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Ryze Build Guide by Maniaco02

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Maniaco02

Ryze is Dominion King

Maniaco02 Last updated on October 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build and since it's for Dominion only, there will not be much blah blah around special stuff, simple and efficient. My in-game name is Maniaco02
Hope you like!

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These runes I chose are, for my play-style the best around.

Mark = Magic Pen as always
Glyph = Cooldown reduction as you will need it to play with snare and tower
Seal = Armor since it is a good seal overall and u won't need more cooldown reduction since you'll probably reach 40% before the end. This would be the only category *seal* I would make a change if someone doesn't like the +13 armor.

= Speed, since speed is the key in here and as compared to summoner's rift, you will get items pretty fast and such + mana or + ability wouldn't affect enough.

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I went for 9-2-19 here since I think my 2 Mr and Armor would benefit me for more fights then the 15% CDR summoners spells would as I felt I didn't had to wait often after my Exhaust and Ghost spell. A 9-0-21 would work pretty good too, the difference between both is not huge as so I suggest both of them.

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As you have seen the item sequence, you will always start with a Tear + boots. After that it will depend on how the other team is build. Quite and simple, if you are facing :

Big AD team = Catalyst first or Frozen Heart - Odyn's Veil - Rod of Ages
Big AP team = Odyn's Veil - Frozen Heart - Rod of ages
Average Ap-AD with high HP = Rod of Ages - Frozen Heart - Odyn's Veil

As you see for the AD and AP team, the Rod is always last and not second because since the game is short, you will benefit a lot more of the quick HP-MR-DPS(mana) of Odyn's Veil vs AP team and from Cooldown reduction and mana (DPS) from Frozen Heart when facing AD which often has less HP and will die faster. For AD you can also go for a Catalyst for a few HP before going to Frozen Heart,

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Skill Order

For the skill, always take the 3 first spell at the start as you will use Spell flux often to lower other cooldowns and even hit minions when ur mana is good and u want to build up your tears (+mana, starting item). After that I suggest you max Overload and then Rune Prison to finish with your last points into Spell flux which will be a weak spell knowing u will max mana and not AP.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty Simple, Overload, Rune Prison, Spell Flux, and use ur Ultimate whenever the enemy are grouped, u need HP or need a 1sec CDR for finishing off an enemy with ur Overload.

The key is to Smart-cast, without it, you are big time Trash. Pretty Simple, hold Shift and press QWER with your cursor over the enemy you wanna cast on to deliver a big burst to him.

If you are chasing an enemy don't be afraid to use Overload before Rune Prison as it has more range and u will sometime not be able to reach the enemy enough close to snare him in place. You'll do him a few damage before he gets away and you will prevent yourself from being baited.

U will also realize that doing damage to enemy without killing them is sometimes better then killing them. Some noobs will try healing themselves with items and will enter new fights with under 50% hp couple seconds after, sometimes even a minute after, while having made a recall or even died, would of been better as you buy item and come back with full HP (with 9% from masteries people do revive pretty quick). So don't chase when not necessary :)

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Team Work

Ur role in team fights, because I suggested you go Top all the time as ur Burst Damage will be highly needed, is often to kite the enemy into the group and then back up while you burst out the 1 enemy that will often try following you and will get *snared* by your rune prison near your group. Beware of the enemy groups with a lot of Crowd Control *CC*, you can handle well 1 stun or such like Pantheon stun as you have a high amount of HP and Armor and then back up as you Snare ur enemy who gets caught, but you won't be able to handle 2 CC.

You will often be defending tower as you are never the tank or melee going into fights. If you get to defend a tower alone since others died or recalled, play with your Rune Prison wisely. Stay on the other side of the tower as your enemy try to capture it, then snare him into position, blast him with others spells so you get around 2-3-4 sec off your cooldown on Rune prison and walk around until u get it refreshed and then snare again, move a little and trow all u got.
You will see that Ryze is probably one of the top 5 champions able to defend a tower as you use tower damage a lot to help you. I often defend vs 2 enemy at a time and couples waves of 1-2 enemy as you can heal with the Healing items near tower.

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Go for the CDR build as shown above so you get to be an OP champion to defend tower and have an amazing burst in team fights. Hope you will like !!!

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