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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThrashMaster

Ryze, Attack and Survive!

ThrashMaster Last updated on December 8, 2010
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This build for Ryze is a little bit different then some but I personally found that it can work out very well. The Ryze I build is a little better at surviving then most other builds without losing anything terribly useful for him. Since Ryze is so highly targetable I sacrifice very little to gain health and and a little armor. I will break is down my reasons for what I choose right here.

=================SUMMONER SPELLS:
Clariy: I never used clarity for a long time and just used a few mana regen pots early game and tried to make sure I grabbed the blue buff later game. However it turns out to be more useful for Ryze then you would think. First of all I don't have to worry to much about conserving my mana early game witch is good for some early lane pushes and even some kills. Then late game it is useful for the rare occasion for when you should need it but it is also useful since you can give much needed mana to your allies so you can keep pushing and you won't have to hear "oom have to go back" When you are wide open for a good push.

Flash: This is of course godlike at times when it comes to getting away from enemies late game and early game. But as an added bonus I can get an extra laning kill about 50% of the time by lvl 3 because they try to keep their distance and be cautious and watch the range on my spells. Then you can just flash just close enough for your Rune Prison and finish them off if they are mid to low health depending on the opponent.

The only thing that should need any explanation is the bonus experience instead of mana regen. Basically between Archangles Staff and Clarity you don't need to worry about mana the vast majority of the time, however the early xp boost can help you get ahead quick.

The only ones that need to be explained here are the runes for scaling health instead of mana regen. Pretty obvious really, since you have clarity, build tear of the goddess early, and later Archangles mana should very rarely ever be a problem and with these runes you get nearly 200 extra health, and with Ryze who has a small health pool that extra 200 can easily mean the difference between life and death.

As with any build the item build as dependent on the current game and who you are vsing as well and the flow of the game, however I alway start with 2 health pots and Sapphire Crystal to start off my Tear of the Goddess. Since Ryze is so squishy and has a small health pool the healing pots are fantastic, and once again, since you have clarity mana is not a big issue and it is worth it getting the 2nd healing pot instead of a mana pot.

First make sure to get Tear of the Goddess so it can start stacking for a nice boost from your Archangels. After that you will want to get Rod of Ages so it can start stacking ASAP. After that Glacial shroud is a great choice since you get armor, mana, and spell reduction. The spell reduction is especially noticeable at this point usually. After that then if you are vsing other AP heavy people this you will want to get Abyssal next for, well, everything it has to offer. If you aren't worried about who you are vsing then the Archangels is better at this point for the mana regen and the good AP bonus you will get from it.

Games don't normally last long enough to build past that and you can just use your last judgement on how the game is going for the last two items. Zonyas would be an obvious wise choice I think. Another Archangles would also boost your AP nicely.

Early game you will want to stay way back and instead of targeting a ranged enemy directly cast your spell flux on a minion near then so you don't enter the enemies range and the spell flux can still bounce on them and hit them. Be very, very cautious if vsing, Garen, Jax, or any stunners, remember that you are very squishy and EVERYBODY knows it. If you get the opening and can for sure make the kill when you have all 3 spells then I will often Flash into range and unload on them for the kill and run away. Since they will run when they see you coming the Flash is often necessary.

Late game you will want to stay by other teammates and try to support more then anything else. And remember that sometimes running smartly can work just as good as attacking sometime. Often times a crazy Garen or Jax will come charging at you even though he has no chance of getting away from your teammates and try to get you since you are the weakest target normally. This is when you need to just run and don't worry about the kill since he is going to die anyway, I will often try to Flash to the other side of a tree line to make sure I don't die. Also, even if you can't flash to the other side of a tree line and you are the target in a big team battle then you can just try to flash as far way as possible so the enemy will have a harding time clicking on you for their final blow even if you won't get away. Seconds count in this game. Remember that the longer you survive, the more damage your teammates do, and maybe you can live long enough to get another spell off too.

In short, play smart, not greedy.