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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fuzzy878

Ryze first Blood Build

fuzzy878 Last updated on April 12, 2011
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after playing ryze now for over 100 games, i seem to find there is people out there who do not understand or still think ryze is not a op champ.

My build is here to show players and perhaps help settle a few things for people who dont understand ryze. perhaps i will stop getting told im being reported for hacks or to change champ because ryze is bad.

SO as most should know ryze no longer runs on AP any more. i still see people use it and it give me a giggle. Ryze runs on mana and he does it very well.

This build is for first blood and not for soloing a lane. If you wish to solo a lane with ryze make sure there person you are 1 on 1 with has no way of healing or your going to find it very hard to take them down at the start. So best stick with a melee on a side lane.

Would also like to thank avenge for the little bit he added to the talents.

This is my first build so i hope use enjoy and if use would like to add or ask me anything plz do, but please keep in mind iv played over the 100 games with ryze. he is my fav champ and i play him way to much, the skill iv picked up has taken time to master and takes very fast fingers to pull it off :)

If you like this build plz vote it up thanks :)

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The runes i pick as you can see are flat mana. this with your starter gem will boost you up to over 800 mana at level 1. this means u can 2 - 3 shot almost any champ. higher HP champs will take about 5 - 6, but it wont take long to score that first blood.

i dont use any other runes as i feel i want max dps out of them so i stick only with mana.

i have tired other runes out, like normal caster runes and so on, after spending a tone of ip i still found that flat mana worked best.

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Now this is where a bit of fun comes in to it. As you can see i went down the def tree all the way to the HP boost then took the Util tree down to speed boost. doing so makes that first blood alot less pain full and stops u going splat with in 3 - 4 hits. even been jummped on by 3 champs i have gotten away alive. these pay off big time and help alot more since ryze can fall over dead very fast.

It dont mean you superman, still play safe. hit and run hit and run. never forget your burst dps then wait for CDs to come off.

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My first item i go for is sapphire crystal followed by a mana and hp pot. then once i got the gold. i can make that about level 4 most of the time. i pick up tear of goddess and boots of speed. i then follow that up with sorcerers shoes by about level 6.

Once these items are done time to run about helping lanes if they need it. jump out and gank its good with with ryze.

Once u got the gold pick up casta;yst the protector. As u can see i did not upgrade the tear of goddess just incase i never got much kills, this way my mana keeps going up. i then buy the rod og ages followed by the archagels staff. i pick these up first since they have stacking over time moves.

I then go for frozen heart and then random mana boosts. iv yet been able to fully get my mana maxed out but iv been over 5.5k mana. im sure i can get over 6k tho.

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Skill Sequence

the skills i pick i feel are the best way to hit hard and keep them back. it helps when you need to farm as well. Do not be scared to pop your ulti on minis if there is a load. just fire of your spells fast and the cd will fall down super fast.

not much else to say about them bar its how i play and how it works for me.

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Summoner Spells

i take 2 spells and 2 spells only.




i take flash to jump on or jump out. yes i dive on people and nuke them its good fun and works well and if things get tricky i can flash away to keep my self alive and in the game. Ghost is used for the same thing as well.

there is so many cool tricks u can pull off with this combo, me going over them wont help tho, you need to learn and master it the hard way to become the best at it.

i do not recomend any other ones.

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So how to play ryze.

As i said before hit and run, soon as prison is off cooldown use it pop what u got and move again, In team fights pop what u got move out of the main fight and fire more shots off at who u can. if a team mate is in trouble try and prison who is attacking him and pummel him in to the ground. he will die or back off from your team mate.

A great trick i do is kite. i dont know why people fall for it but they do. If i kite someone i dont need to bring them in to a trap i just kill them my self.

SO keep in mind hit and run and kite for the win, also try and help your team out as much as u can.

If u got really fast fingers and great timming u will walk out of a game with over 20 kills. iv had up to 30 and if u play well with ryze u will walk out with less that 4 deaths maybe even none.

If you get a bad team tho it can make a bad game for ryze so dont nock him right away.

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Ranked Play

Well after finding a team that dont cry about you going ryze and once u get in to the game and show them wrong it feel better,

i play ranked sort of the same way i play normal. it dont change much in most ways bar you need to be a bit more carefull. as once the teams starts to see you nuke them, they will focuse fire u alot and that can be a right pain.

so just play real safe as ryze and help where u can. never ever be at the front of your team :)

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Pros / Cons


Burst dps
Less chance of falling over fast
High mana so able to fight for long
Good at killing blows
Can hold a player in place for a sec or 2
Can do big aoe damage


Hard to get a team that dont give you abouse for picking him
If your team fails you will not do so well
**** at killing turrets
Not good if your taken on a champ who heals unless its more than 1 on 1

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Team Work

tell who u are in the lane with how u play fast. always mark who u will focuse fire on. try burst one down at a time doing 2 may leave u low on mana before level 4.

if your out of mana dont hang around ryze with no mana sucks so always top up if u have to. never hang aroudn with less than 200 mana.