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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Devilredjin

Ryze( 100% Magic Pen.)

Devilredjin Last updated on August 4, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Disclaimer (This will not make you the best player on lol, this is just a build I enjoy using.)

Ok, I did some major editing to this build, because after having played a tad more seriously, I found that this needed a revamp and some explaining.

A hear a lot of talk about Ryze not being that great a character, only mid-low tier, however when I play him, a lot of people say he is OP because he can get a lot of damage, killing or assisting damage, done in a very short period of time. He is a lot of fun, and quite powerful, and this will be a solid build to use him in.

Summoner Spells.

Ghost- Amazing in the 5 v 5 map, as you can change lanes and gank or assist like it is no ones business. Also great for rushing up to an injured Champ in your lane and finishing him off.

Exhaust- Really reliable partner to Ghost, can make a DPS or Tank opponent completely out of the fight for a couple of seconds, and when you play Ryze, all you need is that couple of seconds.

Ryze's Ablilities.

Arcane Mastery- (Innate): When Ryze casts a spell, all other spells have their cooldown reduced by 1 second.

---Amazing, abilities can just be dropped out of nowhere, no need to worry to much about if you need to wait on cooldown all that often, and his ulti can come back insanely fast, faster than most champions I can think of.

Overload - (Active): Ryze throws a charge of pure energy at an enemy unit for heavy damage and additional 10% damage based upon Ryze's maximum mana.

---Bloody brilliant move, that can take out chunks of Champ health during this builds Mid-game. Mixing this with the Arch-Angel Staff means that you have insane mana, great AP and a powerful lil' move. Can Do 210 damage by self at full level. Plus 45% of AP and 10% of your very high mana.

---Rune Prison - (Active): Ryze traps target enemy unit in a cage of runes, preventing them from moving or attacking, dealing 40 (+0.2 per ability power) magic damage every 0.4 second.

People have said you want this move first if you want to gank beginning game. DON'T! It is a good move mid to late game after a couple of levels, but at level 1 it only snares for .8 seconds. Doing no damage, and only slowing an opponent for an instant, not worth it. Still a great move, but something I tend to level later, as I find the power and damage much easier to deal with, as I myself am an aggressive player.

Spell Flux - (Active): Ryze unleashes a bouncing orb of magical power which bounces to enemy units or himself, up to 5 times. Each bounce deals magic damage and reduces the target's Magic Resistance by 12.

---This is what I would have to say, is Ryze's best and most powerful move. It is so useful and amazing and has saved and started me off in almost all my matches. The first move you get always. In a 3 v 3(especially a pre-made.), if your fast at buying everything and get to the bush first(I have practiced that endlessly, so that it takes almost no time.) you can rush to the bush and wait(Make sure a DPS or Tank is with you. Especially great if someone with stun or disrupt *Alistar, Cho'gath Xin Zhao*) If one opponent approaches the bush, drop the Spell flux when they get right in front of you and the bush. With the combination of disrupt and your spell flux, I promise, that they either lost 3/4 health or, all their health. If the player is still alive, exhaust and attack with the teammate.

If two people charge that bush, wait til they get to the edge of your spell radius and drop it. The spell will bounce on the two of them, making them both lose about half health.

Desperate Power - (Active): Ryze becomes supercharged, gaining ability power and causing his spells to deal 65% AoE damage for 8 seconds.

---The most amazing thing I have ever laid my eyes upon. At full level Ryze gains an Enormous 140 AP. This spell also has no cost to cast, a 40 second cool down(which is actually a lot less when you have Ryze's Passive) and AoE DAMAGE! With AoE and Spell flux, you can destroy multiple champions without any problem. Add in Overload and Rune Prison and you have what many refer to as "The Ryze Combo".

The Ryze Combo

The Best Way to utilize the Ryze Combo is the following bellow.

1. Rune Prison, Desperate Power, Spell Flux, Overload.

Rune Prison so the opponent can't escape, Then power up with that ultimate and prepare to drop bombs. Spell flux combined with Desperate power means you are doing intense damage, alongside the bouncing and 65% AoE damage, it is like an extra 2 hits from the bounce. Overload becomes massively powerful because of the AP increase, and the fact that you drop the opponents Magic Res. because you use Spell flux first.

Early Game
Buy the Amplifying Tome, and a Mana Pot, I never really worry about health, but if you want too, switch it out. 3 v 3, follow gank rules above. 5 v 5, try and get mid, unless you are not feeling confident, this ryze is a great mid in my opinion.

Harass and damage opponents, try to get first blood. With the right team in a 3 v 3, you can even open the game with an Ace.(Did it a couple of times with a pre-made Yi and Zhao alongside me, very over-powering match-up) Very hard to do, but with the speed, and amount of damage dealt, entirely possible.

From then on, harass with Spell flux, killing minions and hurting the opposing champ. Once you have 1100 buy the Sorce. Shoes. This should be right before mid-game


Next you have too Choose Haunting Guise or Archangel's Staff? Confused? Let me explain then. After having gotten the shoes and the Tome, you want to build one of the two items above, The Staff giving you all the mana you will need for this game and the guise making you much less squishy health wise, and giving you a little bit on pen. (Which goes a long way.) If you have been well Feed this Whole time, go for that staff, however, if you are doing poorly, get the guise.
Complete the one you did not complete afterwards.

Regardless, that will give you a lot of power, so you can start going for kills now, and I mean, moving around the lanes and searching for opponents. In a 5 v 5, watch the other two lanes, when a team gets cocky and pushes with mid-amounts of health, make it look like you are running back to base, then run behind them with Ghost. Blast away, and you'll probably get the kill easy, if not, they will probably freak, seeing how there health is low, and not even thing about the fact that your spells are on cooldown. worst comes to worst, you exhaust and escape. If they chase, they risk taking turret fire to finish them off.

One again you are stuck at a choice Zhonya's ring or void staff. The Choice works the same way as above. If poorly fed, go for the poor man's item(Void Staff). If not, get your Ring.

Now if you attack people, make sure they have a couple of minions next to them, or another champion, this will boost your Spell flux's effectiveness greatly.

Late Game
You should be a very solid and strong, Blast at Champs fighter. The Ring will be in the completion process, and you probably won't even get a chance to build your last item. Don't be afraid to die if it means turning the tide in a battle and killing 2-3 Players(Either slaying them yourself, or assisting and leaving them to die). With your killing power, you will probably get attacked first in a gank, no one likes to die, but they hate it a lot more when it is in two seconds!

Thats about it, I hope you enjoy this little build, I will answer any questions and make more edits as they occur. Thanks!