!
Cleanse: MF < Stuns/Slows/Immobalize So this comes in handy
Exhaust: Earlie slow before frozen mallet, and end game blind...Pretty win too!
Teleport: Helps farming lanes that get creeps stacked, MF is item dependent...WIN!
Clarity: This is meh, if you REALLY like spamming skill, then sure dont totally rec it tho

MF Breakdown;
Miss fortune is SQUISHIE, She dies quickly and therefore she must stay out of the fights and shoot from the back (Ex. like Kog'Maw!). End game she hits extremely hard and can make people hate you, so if your not ready to get a ******ed douchebag playin ******y champion, then dont play her otherwise PWN away! She is EXTREMELY item dependent which means you MUST farm, in your mind should always be thinking WHERE CAN I GET MOAR GOLDZ?!?! After you have her items it gets fairly easy from there. Kiting is a bit difficult not completely but this build means you must learn to kite (AKA keeping your distance from the enemie while pwning face) if they are a melee champ they will probably hate you, being they cant hit you to slow you and you slow them while going increda fast means bad news for alot of champs. Kite your way to end game and farm for victory is the name of the game for her!

Bad champ match ups;
Tryn: This ****** can go into gay rage mode and wtf pwn ur face cause he cant die, just kite him and dont let him touch you and you should be alright
Morgana: Her immobalize is the bane of your exsistance, you get hit with that your most likely dead, be fast and make her try extremely hard to hit you.
Akali: She blinks and she slows. Theres not much you can do about this champ worst possible match up, best bet, kill her during team fights when she doesnt focus you.
Amumu: He grabs you for a stun, then ults, then your respawning. again make him aim hard to catch ur skinny ***, and rape him during team fights, he ults, YOU ULT into his making his team make a choice, dive in taking damage or flee.
Master Yi: If he ults he cant be slowed with means bad news for you, if your lucky your faster. If not catch him with his ult down and he tastes like sunday morning pie.
WarWick: His ult is BAD @#$^ING NEWS, if he doesnt have if ult when your around, this one tastes more like friday night ribs.

The build is as follows

-Starting out with Boots of Speed + x 3 HP Pots, allows me to move around and harass my opponent with my auto attacks and hitting him every so often with a double up bounce and still having some HP regen if he hits me a few times.
-Then upgrade your boots according to what you need Ex. Zerker boots or Mercury. I reccomend mercury because your not much use to the team if you get caught and die, being squishie I go with Mercury boots.
-After achieving your boots you will want to work towards Frozen mallet, after getting this you will be like a Ashe just with better damage and speed. Kite all your enemies, or slow them from running, this item is win
-After getting frozen mallet you'll want some better speed such as Zeal, itll help deal more damage and give you speed at the same time to kite your enemies easier and more efficient, while building towards a phantom dancer later
-After a quick 1k gold from Zeal I head for a hard hitting item, sure I can slow and can run from alot of things I still dont have the damage Im looking for so I head for Infinity Edge to whip out some good DPS while kiting champs.
-Now that Ive got my damage what more could I use, more attack speed and speed, so Ill finish my pantom dancer, to achieve what remaining goal I need (By here the game SHOULD be ending if not lets continue down the road to roll face on your enemies)
-What more could I possibly need hmm lets see, attack speed? Armor Pen? EVEN MORE SPEED? Youmoos comes in perfectly here as it gives you a sudden WTF mode, to roll face quicker and can even be used for GTFO moments, youmoo works perfectly well
-Game still hasnt ended? That means there is someone keeping you from winning the game. Perhaps morganas pro immobalizes? or Tyrns rediculous Rawr cant be killed mode? Whatever the case be this last slot is for whatever seems to be kicking your ***...Raping alot but your team sucks? Get a Gaurdian angel 2 lives is better then one, Negative spells screwing you over, get a banshee's veil whatever the case be this last slot should help you counter what is giving you problems, the choice is yours.

I trully like this build Ive tried alot of different things so far this has become my default, if you think something is wrong leave a comment pl0x and tell me what you think is wrong dont leave negative vote cause you saw a MF pwn you with this build :D. Feel free to try it out yourself works well and is how I think MF should be played like.