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Rengar General Guide by mistahjellison

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mistahjellison

Runeglaive AP Rengar Top! [The Carry God]

mistahjellison Last updated on July 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sup M'llaies. This guide will teach you how to be a top lane terror with AP Rengar.

This is good because Runeglaive completely makes Rengar's Q magic damage and makes it scale from AP.The effect also apply AoE And on Tower making you still able to split push, even when AP. It also procs Ludens making the normal AP Rengar WAY more efficient!


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Some Slang I may Use

W, W = Having 4 or 5 stacks of ferocity and jumping in with a W then another W
5 stack = Full ferocity stacks
AP = Ability Power
CC = Crowd Control or Stuns/Slows/Taunts
TP = Teleport summoner spell
Squishies = Low HP Enemies
MR = Magic Resist
MPen = Magic Penetration.

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Summoner Spells

I recommend being kind of greedy and taking Flash + Smite. But TP / Smite is probably better once you get the hang of things.

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Your standard AP Caster page.
You can swap out your marks for flat AP or scaling AP though, if you wish.

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Get your Sheen before your smite, obviously.

Runeglaive is a HUGE power spike on you, and in most lanes you can out trade the enemy for unexpected damage and cut their damage by 20%. Unless you are behind already.

Ludens can be procced with Q and E as of 5.12 so use it right c: Core item too.

The rest is normal, unless you are fed and want a mejais to solo carry.

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Your Combos

5 Stacks: Jump in (no q), W, W, Q, Smite, E, Autos, done
3 or 4 Stacks: you jump in with Q, W, W, Smite, E, Bunch of autos, done
2 stacks: jump in with Q, land E on something, Smite, W , W, Autos, Done
Dont go in with 0 or 1 stack unless free kill.
Always use two W's when you can. Crazy damage + heals

3 or 4 is the best time to go in as you can get your 2nd enhanced runeglaive auto once you E,

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Pros and Cons


* Great lane bully dominance against melee champions
* Great sustain in lane with 5 stacked W
* Huge power spike on runeglaive purchase for nearly free trades.
* Runeglaive changes Q to entirely hit magic damage, giving it AoE and making it scale of AP. (Hits for around 700 with full build)
* Q can now proc Ludens along with E...for some reason...i dont even know....
* One shotting has never been easier with Rengar if ahead.
* Rather than just jumping in on a single target, you have a ton of AoE Abilties.
* Runeglaive procs on towers and gives you crazy damage, so you can still split push very hard (full build one enhanced auto on tower does 800 damage)
* Most people start cloth 5 against you or build an armor item first giving you extra potential in lane.
* You look badass doing it B)


* You arent THAT strong before you get runeglaive, although, you arent useless either.
* CC is your enemy. :c
* Ult or bush reliant.
* One quick burst, not prolonged damage unless smite is up
* If you screw up your combo in a team fight.... you are probably dead and lost the fight.
* Prone to a lot of MR, as you dont have much MPen for a while.
* Bruisers are hard to fight late game and you really have to rely on getting squishies.

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Lane Phase

If fed, Keep feeding off your lane as much as possible. Once they start playing super safe, take your hunger elsewhere and get more fed c:

If close lane, Constantly push out lane with W and go Roam. Either steal enemies jungle with your smite or camp the mid laner.

If behind..just farm well and try not to feed anymore. Look for free kills otherwise play safe.

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Team Fight

Look for two squishies to be next to each other and one shot both of them with the combo. Otherwise just pick off their adc or apc if they are alone. If all 5 eneimies are standing near each other jump on the middle dude and spam ****. You will win the fight.

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Vs. Champions.

I filled out a list for every single top lane and it all got deleted and it took me forever, I really dont feel like redoing it so here is a tl;dr version.

People with instant CC (IE: Riven) Are hard to engage against and can probably out trade you a lot.

Champions that are squishy like Jayce and mini Gnar, can be fought at appropriate times

Tanky champions: You wont be able to kill past level 11, so try to win early if you can.

Bruisers you can trade for a while with smite (Champs like Wukong or Jax) try to avoid their cc though.

Again, sorry that i dot have the real match ups. If needed I will redo it later.

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Thats basically it! I really hope you enjoyed this! Comment any suggestions you have!


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