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League of Legends Build Guide Author Graawwr

Rumble - The Glass Mech

Graawwr Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I have noticed the emphasis many people put on Rumbles survivability, soft CC/support element. As I have destroyed theses builds in countless games, matching my steady dps build to other, tankier, Rumble builds, I decided to write this guide on how I feel Rumble should truly be played. However, do not get me wrong, tanky Rumble can also be a force to be reckoned with on occasion. First though, let me point out that ALL of Rumbles abilities are affected by AP. Including his shield. Rumble's bread and butter is his q, his flamethrower, and dps rapidly decreases among multiple targets (team battles). Finally, ALL OF RUMBLES SOFT CC DO NOT REQUIRE TANKY ITEMS TO USE. If you consider these things, you can see why putting warmogs over rabadons in a build is a stupid idea. You are going to be focused and you will die instantly. The only exception I've seen to this is a few Rumble players who have managed to build consistent stacks of majais while tanking (assist). So to clarify, THIS IS A PURE DPS RUMBLE BUILD! read on!

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Look at the trees, this one wrote itself. The dodge chance and movement speed increase stacks well with your runes, and believe it or not it can save you alot. Having that bonus movement speed after a dodge and spamming w can get you out of hairy situations. The overall reduced damage is really helpful early game as harpoon does low amount of damage and your only real harass has you in the face of your enemy. Another reason why dodge is a good idea...
9 points in offense for the exhaust and the much needed spell pen.

You don't have mana, do not put points in mana related masteries... Obviously.

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Runes really depend on play style. I strongly suggest MPen marks. By strongly I mean GET THEM. You need all the MPen you can get. I take dodge seals to synergize with my defensive masteries and add more survivability, and flat MR glyphs for early game survive against ranged casters. I take MPen quints.... Take MPen quints, just do it.


People keep asking me why so much MPen on this build. Its easy to explain. Your Q is an AOE spell. As such it looses vasts amounts of damage if it hits more than one target. If they have any magic resist, you will find you do next to **** damage. This is especially true early and mid game before you can finally get your Deathcap and you are still hitting minions while harassing in lane.

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Summoner Skills

Ultimately its player preference. However I strongly suggest ghost/exhaust. Why? Because popping ghost after you start chasing with your q activated ensures you get the full 3 seconds of destruction on your enemy, and when you overheat you will have enough speed to keep up and beat the living hell out of your enemy. Exhaust works like a charm in combination with this, but exhaust has another, much more useful function, 1v1. Hit exhaust on your target, pop w for your shield, e for your harpoon slowing them even more, q for your flamethrower, and e for your second harpoon, now overheat and annihilate them. Exhaust reduces Armor/MR AND reduces their damage significantly. I have 1v1'd fed Yi's by simply exhausting him and standing there and duking it out. Exhaust can also be used defensively as well. Hitting exhaust and then w can almost ensure escape, unless they have a couple hard CC spells.

You can take, but are not suggested:

Heal - Hopefully you are using your shield every time its up and you dont need this. If you do get hit, potions are cheap use them instead of wasting your summoner spell.

Fortify - I take this every once in a while when my team really needs it. I usually replace ghost since your W has a movement speed increase and exhaust slows.

Flash - While this is a good spell for most champs, you don't really need to flash into a battle with Rumble (or out of). The direction you are facing with Rumble is really important for his Q and I find that you lose a few milliseconds with flash that you sometimes really need to finish the enemy.

Cleanse - This can sometimes be really helpful on Rumble, but generally it isn't. Your shield is better than you think. Use it all the time. It will help you escape even if you get CC'd.

Clairvoyance - Let someone else take it.

Teleport - Meh, I mean, You don't need to be everywhere at once. You are best served in bottom lane kicking ***. Not jumping all over.

Never take:
Revive - you shouldn't be dying
Clarity - You don't have mana!
Rally - Just, no.

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Skill Sequence

Always start with Q. Why? Because people are terrified of it early game, it's a great harass, it will help you farm minions, AND ITS THE ONLY LV1 SKILL THAT CAN GET YOUR HEAT INTO YELLOW. If you don't start with Q, you are going to be doing poorly in your lane both minion and harass-wise. (On rare occasion I take E first if I have to mid. Champs like Ez and Ashe can really harass you before you can close the distance, but you should play very defensively until you get to level 3 and have all skills.)

Next I go for E if my lane is dominate, or W if we are even or being pushed back. Lvl 3 you pick up whichever you didn't get before so you have all of your skills and can easily overheat if you need to.

Then you put every possible point (except ult) into Q.

After Q is maxed:
Max W first if you are being focused or harassed a lot,
Max E and W at same time if you are doing well.
Do not max E first, and then W, even though the slow increases. Its ok. You dont need the slow that much and the damage is small on this move. The W is going to really help you more as it will keep you alive AND it gives you movement speed increase (So you can chase the slightly less slowed enemy). Staying alive means more gold, more kills, more gear!

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First things first. GET BOOTS and 3 HP Pots. The boots will help you harass much better in lane with your Q. You can dive in and flame a bit, then dip out. I take 3 pots instead of a ward, because you will use your pots before level 4 most likely, and I don't feel the need for a ward in lane when you have a pretty strong chance of not being ganked this early, especially if your health is still full.

Next I grab Sorcerers Shoes. You will notice a big difference when you have that spell pen.
Also grab more pots and a ward if you can. BUY WARDS. BUY MORE POTS.

Next is going to be a Blasting Wand. This point in the game its tough for Rumble because unless you are doing well and have fed a bit, your DPS drops off compared to other champs at this stage. Keep spamming w and harass/farm.
When you can afford it, go back for your void staff and whatever else you can get. You know the drill from here, keep buying and helping your team.

*Late Game Purchases*
After Rabadons Deathcap, things get complicated for Rumble. A lot of people ask why Rylai's isnt in this build. Well. I find it underwhelming TBH. Its a great piece of equipment, dont get me wrong, but I think its better spent on Malady and half of Zhonya's. You really just need AP. Lots and Lots of AP and MPen.

Malady, you say? Why, you say? Because between this and GRB its the best of the two. If you overheat and add 500+ damage to each swing, you are going to thank me for that extra 50% AS. Not only that, it gives you AP AND stacks MRR. Its awesome.
After Malady, build Zhonya's and it should be GG.

Other options are Hextech GB, it gives you AP and spell still (Which works with Q, BTW). Will of the ancients would be better if you had a team that could utilize it. You wont see your life go up like crazy, but it will allow you to never return to base after that...
Rylai's is still a good option. The health is very nice and the passive does work and stacks with your abilities. I just find that its unnecessary and expensive, better to get another Rabon instead.

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So I hope this was helpful. Always remember to spam w when near enemies of any sort. ALWAYS keep your heat in the yellow. Dont try to tank anything because you will die. Hmm. Not much else I can think of. HAVE FUN! Rumble is super fun to play.

Please leave comments and vote on my build. I would love any feedback. As of right now Rumble is new so I would love to hear what you have to say about this build.