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Nidalee Build Guide by Romtor

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Romtor

Romtor's Guide to Nidalee (after heal nerf)

Romtor Last updated on September 28, 2011
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Hey, im Romtor and this is my guide to my favorite champion in the league, Nidalee.
When i seen the heal nerf i really thought it just ruined nidalee. Truth be told this didnt turn out to be a buff or nerf really.
They reduced the CD and mana cost of your spear and DOUBLED the AP ration on your cougar swipe , honestly at around level 6 cougar was already powerful , it just fell off as the game went on and became more of an escape tool then a damage tool.
Now with the buffs to cougar you can deal decent damage later game.Swipes AP ratio only went up to 0.4 but its cd is very short with blue buff and it can deal some decent damage.

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use your passive to your advantage whenever possible, 15% move speed in bushes and for 2 seconds after u leave. It makes the difference between life and death allot of the time.
You could be traveling across the map , or running away , this passive helps. It is even useful to chase enemies.
It is one of those passives that seems bad but then when you put it to use it is epic winning.

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Spell Pen - Spear and cougar form get bonus damage :D

Mana Rege Per 5 Per level - I know allot of people say these aren't needed, but i <3 them

5 Flat ap
4 AP per level
Balance between late game and early game AP :)

quints ( i didn't know what color to do)
Flat ap quints - Extra damage once again , Mite swap these over to spell pen now the heal is nerfed but we will see , ill update this when i can confirm which i like better

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Minion pushing

Pounce then swipe , minions are gone.
next wave :D
Pounce then swipe , minions are gone.
next wave :D

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Tower Pushing

Your heal gives an AS buff so never forget , use it on your highest AD ally attacking the turret with you. Faster turrets = faster win ;D
Even solo pushing , heal yourself when attacking the turrets.
try to proc lichbane whenever possible.

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Now that you dont get the dodge percent from cougar form i do not see the point of going defensive and getting nimblesness when you will only get 4% dodge.
I was already in confusion of what one to use and now the dodge percent is gone i really dont see 4% change to run faster even nearly worth the shortened CDs and 15 percent magic penetration.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ghost
The best summoner spells as nidalee by far in my opinion.
Both of these spells can be used offensively or defensively. These save you from alot of otherwise deaths.
Flash pounce gets you a decent amount ahead of the guy chasing you or the guy you are chasing.

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If your team doesnt really have good pushing champs pick up a guinsoo's rageblade and just skip the Zhonya's. Although i do not recommend this with most teams, Say you have a Yi , he can push faster than you and the guinsoo's becomes a wasted item.
if you manage to get you hands on both the blue buff and the GA good luck @ enemy team trying to kill you.
On your first back try to purchase merc treads, if you cannot get boots of speed and try to stay in lane until you can afford both merc treads and blasting wand

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Hit S before w so you dont turn around to attack the enemy like you sometimes do when you are trying to escape. This is generally only needed when you are trying to jump over walls

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Spears > heal now IMO

In my opinion spear is now the better spell to rank first , because heal was nerfed and spear was buffed , i used to think it depended on who your laning with and against but now i would recommend you just pick up spear. I still dont recommend spamming the spears , try to only throw them when you are about to fight ( if you are level 6 with cougar) or are going for the "kill shot"

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This spell still has double the AP ratio it used to, therefore making cougar allot more useful when fighting more than 1 target or are in a team fight.

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Team fights

Stay back throwing spears, once your team has ALL gone in you can jump into cougar and use your swipe to hit their whole team without any of them attacking you. Heals still play an important role on nidalee even after it was nerfed , try to use it to save teammates whenever possible.
Seems obvious but you would be surprised how many nidalees think they are Master Yi v2.

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silly 1/2 hp enemy chasing you?

silly 1/2 hp enemy chasing you?
get some range by pouncing away then you can swap to human and put the fool to rest with your spear.
If the spear doesnt kill them , they are
A) using MR items
B) low hp so you can jump in with cougar and kill the with one Q.

Warning: Enemy chaser guy will be mad :D

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Noobs think they are safe at turret?

if the enemy thinks they are safe chilling at the turret with like 1/4 hp Put a spear through their chest and put the fool to rest.

Warning: This will make the enemy team mad

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Jarvan's everywhere will hate you

go into cougar and leap out of the ult

Warning : jarvan players will hate you.

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I hope you put this guide to good use and kick lots of peoples brother's arses
(if you dont get that reference go here :D )
What should i add to this guide? Disagree with any item choices? questions?
comment below :D
Thanks for reading and time to go own it up as Nidalee :D