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Blitzcrank Build Guide by ChamHaa

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChamHaa

Running Golem kills and tanks like a boss!

ChamHaa Last updated on January 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my first guide on mobafire, actually my first guide ever written. I tried to play Blitzcrank as an Ap-Tank first time when we were nearly playing with many squishy mages and me...Blitzcrank. I was playing since then on full AP, but neaded to tank for my teammates.
So I improvised...and actually saw it's working very well. I played some more games with this build, and it worked well every time. So I thought of doing a guide on mobafire...and here I am! So, let's start!

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Every guide I read I didn't like to read the whole guide to finally see how to play that I'll start with the gameplay.

In general, you should try to use your Fist (E) and Ulti (R) every time you can in team fights. DONT TRY TO KILL YOUR ENEMIES WITH YOUR ULTI. Just cast it every time you can.

Early Game:

You will go on bot or top lane. Never do solo lane with this build.
You should try to stay at tower. Try to play with a high-damage melee or mage on your lane. Pull your enemies into your tower, whenever you can, but try not to hook without success.
There are 2 possibilities:

Possibilty A: Your enemies are not the smartest ones and get hooked many times:
Hook them into your tower and play deffensive until Level 6 or 7 or when you get maybe 3-4 kills or assists. Use your Hook (Q) and Fist (E) when you hook them into your tower. When you got enough Kills or Assists, you can start to play aggressive and push the tower. Pull them out of their tower, then try to take them down. When turret is down, go gank other lanes and take them down too. You and your lane-mate will be feeded enough to take them down fast.

Possibilty B: Your enemies are smart enough to not get hooked so much/never:
Possibilty A happens nearly never. But every gamer, even the best ones, do mistakes. And you have to see them. Whenever an enemy stays infront of his vasalls, hook him and throw him up with your fist. When you are not able to hook him in your tower one time until Level 5, stop playing deffensive. Start killing creeps. Get your money and try to get tanky fast. Then call your mid lane for a gank and tank your should take them down. Then you can push tower.

Mid Game:

You should be a very good tank now. Tank your lane, kill your enemies and than go gank mid, tank mid, kill your enemies. Then go tank last lane, tank that lane, kill them. Your life consists of being a tank, hook them, through them up, use your ulti, through them up, hook, through etc.

Late Game:

Nearly the same like Mid Game, but you should also tank towers. Ping them, go attack them and your mates will take them down. You can push like hell now. You are very fast with your W and your boots, you can tank like hell, etc.

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Some explanations to my item choices.

Sorcer's Shoes:
Nice to do acceptable damage even to enemy tanks. The more you get at high-level, the more people will get magic resist, so you have to reply something.

Guardian Angel:

Nice passive. You wont die because of your Blitzcrank's passive so often, but when you do, Guardian Angel will help you to escape better.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Nice armor and ability power. A must-have for an AP-Tank.

Last item: Crystal Scepter

Like Zhonya, its a must have for a AP-Tank. Nice Health and nice AP. Crystal Scepter is very effective because your Hook (Q) and your Fist (E) will slow the enemies.

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Other possible Items

You should observe your enemy team. If there are many people with magic resist, take Sorcer's Shoes. . If you have many high-damage mages in your enemy team, get Mercury's Treads.

Guardian Angel:

Have a look at your enemy team. If they have many AD Carries, like Sivir, Ashe, Warwick, Master Yi etc., take Thornmail. If they have many mages with high-damage, take Guardian Angel. If you want to be balanced, take Glacial Shroud; your passive will give you more health when under 20% of health. In most cases I take Guardian Angel because it's passive is very helpful.

Zhonya's Hourglass

When you see that there are many high-damage mages in the enemy team, I woulf recommend to take Lich Bane here, otherwise take Zhonya.

Last item: Crystal Scepter

Besided Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you can also take Rabadon's Deathcap, if you want to make more damage. It's passive will boost your Rod of Ages and Zhonya's Hourglass, too.

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Other possible Masteries, Runes etc.

You can also use:
Ghost: If you think you are not fast enough with your W.
Heal: I think there are better masteries, but Heal is good too.
Exhaust: Really useful, too.

If there are many enemies with high magic resist, you can also take Gretaer Marks of Insight.

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I know that this guide is not finished yet...but I will finish it soon! But I think these are the main information about this build. Please leave me a comment and tell me what information is missing and which one I should add first.

Thanks for reading!


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Team Work

Early Game:
Tell your lane partner to stay at tower. You should try get some creep kills, until you get Level 2. Then get your fist and try to Hook (Q) in the tower and then throw your enemies up with your fist (E). Your partner should take him down know, you can try to do it too for some early gold.

Mid game:
Go gank with your lane partner when your lane is cleaned. Get into the bushes, then hook him. You should take the enemies down easily.

Late game:
You shoud be the one to start the team fight. If you want to hook someone, first avtivate your Fist (E). Than try to hook a squishy enemy champion, he will get thrown up, your team will take him down easily. You can also use your Ulti to weaken him, but don't try to take him down with your ulti. You are not the one who should get all the kills.

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Team Champions

I will list up the champions Blitzcrank can play together with very good (especially at early game).

Master Yi/Fizz/Xin Zhao/Wukong:
All do nice damage, and can take down low-hp enemies which are escaping.

Very nice combo: Shaco creates his Jack in the Box in any bush (like 3 or 4), you go in that bush and hook someone in there. His Jacks will do the rest ;)

You hook the enemy, throw him up, they stun them....very nice combo. Brand do also massive damage.
On the other side they can stun nearvy enemies so you can hook them more easily.

Any AD Champion:
Besides the ones called at the top you can nearly play with all AD champions.