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Ryze Build Guide by champion haseo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author champion haseo

Ryze- Bless your face!

champion haseo Last updated on April 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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HI GUYS! How's it going? me im doing amazingly amazing :) hope you guys are too. today im going to show you my Ryze build :D
so i hope you like my build and continue reading you might find this build quite cool :D

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so the 1st thing ill explain the is the rune page
so 1st of all the Mark's

The marks i picked are for MP so that if someone stacks MR youll be able to penetrate that a bit and that little bit could win you the game ;P

2nd the Seals

i picked these seals because every ryze player should know that 2 of his ability's Q & W can scale off of mana which even though its not a lot of mana multiply 1.17X9=10.53X18=189 mana which could make a HUGE difference in a fight.

3rd the glyph

i picked 2 of the rune's as MP is because all his ability's are magic (of course) plus his magic DMG and with a bit of MP could make the whole difference in killing that pesky MF, Graves, or akali and the 7 more as mana per level for the same reason as seals but this 1 a bit more so 178+189=367 wich is AWESOME in fights i mean never OOM amazing DMG so you unbeatable.

4th the Quintessence

the quitenssence's are for speed so you can catch up to teemo even with his speed boost on and even for running away from that akali or wukong with 10 hp left wich could win the game for your team.

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welllll im not very good in explaining masteries (never been good at explaining masteries :/) so im gonna make this realll short so i took these mastery's to get some armor some HPR HP speed CRD and quite a lot of other things like mana and such (IKR lame)

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i took these items to give ryze the best AP mana spell vamp to maximise ryze to the fullest i mean think about this if a build builds all AP of course it will do a **** ton of damage but think if he would of increased the mana too it would do even MORE damage to the target but imagine if he had all that but no spell vamp then he wouldnt be able to stay alive very long if hes completly focused but if he gets spell vamp hell be able to stay a lot longer AND get a lot more kills :D wich is prolly the best thing because a full ryze is a fat ryze :D

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Summoner Spells

the summoner spells that i picked are quick and easy to explain 1st flash he picked flash because image if you got a graves super low hp but hes too far away to get him so you flash in and kill him but image if you didnt have flash and you had ghost of course you could prolly kill him but it'd be a lot harder since he'd see you coming and will run away to survive and will have enough time for his teamates to come in and help him out.

Now for ignite so now imagine you're up against a nocturne with a LOT of life steal pop up your ignite it will make it harder for him to gain some HP back and since you got your own spell vamp you'll be able to get some hp back and steal do a **** ton of damage.

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So i hope you enjoyed this build i enjoyed making it, it was a lot of fun im not 100% done on it yet i still need to make a few tweaks here and there like add pictures fix the grammar.

P.S please give me some things i should change with this build ill do ANYTHING to make this build better and better i know it has a lot to improve i know but im trying my best :D